“My Demon’s” Ratings Hit New Low

South Korean drama My Demon aired episode 12 on January 6. Ratings have been steadily declining since episode 8 despite Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung‘s  romance growing more intimate.

Jeong Gu Won (Song Kang) is a 200-year-old demon who loses his powers after meeting CEO Do Do Hee (Kim Yoo Jung). Entering a contract marriage that would mutually benefit them, they did not bargain falling in love.

Although My Demon is airing in SBS’s primetime spot on the weekends, the ratings have fallen below 3 percent.  The ratings peaked at 4.7 percent but spiraled down in the last four episodes.

Korean netizens believe My Demon is failing because the plot is juvenile and boring. Although the actors’ performances are good, it is still not enough to save the drama. Others pointed out the Nielson ratings do not mean much as the younger audience prefers to use streaming platforms to watch the content. Ratings are speculated to have been disrupted by a recent soccer match and competing drama The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract’s finale. Furthermore, My Demon is popular among international viewers on Netflix.

Others argue that netizens only say ratings do not matter when viewership is poor. Another drama Taxi Driver had  20 percent in ratings, proving great productions will naturally attract audiences whether through traditional television mediums or the Internet.

My Demon will air episode 13 on Friday, January 12. While trailers continue to sell the romantic interactions between the leads, will this be enough to swing ratings upward?

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. i m a massive kim yoo jung fan since backstreet rookie but this drama my demon I switched off after first episode , it was lame and boring. Conceptionally it was brilliant idea but I think they just over emphasized the romance between the two, was too much , too melodramatic. They should have kept it light hearted like Back Street Rookie. Kim Yoo Jung image seemed older than her actual years as well. Audiences pick up on these things.

    1. Kim Yoo Jung’s image matters more to her then her acting… thus she cannot relax into roles easily. idol baggage is heavy for many…

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