“Daily Dose of Sunshine” Set for Netflix Premiere

Helmed by a talented cast of experienced thespians including Park Bo-young, Yeon Woo-jin, Jang Dong-yoon and Lee Jung-eun, webtoon-based Netflix drama Daily Dose of Sunshine has released a new trailer!

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Well-loved actress Park Bo-young of Doom at Your Service plays Do-eun, who starts her new role as a nurse at Myung Shin University Hospital. Joining her are Yeon Woo-jin as eccentric proctologist Dong Go-geun; and Jang Dong-yoon as Do-eun’s best friend Song Yoo-chan who hides painful struggles beneath his joyous and charming outwardly façade

In the previous 5-minute long teaser, Do-eun arrives at her new workplace and is given a quick tour. Midway through, the trailer pivots into a scene with dragons and wild beasts appearing amid a piercing scream, seemingly entering into the otherworldly realities in patients’ minds. Amid her expression of uncertainties about how to help her patients, seasoned head nurse Song Hyo Shin (veteran actress Lee Jung-eun) tells Do-eun, “The darkest of nights cannot go on forever”.

The new Mandarin-dubbed teaser sees Do-eun diving into each of the patient’s unique backstory of pain and distress.

As the head nurse reminds her that the nature of psychiatric illness is such that “it can happen anytime, anywhere and unexpectedly, with anyone possibly falling victim”, Do-eun expresses doubts about her ability to help her patients find the light, though the teaser ends on a positive note hinting at her own rewarding journey of growth as she symbolically pulls the curtains apart to reveal brightness.

Based on a Kakao webtoon of the same title, Daily Dose of Sunshine is set to land November 3 on Netflix, and promises to intrigue with its exploration into themes of mental health lensed from the lived experiences and perspectives of both everyday folks and allied health professionals.






Watch “Daily Dose of Sunshine” Trailer:

Source: KoreaStarDaily

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