D.P.2 Returns with More Suspense

After a wait of close to two years, the second season of Netflix’s South Korean miniseries D.P. is back with a release of 6 episodes!

Season 1 Ended with a Bang

One of the non-romantic K-dramas on Netflix, season 1 of D.P. tracked down deserters while showcasing the negative impact of the country’s military culture through each of their stories.

Foreshadowing & Unexpected Twists

With the return of main leads including Jung Hae In, director Han Jun Hee and writer Kim Bo Tong, season 2 of the acclaimed series promises the same suspense-filled action along with an unflinching dive into the dark side of South Korea’s military service and underlying issues of bullying and violence.

“Worth the Nearly 2-year Wait”

The pace picks up in the later 3 episodes – as the plot thickens, unimaginable sides to characters and compelling plot twists are unveiled. Side characters who appeared in season 1, like Son Seok-goo who played captain Im Ji-seop, and a charcoal-burning deserter are also built up and portrayed in greater detail.

New and vital characters embodying the interests and moral codes of the groups they belong to intensify the plot’s central conflicts, as its writer had once remarked, “DP was created to end the delusion that things are better now”.







Source: KoreaStarDaily

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