Elva Hsiao Dates Vanness Wu’s Brother-in-Law

After splitting with Kai Ko (柯震東), Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒) started dating Vanness Wu’s (吳建豪) brother-in-law, Elroy Cheo. Spotted on a date in Hong Kong together, Elva and Elroy were photographed kissing passionately while riding the mall’s escalator.

With her flirtatious behavior and sweet girlfriend persona, 35-year-old Elva effectively captured 31-year-old Elroy’s heart.  During their dinner, the couple was seen holding hands on the table throughout the meal. When their food came, Elva even offered to feed Elroy.

Leaving the restaurant after dinner, the couple was glued to the hip with Elroy’s arm around Elva the entire time. Not worrying about curious fans, the pair shared a passionate kiss while riding the escalator.

Extremely Wealthy Backgrounds

Elroy may be relatively young, but his financial background is certainly impressive. As the son of Cheo Tong Choon, the Chairman of Mewah International, it is estimated that his family’s net wealth is valued at $3.3 billion HKD. Although his father is the 43rd richest person in Singapore, Elroy refuses to rely solely on his father’s earning. Not wanting to be labelled as a useless wealthy second-generation member, Elroy runs his own urban development business based in Hangzhou.

Elroy may be extremely wealthy, but superstar Elva is not shabby in comparison. Besides being one of Taiwan’s most popular female singers, Elva inherited $20 million HKD from her late mother, who was previously the chairman of a technology company. Although Elva’s boyfriends are all well off, their money is clearly not what moves the diva. As it turns out, one of Elva’s pursuers was a Malaysian businessman who dropped a whopping $1 million HKD in order to propose to her. Elva was not moved by his attempts and rejected the proposal in the end.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Whether this relationship last or not, I hope they enjoy each day with each other.

  2. Elroy is the son of Cheo Seng Jin ,Lawrence…not Dr Cheo Tong Choon,Mewah International..who’s son is JJ Cheo..

  3. Glad she’s dating this guy instead of the other one…. Hope she will find happiness!

  4. Elroy is so freaking hot! I rarely say that about Asian guys, but he really is.

    He has super boyish looks but he’s already 31! Elva, in comparison, looks a bit old, so she really did snag herself a fine one in him!

  5. good thing she rejected the malaysian bis man, did he flash his money to buy her? 1 million HKD seem to be BIG money for him but its hardly enough to buy a decent apartment in the capital of malayisa nowadays, so i guess. he’s not that rich, seem like a cheapstake conman to me

  6. “a Malaysian businessman who dropped a whopping $1 million HKD in order to propose to her”. Shirley Yeung and Karena Ng would have accepted this proposal IMMEDIATELY.

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