Park Shin Hye and Park Hyung Sik Reunite in “Doctor Slump”

Premiering on January 27, actress Park Shin Hye‘s comeback drama Doctor Slump got fans expressing amazement about how co-star Park Hyung Sik and her have barely aged since The Heirs ten years ago, where the pair also started off as high school students!

Crossing Paths amid Shared Challenges

The anticipated drama tells of Jeong Woo (Park Hyung Sik) and Ha-neul (Park Shin Hye), high school rivals who reunite later in life. Jung Woo becomes a plastic surgeon and Ha-neul an anesthesiologist, but both end up hitting rock bottom in their careers. Coincidentally becoming next-door neighbors many years later, they help each other overcome life’s challenges, finding solace and comfort in each other.

Everyone is emotionally exhausted at times.

Academically brilliant since young, Ha-neul’s life is full of studying and hard work, followed by working and more hard work when she enters society, but she encounters oppression and bullying while navigating a brutal career at the hospital, causing her to quit ultimately.

Back on the drama bandwagon two years after giving birth to her first child, this is the Park Shin Hye’s second time playing a doctor. “Everyone will meet a low point in their lives, I often think about how to overcome challenges and lead a healthy life. I hope to use Ha-neul to bring comfort to those who face life’s slump,” said the 33 year old.

Leading man Park Hyung Sik portrays celebrity plastic surgeon Jeong Woo, who clinches all the top awards back in school, but faces a swift downfall after his career is jeopardized by a controversial patient case. Expressing his anxiety, joy and excitement at the romcom series – his long-awaited work following 2017’s Strong Girl Bong-soon, the actor says he hopes to bring joy and touching moments to fans.

Painting a mutual story of love and redemption through a humorous, romantic style, Doctor Slump is directed by Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo and Find Me In Your Memory‘s Oh Hyeon-jong with scriptwriter Sun-woo Baek, who wrote What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.

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