Park Shin Hye Gives Birth to Baby Boy

South Korean actress Park Shin Hye and her husband Choi Joon Tae started secretly dating in 2017 before making their relationship public in 2018. The pair tied the knot this year in January, and announced that Park Shin Hye was pregnant as well. She temporarily halted all work to rest during her pregnancy afterward.

On May 31, her management company Salt Entertainment issued an official statement sharing that Park Shin Hye has given birth to a healthy baby boy at a hospital in Seoul with her husband by her side.

“Park Shin Hye and her baby are very healthy and she is currently resting. Her husband, family, and friends are very happy and celebrating the wonderful news. We express our deepest gratitude to everyone that has sent well wishes, and we hope that everyone will continue to give their warmest congratulations and support to Park Shin Hye, Choi Joon Tae, and their child. Thank you,” the statement read.

Source: World Journal

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Park Shin Hye Announces Pregnancy and Marriage with Choi Tae Joon

Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon Tie the Knot

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  1. I am very happy for this couple…Park Shin Hye is such a beautiful woman….

  2. Congrats to the couple. Happy for them and hope their relationship will withstand the test of time. It’s disheartening to read of happy marriages breaking apart and since celebs’ news are all over the place, over time the general population will no longer believe in the sanctity of marriage.
    I used to think there are some similarities between her and Bae Suzy but I feel the latter is more attractive and prefers her acting/dramas more than PSH.

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