Song Hye Kyo’s Crazy Preparation for Scene in “The Glory 2”

To realistically depict her character’s physical and psychological suffering from childhood school bullying in The Glory, actress Song Hye Kyo shared the extreme methods she went through during filming – including extreme dieting!

Extreme Dieting to Mirror Character’s Suffering

Inhabiting her character: Song Hye Kyo as Moon Dong-eun

To portray the brutal impact where her character Moon Dong-eun stripped down to reveal her burn scars to male lead Lee Do-hyun, she had to spend four to five hours doing special effects makeup. The frequency of putting on the makeup also caused a lot of skin troubles for the actress at one point.

To bring across the impact of the hurt and wounds Moon Dong-eun carried from her childhood, the actress thought to lose weight and therefore undertook extreme dieting and “ate only bananas” for the three days before the scene, not drinking any water the day before filming. Although the 41-year-old actress admitted that she “felt like dying”, she added, “But because my body was very tired, so I could deliver the scene better,”

With Moon Dong-eun appearing almost expressionless throughout the entire season 1 of the riveting revenge drama, Song Hye-kyo reveals that Season 2 will see her working up to an emotional climax, the turning point being where she screams “Don’t laugh like that” in the teaser. She shared, “At the beginning when I started filming, there was still a little shadow of “Song Hye-kyo”, but towards the later scenes I had 100% became “Moon Dong-eun.” She also adds that her onscreen chemistry with her co-stars was “a hundred and twenty per cent”!

Grateful for Positive Response
Asked if she has felt the popularity of the series with the rave reviews for her performance in The Glory, she humbly responded, “I would worry at the start about what will happen if (the show) does not turn out well, after all it was the first time I dealt with this subject matter, (I’d be) mulling over every scene, “Is it right to do it this way”; luckily, viewer responses have been great on airing,”

Sharing an interesting nugget on the filming set, Song Hye-kyo said, “Sometimes I’d bring my dog Ruby to the set, there was once when Lee Do-Hyun also brought his dog, but my dog became really (antagonistic) on seeing his (dog), Ruby was initially fond of Lee Do-Hyun but now hates him as well!”

Source: WorldJournal

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