Dilireba Once Lived in Hotels for 9 Years

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Dilireba Once Lived in Hotels for 9 Years

The seemingly glamorous actress says she leads a pretty normal life.

Contrary to what many people assume about the glamorous lifestyles of actresses, Dilraba Dilmurat (迪丽热巴) debunks these misconceptions by sharing her off-screen life and inner thoughts on a recent variety show Walk 100 Girls Back Home <送一百位女孩回家>.

Brings Her Luggage Everywhere

Dilireba handles many details of everyday life herself, “I don’t need an assistant, and would do things on my own, such as my own laundry, buying things, or cabbing to the set of filming.” While Dilireba is often seen with a large group pf assistants, she clarifies that these are only the makeup artistes, image stylists and advertising personnel assigned to her by the company.

Making her debut in 2013, Dilireba has been continuously filming and spent much of her time in hotels. “I have been staying in hotels since I started working. Since 18 years old, I have been living in hotels. Once I reach the premises, I would open my luggage, make-up bag and toiletries bag, arrange everything including my bed sheet and pillowcase, and would be ready within 20 minutes.”

Phobia of Going Up in Online Search Rankings

Two years ago, Eternal Love <三生三世十里桃花> propelled Dilireba to greater heights of popularity, and viewers took notice of her good looks and many searched for her news online. While this would make any celebrity happy, it is a source of pressure for Dilireba. If she read criticism from netizens, she would feel exceptionally unhappy too. “Two years ago, I would be negatively affected and would even think to myself if [what was said] was really true.” She would then share these unhappy matters with her friends.

Typeface as a Commercial Film Artiste

In 2018, Dilireba became the youngest Chinese actress to win Best Actress at the China TV Golden Eagle Awards. She set up her own production studio after that, leading many to assume that Dilireba would have a never-ending stream of dramatic roles to choose from. However, after Sweet Dreams <一千零一夜> aired last year, she did not film any dramas for more than six months. The longer break was also attributed to the earlier completion of Three Lives, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book <三生三世枕上書>.

The reason for the lack of dramas was ironically due to Dilireba’s looks, which limited the kind of productions that favored her. “For seven or eight months, I realized that what I could choose from was really very little. If many people tell you your face is very suitable for commercial films and not artistic films, then you’d be sad as it is something you want to try yet many people have this uniform opinion.”

Besides having to put up with market considerations, Dilireba would also have her potential roles vetted by the company first, which puts her in a passive position. “Recently there have been no works to vet. There aren’t many good ones,” admitted the actress.

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