Dilireba Falls for Costar Johnny Huang?

Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat, also known as Dilireba (迪丽热巴), has not released any new projects in a year and recently finished filming television drama Love Advanced Customization <爱情高级定制> with Johnny Huang (黄景瑜).

Rumors have been flying that the two stars have been very flirtatious with one another and have a budding relationship. Paparazzi shots of them filming their kiss scene for the drama have also been leaked.

In another instance, Johnny was allegedly kneeling on the ground playing with a stray cat and Dilireba was chatting with a staff member. After the cat ran away, Johnny tapped Dilireba’s shoulder and the two of them entered a car and emerged after a long period of time. This is not a one-time occurrence as Johnny would frequently spend time in Dilireba’s car after filming and they were witnessed heading over to his apartment one night.

After the news was released, both parties’ fans vehemently denied the claims and started arguing with each other. Johnny’s fans claimed that Dilireba was using him for media exposure and Dilireba’s fans claimed that he is not worthy of their goddess since he has been involved in a domestic violence dispute before. Johnny was previously rumored to be married and to have physically abused his partner and cheated with actress Zhang Yishang (张艺上).

Other netizens were more level-headed and said that since neither are dating or married, it is very normal for them to be together.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @hohliu
      Why? You believe in that rumor? From what I know of him, he is not a bad guy at all. He is very filial, loves children, is a good friend, etc…

      1. @hetieshou Really, I hope that is truth.
        I really hope Dilireba is lucky in love. She has always be a very cautious girl.

        Dont be unfortunate in love as Zheng Shuang.

      2. @hohliu

        Yes you should find out more about Johnny before just listening to a baseless rumor. I saw him on many reality shows with him which is more of his true personality. For example, on the show Let Go my baby. There was a child named Hao Hao who loves him. There was one time when Hao Hao cried and wanted to go and look for his mom. Johnny then patiently bundled him up and took him out to look for his mom. Of course they could not find her but Hao Hao slowly fell asleep in Johnny’s arms so he took him back to the house to sleep and stayed by his side. There was also another instance where Johnny cried as he was busy working and was away from his family when his grandpa was in the hospital. Hao Hao then came to comfort him. Johnny then debated on whether he should work more in order to provide them a better life or work less but spend more time with his family. That truly shows what a filial son and grandson he is as well as what a patient and loving person he is. There are many other instances which shows what a great person he is. There was also another time that he cooked and bought it to a fan and fed her which shows how kind and down to earth he is. Honestly, if they are together then Dilireba is very lucky and hope she treasures him.

        With Zheng Shuang, honestly, what if it is her fault? Why always blame the guy? It takes 2 to tango.

      3. @hetieshou With Zheng Shuang, honestly, what if it is her fault? Why always blame the guy? It takes 2 to tango.
        That is a strong element of truth. I will think she has issues too. But the current Ex is really a gold digger…

        Interesting about Jonny. I will seach for the show you mention. Thank you for taking time to elaborate your point. Rarely anyone bother.

        I love kids thus have soft spot for another who do too.

      4. @hohliu

        When 2 are in a relationship, it takes 2 to make it work so hope Zheng Shuang finds someone suitable for her.

        Yes, that show is called Fang Kai My Baby in Chinese. It has no subs though but even if you do not understand Chinese you can still enjoy it as the interactions of the celebrities and kids are soooo cute. Johnny and other celebs are very sweet and patient with the kids. But Johnny and the little boy, Hao Hao share a deep bond. I remember a non fan who did not know him left a comment saying how he would be such a good father one day since he was so kind, loving and patient to kids.

        Ray Ma Tian Yu is another sweet celebrity that truly stands out on that show and the kids all love him so much. He is so full of love.

        You are welcome and just want to let you know not to listen to baseless rumors in general and especially about sweet people like Johnny.

      5. @hohliu
        You speak Chinese too? Me too and it is great that we don’t need subs. That show is sweet and cute and you get to see another side of the celebrities that you usually do not get to see. Ma tian yu is such a wonderful guy.

      6. @hohliu
        Yes I love and admire Ma Tian Yu very much as I can relate to him too. But he is a wonderful person and has turned out to be successful due to his hardwork and perseverance. He is truly an inspiration to everyone.

  1. Please do not publish lies, rumors and slander about Johhny Huang. He has never been married, there is no proof of marriage, only fake documents proven to be photoshopped. He has never hurt anyone, there is absolutely no evidence of that, only fake medical diagnoses proven to be purchased online. It is extremely shameful for anyone to be promoting these lies about Johnny. These kinds of lies and slander can ruin an innocent person’s life. Johnny Huang is a wonderful man, he loves his family and his country, he has a very high sense of responsibility, is hard working and very dedicated. He is also an excellent actor! Johnny did not do anything wrong, he was just doing his job (acting), and then he gets attacked with all these old lies and slander. As a media organization you should be more responsible in what you write and not just regurgitate old lies and slander.

    1. @dynomi0430

      Yes, I have defended Johnny but this site is only a translation site so it is not like anyone wrote it. It is just a summary/translation of news that is reported.

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