Details Revealed for Song Hye Kyo’s “The Glory”

Many fans are excited to hear that Song Hye Kyo will be reuniting with Descendants of the Sun screenwriter Kim Eun Sook in their new drama, The Glory.

The Glory revolves around revenge and follows the female lead’s dream of becoming an architect. Unfortunately, the she abandons her dream after being bullied and dropping out of school. Years later, the perpetrator is married with a child while the victim has now become the teacher of the perpetrator’s child. After waiting for many years, she has an opportunity to exact her revenge against her tormentors and the bystanders.

Sharing details of the drama, the production company revealed, The Glory will present Kim Eun Sook’s fascinating story telling as well as Song Hye Kyo’s transformation as an actress. It will also have Anh Gil Ho’s powerful, emotional directing style.”

The production company has confirmed that the drama will have eight episodes and will have multiple seasons. To ensure the highest quality, filming will begin in the first half of 2021 and will be pre-produced before airing. The drama’s premiere date has not been announced.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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