Kim Yoo Jung is Charmed by Song Kang on the Set of “My Demon”

Releasing on November 24 to a global audience, the main cast of SBS occult thriller The Demon, Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung graced the drama’s press meet.

Narcissistic Demon Character

Dubbed “son of Netflix” Song Kang (as Gu Won) describes his protagonist character as having a perfectionist streak at odds from his offscreen personality. “Everyone has a narcissistic side but Gu Won is the ceiling and when I had to describe my own perfect life (in the drama), I was unintentionally (abashed) without knowing, my ears turned red,”

To portray his supernatural character, Song Kang revealed that he poured effort into losing weight. “At that time I really thought (this was near) perfect, but having wrapped filming recently, I gained back 22 pounds so I stopped thinking that way,” As Gu Won’s eyes turned red whenever he used his supernatural powers, Song Kang strained his eyes so much they turned bloodshot.

A demon who loses his powers and ends up living under the same roof with a successful chaebol heiress as part of a “pretend” marriage contract.

As his first onscreen tie-up with former child actress Kim Yoo Jung, he heaped praises on her as his “senior” and thanked her for showing the way in filming, to successfully wrap the drama. To portray Do Hee, the wealthy heiress with demon tendencies who developed trust issues after realizing the harshness of the world from young, Kim Yoo Jung spoke frequently with her stylist in order for her character to pull off elegant vibes.

Although the actress admitted that she and Song Kang started out being a tad awkward due to not knowing each other well, she shared that they could not be more comfortable now on set, having grown much closer discussing the story together. Impressed by Song Kang’s exceptional charm and passion for the drama, she shared it was her honor to work with the actor!

Source: HK.On.CC

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