Ending Spoilers for “The Defected” Already Online

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the TVB drama “The Defected”.

Hong Kong viewers still have another week before The Defected <鐵探> ends its grand finale, but for mainland Chinese viewers who are streaming it, the final episodes have already gone up, and Weibo is exploding with all the spoilers.

Bingo’s Death

In episode 27, the undercover cop Bingo (played by Philip Keung 姜皓文) reveals to Ng Sir (played by Otto Chan 陳志健) that Madam Man (played by Kara Wai 惠英紅) was the main reason behind her older son’s death. Because she did not want to compromise Bingo’s identity at the time, Bingo could not save her son in time. He tells Ng Sir that Madam Man would stop at nothing to become the first female Commissioner of Police, even if it breaks the rules. In a fury, Madam Man leads a team of snipers to kill Bingo, but Ng Sir dies saving him. Madam Man accuses Bingo of killing a cop, and he dies under her fire. Madam Man destroys the recording of Bingo confessing to Ng Sir about the incident.

Bingo had written three letters before his death, addressed to his mother (played by Angelina Lo 盧宛茵), Sing Sir (played by Benjamin Yuen 袁偉豪), and Madam Man. In the letter to his mother, he tells her that he left for the Golden Triangle to catch drug thieves. He left behind a photo of himself saluting before the camera.

Sing Sir and Ching Sir (played by Ben Wong 黃智賢) discuss how they will take Madam Man to court, but Madam Man makes a move before they can. Sing Sir loses the initial court battle, and his friend Happy Valley (played by Oscar Leung 梁競徽) survives a bomb explosion.

Ching Sir “Flies” in the Air

Ching Sir, a paraplegic, survives an assassination attempt by throwing himself onto a rope and shoots down triad boss Yeung (played by Berg Ng 吳廷燁) while hanging in the air. Ching Sir receives a promotion and becomes Assistant Commissioner of Police. He submits a complaint about Madam Man to the Civil Service Bureau, and she cooperates in the investigations. Sing Sir wins an appeal from the High Court, asking Madam Man for compensation. The police recover Ng Sir and Bingo’s tape, revealing suspicions behind Bingo’s death.

The Gallant Garden

Madam Man meets with Yeung in jail, asking him about her sons’ last words before their deaths. Yeung tells her that she was the reason they are dead, and she will spend the rest of her life repenting for her crimes.

Sing Sir eventually succumbs to his brain injury and is buried in the Gallant Garden alongside Bingo. Sing Sir is the first police officer who had not died in the line of duty to be buried there. The final scene is Bingo, as PC38451, saluting with Sing Sir.

Source: Mingpao.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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