Photos of Song Kang’s Army Life Leaked

Korean actor Song Kang entered the military for his mandatory service on April 2. The day before entering the military, he wrote a handwritten letter thanking fans for accompanying him on his journey.

Song Kang expressed that his birthday, anniversaries, and fans meetings are full of meaning due to his fans’ love. Although this was a temporary goodbye, he believed time should pass quickly and promises to return with a healthy and happy image. He also hoped to learn a new language during this time.

Recent photos of Song Kang’s army life were leaked, where he was seen smiling alongside his fellow cohort. He appeared to be more buff and his face filled out as well. With his buzz cut, he seemed more down-to-earth and less like a celebrity. Videos of him at a religious event were also leaked, where Song Kang and his fellow soldiers were seen happily singing.

With his basic training now completed, Song Kang will soon be assigned to a specific unit to continue his service.

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