Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang at “My Demon” Script Reading

Landing on Netflix in end November, SBS fantasy K-drama My Demon revealed photos of its first script reading by Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang , showcasing sweet chemistry as an inter-species pair!

Helmed by director Janghwan Kim of Do You Like Brahms? and penned by famed screenwriter Choi Ah Il, the supernatural rom-com stars Song Kang as Jung Gu Won, a demon who abruptly loses his powers, and wealthy chaebol heiress Do Do Hee (Kim Yoo Jung). From clashing to living together under the same roof for mutual benefit, he works with her to recover his lost powers, and romance blossoms between the pair in the process.

Teaming Together for Mutual Benefit

With a deep mistrust of people since childhood, Do Do Hee displays the same cynicism as a grownup navigating romance, but the arrival of demon Gu Won into her life ushers in unimaginable changes. Proving her talent for portraying subtle emotions, the versatile Kim Yoo Jung promises to deliver another remarkable performance, as she captures her character’s tough yet gentle charisma.

Heartthrob Song Kang is in role as Gu Won – the demon who exchanges his soul for a sweet yet risky compact with humans, in return for longevity. Being a superior species at the top of the survival chain, he has ruled for centuries, but one day loses his powers following his dealings with a mysterious woman. Bringing both serious and humorous dimensions to his role, the boyish hunk cuts an alluring presence, leaving viewers keenly watching out for the exceptional onscreen chemistry between the two aloof characters!

With stalwarts of the cast ensemble comprising veterans Kim Hae-sook and Kim Tae-hoon at the table read, along with younger actors Lee Sang-yi, Jo Hye-joo and Lee Yoon-ji, the electric vibes and playful banter at the session definitely pushed up viewers’ expectations. Epitomizing a stunning pair in the rom-com genre, the two leads have been praised by the production crew for “exceeding expectations” as they brought great passion to their respective roles, impressing with their sizzling sparks!









Glimpse the Sparks at the Script Reading:


Source: Korea Star Daily, YouTube

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