School Photos: 28 Hallyu Female Celebrities Before They Were Famous

With school already back in session, it’s that time of the year again when school photos of famous celebrities are back circulating the world wide web. While appearances usually change as one ages, many do look the same overtime. Here are 28 popular Hallyu female celebrities back when they were still in primary school.

Song Hye Kyo

Jun Ji Hyun

Lee Young Ae

Shin Se Kyung


Kim Yoo Jung

Seolhyun of AOA

Clara Lee

Kim So Hyun

Gong Hyo Jin

Kim Ji Won

Lee Bo Young

Han Ga In

Han Ji Min

Son Ye Jin


Kim Tae Hee

Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation

Krystal of f(x)

Tzuyu of TWICE

Irene of Red Velvet

Elkie of CLC

Jang Na Ra

Kim Tae Ri

Park Min Young

Park Shin Hye

Song Ji Hyo

Yoon Eun Hye


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  1. Im going to be mean and flat out say that after looking at their school pictures, all girls can be a star as long they have on makeup, plastic surgery, clothes, etc…

    1. @jessehsuan
      You are not being mean but are telling the truth. Pretty much anyone can be a star with the right make up, plastic surgery, lighting,etc.. many photos are photoshopped and filtered too. But I must say that some are more natural looking than others.

    2. @jessehsuan
      they don’t look that bad. some of the actually look pretty when they were young. the ugly ones are still just plain looking afterr makeup

  2. Some flat out did surgery, Won;t deny that. Some are natural beauty. But many takes time to flower, lost weight, make up etc to make them stand out. Most if not all did some surgery, mostly nose or eyes. Thus list chooses those mostly natural beauty or took time to flower.

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