Mystery Thriller “Search” is a K-Drama Refresh

When one hears K-drama, one would immediately think about romantic comedies or family tragedies. Search is none of the above, and it’s definitely catching the nation’s interest.

Airing on OCN, Search is a mystery thriller about an elite specialized search party from the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) who are facing the attacks of an unknown creature. Search opens up with an incident which occurred in 1997, when a search party from North Korea attacks the South Korean army while searching for defectors. Over 20 years later, many South Korean soldiers disappear one by one, and a specialized search party from the South Korean side are tasked to uncover the mystery behind the disappearances.

Jang Dong Yoon stars as Sergeant Yang Dong Jin, a military dog handler who is nearing his discharge date from the army. Krystal Jung stars as First Lieutenant Son Ye Rim, an officer at the KCST Command Center.

To prepare for his role Jang Dong Yoon spent over two months training with his military dog who only understands commands in the Turkish language. He praised the dog for being very patient with him, and added that he is a better actor than himself.

As for working with Krystal, Jang Dong Yoon said he is a huge fan of her girl group f(x), a band he has been listening to since before his debut. He added that it’s definitely a dream of his to work with his idol.

Search is currently airing on OCN every Saturday and Sunday.

Source: MP Weekly

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