“Queen Of Tears” To Follow Up Finale with Two Specials

Airing its eleventh episode on April 13, hit Korean drama Queen of Tears will release two special episodes to be filmed separately by the leading cast.

To Air on the Following Week

Unfolding with viewer praise and solid ratings putting it among the top-rated tvN dramas in history, Queen of Tears is scheduled to air its finale on April 28. There’s more yet for fans as the series is confirmed to get two additional episodes, which will grace screens on May 4th and 5th, giving viewers and fans a unique experience mirroring the immensely well-received drama, while easing the ache of the concluding episode – raising speculation that it might be a sad end.

As filming has already wrapped, cast members with varied individual schedules will not be coming back together at least for now. Still in the works, cast members including Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Ji-won, Park Sung Hwon, Kwak Dong-yeon and Lee Joo-bin will instead be filming their own individual angles to reveal more on the story. Kim Soo Hyun, who plays Baek Hyun-woo and his elder sister in the drama Baek Mi-seon (played by Jang Yoon-ju) will be personally commentating, and replying to a list of questions from fans, which has been pre-compiled by tvN!

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  1. Been watching almost every episodes but maybe I should pause in the final week in case it’s really a BE.
    Life is miserable enough, don’t need drama series for the reminder.

    1. I’ve actually been holding off on watching the drama until all episodes are out. I might need to stop at an earlier episode to pretend no bad ending happened…

      1. You are right about waiting for all the releases. If only I have the patience to wait.
        The drama has been worth the time so far, not something that I will eagerly wait for it’s weekly release but good enough to watch every episode.

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