Song Kang to Enlist Following Release of “Sweet Home 2”

Streaming since December 1, Netflix original series Sweet Home 2 is back after a three-year-long wait, and is set to bring viewers back into the world of monsters. Starting Song Kang, Cha Hyun-soo, the anticipated sci-fi horror k-drama will unfold unresolved cliffhangers from season 1 as the characters struggle to survive amid an expanded world and new challenges.

External Monsters vs. Inner Demons of Desire
Forced to leave the comfort zones of their green homes, residents will navigate unexpected challenges putting them head on with not only the threat of monsters, but also the darkness of their own human desires.

Reprising his role as main protagonist Cha Hyun-soo, Song Kang’s growth story and his interactions with Pyeon Sang-wook (played by Lee Jin-wook) will be a huge draw; the resilient firefighter Seo Yi Kyung (played by Lee Si Young) gives birth alone and goes rogue in search of her fiancé; meanwhile, headstrong former ballerina Lee Eun-yoo (played by Go Min-si) searches desperately for her missing brother.

The webtoon live adaptation was a massive hit when aired in December of 2020.

Song Kang explains that the sequel will center on Cha Hyun-soo’s journey of growth into maturity, and shared that as Jung Ui-Myeong (Kim Sung-cheol) in disguise, Lee Jin-wook as Sang Wook will effectively be portraying another character. Joining the ensemble, Kim Mu-yeol, Jung Jin-young, Yu Oh-seong and Oh Jung-se promise to introduce more dimensions of human nature in season 2.

At the media premiere, the idol described the eight-part Sweet Home 2 as an iconic series through which he “learned more about himself”. Joining other Korean actors, Song Kang shared that it will be his final project before his upcoming military service duties, promising fans to return in good health!


Watch Cast of “Sweet Home 2” at Media Premiere:

Source: KoreaStarDaily

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