“My Demon” Wraps with Happy Finale

Despite being helmed by stunning leads, SBS drama My Demon‘s viewership dipped to below 3% at one point, though it picked up in the run towards final episodes.

[Spoilers] Do-Hee Remembers Her Past Life

Originally intending to disappear, demon Gu-Won (Song Kang) secretly stays put by Do-Hee’s (Kim Yoo-Jung) side, healing her on the sly until Do-Hee herself seems to sense his presence. Thankfully, Do-Hee recalls her past life when Bok-Gyu gives her Gu Won’s necklace, and realizes that Gu-Won had saved her in her previous life when she was Wolshim.

Later captured by Suk-Min, who forces her to call for the demon to take his revenge, Gu Won really appears and in the tension she saves him from being shot by Suk-Min, but ends up dying. Desperate to bring her back to life, Gu-Won breaks the rules by intervening and thus combusts in the process.

Christmas Miracle

Losing Gu-Won yet again, Do-Hee pines desperately for the former, deciding to make a pact with the demon again for his return. Touching God so much that they make an exception for her. Gu-Won makes his return for good on Christmas Day, and tells Do-Hee about how he had made a deal with her dad 10 years ago, to ensure her successful birth – he had saved her not once, but twice. Destroyers, yet also saviors of each other, the two’s fates are truly intertwined.

As everyone celebrates Gu-Won’s return, Do-Hee continues working and gives up her position as CEO of the company to her cousin. The drama ends with a happily ever after for the two leads.

Source: KoreaStarDaily

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