Son Ye Jin Shares Her Impression of Past Co-stars

Although Son Ye Jin’s popularity is at an all-time high after Crash Landing On You, she previously starred in many Korean classics and worked with South Korea’s top actors. Lucky to be surrounded by so many good looking co-stars, Son Ye Jin had many compliments for them.

Hyun Bin – “Nice Skin and Hair”

Prior to collaborating in Crash Landing On You, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin had previously collaborated in the 2018 film The Negotiator. At that time, when Son Ye Jin was asked for her first impression of her co-star, she replied, “When I first saw him, I thought he had really good skin. His hair is really nice too. All actresses would be envious of his skin.”

In a later interview, Son Ye Jin described Hyun Bin as very genuine and humorous. Stating that Hyun Bin was the perfect lead for Crash Landing On You, she was grateful that to work with the actor again in the drama.

Jung Hae In – “A Person I Would like”

In 2018 drama Something In the RainSon Ye Jin and Jung Hae In made a cute couple despite their age gap. The two artistes were often asked if there was a possibility that they would date in real life and Son Ye Jin surprised fans when she responded, “He is someone I would like but I would not date. However, if he asks me to date, I wouldn’t know what I would say.”

While Son Ye Jin’s answer might give fans hope, she confessed that since Jung Hae In is younger, she felt compelled to protect him.

So Ji Sub – “Reliable”

Son Ye Jin and So Ji Sub collaborated twice – as a married couple in 2018 film Be with You and as siblings in 2001 series Delicious ProposalSon Ye Jin described So Ji Sub as an older brother who would silently organize everything behind the scenes and let other people feel at ease.

Lee Min Ho – “Considerate and Funny”

Filming with Le Min Ho in 2010’s Personal Taste, Son Ye Jin described her co-star as someone who is very considerate and funny. While Son Ye Jin would feel shy when she filmed intimate scenes with her co-stars, Lee Min Ho helped calmed her nerves and made her laugh with his humor.

Although Son Ye Jin thought of Lee Min Ho as her younger brother, they had good onscreen chemistry together.

Jung Woo Sung – “Too Perfect”

Son Ye Jin and Jung Woo Sung became close friends after collaborating together in A Moment TogetherHaving a fond impression of her co-star, Son Ye Jin almost considered Jung Woo Sung as her ideal type, and said, “Jung Woo Sung is really handsome and perfect. He has everything so there would be a lot of pressure if we got together.”

Cho Seung Woo – “Great Actor”

Son Ye Jin worked with Cho Seung Woo shortly after she debuted in the film The Classics. When the movie was later re-released, Son Ye Jin was able to re-watch her past performance while praising Cho Seung Woo.

While she felt awkward to re-watch her past works, she only appreciates Cho Seung Woo’s acting and said in reflection, “Since I don’t know Cho Seung Woo’s phone number, I have to ask around so I can tell him that he is a great actor!”

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