Episodic Thoughts: “Three Kingdoms RPG” (Episode 18)

Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國>
TVB Series 2012

Cast: Kenneth Ma, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Sharon Chan, Ruco Chan, Kaki Leung, Joseph Lee, Savio Tsang, Jimmy Au, Law Lok Lam, and Ha Yu.


This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologise if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.


“That is because I now realise I have 2 brothers who cares deeply for me; one is Adviser Zhuge and the other is you … ”

This episode proves life will be difficult if you make an important enemy but if you’re ZGL, you can withstand it all with your wide eyed innocence. Lau Bei is darn lucky because any huge problems, solved because of pure luck. I know when Zhou Yu is depicted as the bad guy, ZGL will be the ultimate good guy. This ZGL is perfect, he has no flaws apart from his panic attacks and breathy voice, he is not egoistical, he is not arrogant and I find that very very disturbing to put the blame solely on Zhou Yu. Well, if you ever wonder why Zhou Yu and ZGL became enemies, blame Wan Shun.

At least plot wise this series is moving along but sadly till now none of them has yet to meet the true villain that is Cao Cao but no fear, ZGL will probably escape by looking like an innocent lamb.


Zhou Yu does not agree with the alliance but he vows that when the alliance is done, there can only be one adviser and that will be him. And I was thinking Commander Zhou, you control the army, why bother with the role of the adviser? Well it seems even Zhou Yu sees himself as a gentleman scholar first and foremost since being an army fella means you’re sorta rough and tough but scholars are smart and cunning and that what he is aiming for. The way Sun Quan speaks to him, there is respect but also a tinge of frustration and he knows Zhou Yu is making life difficult for Lau Bei. Anyway Zhou Yu does vow to make life difficult for ZGL.

Lau Bei, ZGL, Shun and one more came to visit Sun Quan to formalise the alliance but Zhou Yu advises Sun Quan to let them wait, “to show who is the boss in this alliance” and Sun Quan agrees since neither like being cornered to agree to the alliance. No tea, no servants and Shun complaining of thirst. 2 hours later, they walk out to hear laughter and see Madam Wu that is Sun Quan’s mom chatting with them graciously and Shun says loudly “Ahh madam it is so good to see you! At least with you I got to taste some tea!” and basically Madam Wu reprimanded Sun Quan “You should never let your elders wait for you! You must show Imperial Uncle some respect!” and immediately Sun Quan apologises and looks sideways at a clearly awkward looking Zhou Yu.

Anyway alliance is signed and a pact is formed. But everyone could feel Zhou Yu becoming less and less friendly to ZGL and ZGL feels it too, more so when Shun fuels the bitterness of Zhou Yu by exclaiming “This alliance is all thanks to Adviser Zhuge’s effort and brilliance!!” and Shun knows that will hurt Zhou Yu but he doesn’t care but ZGL looks uncomfortable but did not reprimand Shun. In fact even Lau Bei notices Zhou Yu’s coldness and ZGL explains “It is jealousy amongst scholars, I do not have any idea on how to solve this” as Shun exclaims “Oh let him be, he is just being petty and jealous!” but Lau Bei warns “He is still the commander and we will be cooperating closely. We can’t afford to make enemies with the Dong Wu side”

But still Zhou Yu’s pettiness escalates. Whilst he is outwardly friendly in exchanging ideas and military strategies to the point where Zhou Yu says “And now we shall have no more secrets between us” but innately he hates ZGL and fears ZGL taking all the glory. It is all about pedigree; he believes he is of someone with better background rather than a hillbilly nobody like ZGL which is who Zhou Yu calls ZGL. To be honest ZGL did nothing to Zhou Yu to justify all those pettiness, Shun did but again ZGL didn’t actually do anything to stop Shun from saying the wrong things at the wrong time. During discussion, Zhou Yu has an idea to attack Cao Cao. There is a grain reserve or something like that that Cao Cao took from Dongwu and by attacking and getting back that grain reserve, Zhou Yu feels it is within their rights and Cao Cao will not attack based on one grain reserve but will show Cao Cao they mean business. Zhou Yu wants the glory and so he proposes Dongwu army be first in line with backup from Lau Bei’s team. Lu Su agrees with this tactic and ZGL agrees as well but he feels something is not right.

Later he remembers why.

In Cao Cao’s camp, Man Yeuk rushes to Cao Cao and says “My lord, Sun Quan and Lau Bei has formed an alliance!” and Cao Cao angrily sweeps away the chess board as Hon looks on smugly and thunders “You told me they won’t form that alliance! What did you say to Sun Quan that he now changes his mind?! WHAT?!” and Man  Yeuk in fear says “I am so sorry my lord. I deserve all the punishment. I did not anticipate they will successfully form this alliance. Please punish me!” and Hon seizing the opportunity says “Yes yes, nothing short of death!” but Cao Cao calms down and says “You have been my most trusted adviser Man Yeuk. I won’t execute you over this one mistake but bear in mind, this will be the last mistake you will ever make. Earn merits to redeem yourself!” and Man Yeuk says “Yes I will my lord”. And Hon? He looks disappointed.

In discussion, it was Hon who tells Cao Cao of Lau Bei’s possible plan that is to attack the grain reserves. Cao Cao demands to see which grain reserves they have.

In Lau Bei’s camp, ZGL knows why he feels worried. It seems Zhou Yu’s idea of attacking Cao Cao’s grain reserves was first discussed at Lau Bei’s camp in front of Adviser Hon and so ZGL is very sure Hon knows what they will be doing. Question is should they tell Zhou Yu since many soldiers will die in an anticipated counter attack and ZGL will tell and Shun says “Well we’re done for then! That small minded bastard won’t ever listen to us anyway”. I suppose he tells Lu Su because the next we see is Lu Su speaking with Zhou Yu.

Zhou Yu of course disagrees immediately when he hears it was ZGL who told Lu Su his worries. Zhou Yu says “And you believe this ZGL, over me? How long have you known him?” and Lu Su says “Commander, this is not the time about egoes. What ZGL says is not out of malice but to assist us in this alliance” and Zhou Yu stubbornly says “Why believe this nobody’s words? There is no basis and even if it is true, so what? I can beat Cao Cao. I am confident about that!” as Lu Su angrily says “Commander, don’t gamble with the lives of our men over your petty jealousy with Adviser Zhuge!” and Zhou Yu argues “I am confident I will win! I will proceed as planned!” as Lu Su says “If that is the case, I shall have no choice but to inform his lordship the King of Wu and let him decide!!” and suddenly Zhou Yu calms down and says “Adviser Lu, I mean no disrespect. I apologise for my over eagerness, perhaps my plans can be halted …” and so his plan is halted and not much later they find out indeed Cao Cao has placed some men at the respective grain reserves so basically ZGL saved Zhou Yu’s ass and Zhou Yu hates ZGL even more.

Shun returns to Jiangxi and sees an eager Song Yau but he isn’t so eager. In fact he says he will be even more busy due to the alliance where he must travel to  Chai Sang every few days and so Song Yau agrees not to bother him too much, much to Shun’s relief. Funny thing is everyone thinks they’re dating. So imagine he rejects her, he not only has to deal with Lau Bei, but also Guan Yu and Cheung Fei as well!!

Anyway the pettiness continues and this is where things became interesting only to falter, yet again. Sometimes I get myself worked up over what might have been. I need to calm down and be zen like like ZGL, maybe speak with heavy breathing and ended up sounding like Marilyn Monroe.

Anyway where was I?

Ahhh yes Zhou Yu takes ZGL and Shun to look around the areas of Dong Wu and reaches the border between Sun Quan’s land and Cao Cao’s dominance. Suddenly they heard a commotion and it was soldiers saying they captured a Cao Cao spy with a map of the Dong Wu terrains and Zhou Yu demands to see him, sees the map and wants to question him…


Before you think Zhou Yu is the spy, let me assure you, he may be a petty small minded egotistical arrogant wuss, he is however not a spy. Wait… maybe in TVB perspective lens he is, so no, I won’t get myself worked up over nothing. So he may or may not be a spy. I don’t know in TVB world.


The spy escapes and draw a sword to stab at Zhou Yu which he easily deflects and the spy ran towards ZGL with the sword where Shun bravely pushes ZGL away and the spy took hold of Shun and held the sword to Shun’s neck as Shun says “Here here, calm down brother, be careful with that thing on my neck!” as ZGL cries “Be careful! Please!” as Zhou Yu says to the spy “You will let him go.. or..” as spy screams “Or what? Kill me? Push me over this cliff? I will never die falling off this cliff” and yes they’re next to the edge of a very tall cliff and ZGL panicking and Zhou Yu says “Fine.. shoot” and the soldiers actually fired the arrows towards the spy who got hit with a few as one hits Shun around his waist but deflected and ZGL cries “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAN SHUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” and the spy falls over the cliff dragging Shun with him and they both fell over and into the cloudy misty cliff.

ZGL is in total disbelief as he looks at Zhou Yu and yes! TEMPER!! TEMPER!! ZGL demands angrily “Why did you shoot?! WHY?!” and Zhou Yu explains “I had to! I can’t let the spy go!”. Someone asks if they should send out a search team for Shun and Zhou Yu says “No. It is a long way down, he would have been dead. Moreover why risk it when it is Cao Cao’s territory down there?” and of course ZGL looks at Zhou Yu in disbelief. I think at that moment ZGL realises the depth of Zhou Yu’s hatred towards ZGL and the people he cares about and ZGL sees Zhou Yu in a different light. There is a difference between being petty and being cruel. Zhou Yu blurs the line at that moment and as we modern people say, I am sure and hoping ZGL will not give face to this jealous petty wuss anymore.

Shun falls and falls but his fall is buffered by the trees and in the end he hits the ground, about a few metres away from the dead soldier and promptly faints.

ZGL back at Chai Sang with Sun Quan and Sun Quan says sadly “I didn’t really know him well but I liked Assistant Wan Shun. I am saddened at his death. Please accept my condolences Adviser Zhuge, I am sure you were both close” and ZGL whispers “We were close like brothers…” as Zhou Yu says “Yes his death was regrettable” as ZGL now totally pissed off stares at Zhou Yu (and I am sure he knows Zhou Yu did what he did just to get back at Shun for his support of ZGL) and angrily says “You ordered the arrows to be released! You ordered Wan Shun to his death!!” as Zhou Yu protested his innocence and says “I have already explained, I had no choice. If the spy escapes he could have told Cao Cao of our terrains and our military secrets and for one Wan Shun’s life, millions will be dead!” as ZGL emotionally says “You already have that map in your hands! What could the spy have said to Cao Cao?!” as Zhou Yu says “He could have re drawn the map having committed it to memory! I already explained this to his lordship and he understands my actions” as Sun Quan says “I know you are saddened by his passing Adviser Zhuge but I agree with Commander Zhou’s action. For the sake of our alliance, let us not fight over this and hurt our friendship” and ZGL could say no more.

After all Wan Shun is just an assistant in the eyes of the big gun.


In a way if Zhou Yu had been sincere I would have believed him. But he wasn’t. Sun Quan was sincere but I am pretty sure he also knows Zhou Yu did it out of petty jealousy and he simply had to stand by Zhou Yu’s side in this.

By the way when I was watching this my fellow viewer sitting next to me says “How come that Lu Su can speak to this Zhou Yu like that? Must be same ranking” and again adopt the TVB perspective lens. Zhou Yu is pretty big gun in Dongwu. Don’t forget, Sun Ce’s dying words were anything about foreign policies, ask Zhou Yu which is why Sun Quan listens to Zhou Yu even if he disagrees with him. So Zhou Yu may be young, he is also very very capable. However TVB version is he thinks too highly of himself as a scholar and thus gives way to petty jealousy over ZGL who did nothing to earn his jealousy when in many versions ZGL himself is rather arrogant himself. Let’s just say these 2 hated each other from the moment they met, each seeing one as smarter and the other as a threat to their authority and I think this source is from the book itself. I can understand Zhou Yu’s anger since come on, he is a commander! And yet everybody loves the nobody ZGL! However pettiness and ego certainly pulled this great man down and so in this TVB version, he is like 30 minutes great, hours and hours of being utterly stupid. My problem with this version is ZGL is absolutely innocent. Not a shred of personality except when he breathily scolded Zhou Yu and even then he could say no more.


Back at Jiangxi, Song Yau hears what happened to Shun and rushes to ZGL and tearfully asks “Is it true? Is Brother Wan Shun dead?” and ZGL tearfully nods and Song Yau cries deeply in grief, crying “No no no… he can’t be dead, he can’t be, he can’t be, noooooo”

Seeing Song Yau like this and knowing Shun never loved her made me feel terrible for her. He does not deserve her grief.

Meanwhile Shun wakes up and discovers he is still alive although with broken bones. He realises he was almost hit by an arrow and it was his SONY ERICSSON phone that saves him. Now to all those who keeps saying Samsung, it isn’t Samsung. TVB has a contract with Sony Ericsson, every man, child, woman and villain uses Sony Ericsson. Anyway he tries to get up, walks slowly to the dead spy and says “Mehhhhh! You said you won’t die from the fall?! Yeah right” and as he walks slowly he cries feebly for help and then he faints again.

At night, Song Yau at the courtyard tree under the moon Jiangxi version and is crying when Kan walks to her to console her but Song Yau could not hold back her tears and Kan who is very calm at first begins to cry loudly as he says “I miss brother Wan Shun!! I miss him!! He gave me this coin from his village to me when he was about to leave the last time, please put this into his coffin for me to represent him” as Song Yau cries “No you must keep it, this would be what Brother Wan Shun wants” as Kan cries a little bit more though not enough tears. I was expecting Kan to like cry like lots of tears, that would have been sorta funnier in a morbid way. Anyway Song Yau says to Kan “After the funeral, I plan to mourn for 3 years” and Kan in shock says “But.. why? Brother Wan Shun wouldn’t want you to do that! You’re both not even married!” as Song Yau continues “I have no wish to ever marry, I love only Brother Wan Shun and will honour him with the rest of my life” and Kan says “No no, you will be very lonely. You must settle down and marry, Brother Wan Shun would want you to do that! Why pledge yourself when he… he doesn’t even love you at all..” and Song Yau doesn’t hear the last bit too clearly and asks “Huh?” as Kan says “I mean… I mean…” as Song Yau smiles gently “Fan Kan, I know you said what you said out of kindness. You want me to live on and go on with my life, but I can’t. My heart has only Brother Wan Shun and never another. How can he not love me? I am sure he did…” and Kan could say no more as Song Yau turns serious as she says “But to bury him without his body…”


Non Chinese may not understand the significance of a burial without a body. It is like the soul has no home. Chinese believes a dead person must be buried whole for reincarnation but also so that respects may be offered so that the dead’s soul won’t suffer the fate worse than death; that of a homeless wandering soul.


“.. I must find his body, to give him a proper burial..” and Kan says “But you can’t go. It is Cao Cao’s territory, it will be dangerous” as Song Yau says “I must! I can’t let his body be out there.. and without proper burial… I can’t” and Kan says “Fine. I will go. I will find him” and Song Yau says “But you’re a soldier, disappearing a few days you might be charged for abandoning your duties” but Kan assures her he will be just fine.


First I love Song Yau here because she is one determined single minded lady. But I love Kan more. What a loyal friend.


So I suppose they told no one as Kan goes in search. He climbs down the cliff, he evades capture from Cao Cao’s camp, he hides, he crawls, he looks, and I suppose for a few days when he spotted a body and cries “BROTHER WAN SHUN!!” but it was the dead spy until he looks behind and there is Shun and he rushes to Shun and.. this is kinda funny actually since he just wants to find Shun’s body and he rushes to Shun, turns his lifeless looking body around and hugs the body deeply and cries “BROTHER WAN SHUN!! I FOUND YOU!! I FOUND YOU!!!!!” when Shun moves his hands and Kan realises he isn’t dead and now cries “BROTHER WAN SHUN!! YOU ARE ALIVEEEE!!!!!!!!!” which to me is somewhat very touching and yet rather funny.

I tell you, every time I see Kan, I smile because he has this effect; such a good vibe sort of person. And so loyal. And the actor really does portray Kan with the essential wide eyed innocence and yet with this sincerity that Raymond Lam lacks which makes his ZGL a wuss sometimes.

Shun is very happy to see Kan and wonders how he is going to leave this place with Kan but Kan has his own ideas. Basically he carries Shun all the way up the cliff! And when he is about to crumble from sheer exhaustion, he sports Dong Wu’s guards and cries “HELP! HELP! I FOUND ASSISTANT WAN SHUN!!”.

Shun is ok, but broke a few bones. Zhou Yu wonders how he can escape death from the arrow since no sign of any arrow penetrating Shun’s stomach, and so Zhou Yu and Sun Quan goes in to see Shun and Sun Quan is concerned and Zhou Yu curious. Shun explains the arrow was blocked by something hidden in his belt. Zhou Yu again apologises for ordering the arrows to be shot and Shun smiles in a fake way as he says “I am touched by the concert of my lord King of Wu, who is sincere but not that other one…” as he smiles fake at Zhou Yu who knows he means him. Both leave and word is sent to Jiangxi and Song Yau is very happy to hear that but Lau Bei says she can’t go to Dong Wu since it is inappropriate so she has to wait whilst ZGL asks Song Yau did she send Kan to search for Shun and she admits she did because neither wanted to see Shun without proper burial and ZGL was somewhat touched since he didn’t do the same thing! Anyway then Song Yau asks “But where is Kan?”

Yeah, where is he?

Lau Bei and ZGL goes to visit Shun at Dong Wu, resting well when these 2 great men propped him up and walked him to the chair and Shun jokes “Wow, to be propped by 2 greatest men of this era, this is so worth it!!” and Lau Bei laughs “You know Wan Shun, without your loud voice and jokes, the mansion was so very quiet!” and Shun smiles happily as ZGL says “I am so sorry Wan Shun, because of me, you nearly died” and Shun says “It is not your fault. It is that petty jerk’s fault. He just wanted to do me in because I openly taunted him, that’s all, never your fault” and Shun looks at ZGL who looks remorseful and Shun suddenly asks “How come Adviser Zhuge’s face is paler than mine?!” and Lau Bei answers “Wan Shun, when we thought you were dead, Adviser Zhuge could neither sleep nor eat. He felt grief over your death and so he became much paler” as Shun looks at ZGL emotionally as ZGL says “I did thought I lost my brother…” and Shun now smiling widely says “Brother of ZGL? I never thought.. that fall was so worth it! To be ZGL’s best friend!! YEAH!!” and he cries out in pain as he looks at an emotional ZGL and a smiling Lau Bei. He then requests to return to Jiangxi which Lau Bei allows.

Yes it was emotional but sort of sugar overload as well.

Anyway where is Kan?!

Lau Bei asks Sun Quan “May I enquire, where is my soldier named Fan Kan who found Wan Shun?” and Zhou Yu explains “The deserter? I have imprisoned him” and of course ZGL is like WHAT THE HELL?! and short of saying the F word at Zhou Yu he politely but sternly asks “Why did you imprison him?” and I swear Sun Quan looks embarrassed as Zhou Yu explains “He entered Cao Cao’s territory without regard to military rules, he could have been captured and Cao Cao would use him as an excuse to say Dong Wu infiltrated his land and so attack us. This sort of behaviour can’t be tolerated” as Lau Bei says “But he went in search of Wan Shun. Surely his bravery should be applauded and his selflessness should not be punished” but Zhou Yu says “That is why he is not executed. I only sentence him to 1 year imprisonment” and that is when ZGL really lost his temper and I welcome that. This is the ZGL I wanna see when he flares up his nostrils, shoot dagger looks at Zhou Yu who manages to top himself in the list of utter pettiness and angrily retorts “But Fan Kan risked his own life to find his friend Wan Shun. He found him and brought him back. Not only is his bravery not applauded, he is instead punished. I know there are rules but rules must have compassion and clearly this is the case that demands it! If anyone should be punished, then punish me! I am the cause why Wan Shun fell over, I am the reason why Kan risked his life to find Wan Shun and I am the reason why if anything bad happens because of this, Dongwu gets attacked. My lord, do not punish Fan Kan but instead punish me! I beg my lord to let Fan Kan go and punish me instead!” and all was silent and I was rather touched by ZGL’s conduct in this scene. I am sure by now Sun Quan has had it with Zhou Yu sabotaging the alliance at every step as he steps down from his eat and smiles “Come on my friends, let’s not argue and destroy the alliance over one soldier. You’re right. Fan Kan doesn’t need to be punished. I shall order for him to be let go” and Zhou Yu looks shocked.

And I was like oh come on Zhou Yu, can’t even let go of a small time soldier just so to hurt Wan Shun so as to hurt ZGL? Master of Pettiness that is Zhou Yu.

And here comes my favourite part in tonight’s episode.

Kan rushes into see Shun whose left arm is still bandaged and all and Kan hugs Shun hard as Shun cries out in pain and Kan quickly stopped hugging as Shun says “Thank you for finding me. I am sorry you were imprisoned because of me” as Kan says “No need to say sorry, it is no big deal” and Kan hugs Shun hard again as again Shun winces in pain and Kan breaks apart and says in ENGLISH “Sorry! Sorry!”

Very cute!! He actually said it in English! Shun has taught him well!

Then Shun suddenly hugs Kan deeply as well as he closed his eyes and enjoys Kan’s hug (and I will say with a proviso in a non gay way!) as Kan innocently says “Brother Wan Shun, I remember when I used to hug you in the past, you always pushed me away, but this time you hugged me back…” as Shun I think still hugging Kan says sincerely “That is because I now realise I have 2 brothers who cares deeply for me; one is Adviser Zhuge and the other is you …” and Kan is very touched by what Shun says and he says “Brother Wan Shun, you have changed. You’re.. different now..” as Shun says seriously and no longer in a slacker manner.
“I have been through life and death. That fall from the cliff made me realise what is important. I must treasure the people who cares about me, they’re the most important thing in my life” as Kan says “If that is the case, Brother Wan Shun, you must tell your true feelings to Song Yau. She cried very hard when she thought you were dead and she even wanted to mourn for you for 3 years and never ever marry” and Shun is shocked to hear this as Kan says sincerely “Brother Wan Shun, if you don’t love her, tell her the truth. Don’t waste her time”

Shun finally returns to Jiangxi and everyone thinks this will be a good time to leave Song Yau and Shun alone thinking this is like a great reunion thing but Shun is still awkward around Song Yau who boils his medicine, make sure he eats right, etc.

And I was wondering Song Yau is such a nice girl, why won’t Shun give her a try? I mean if he wants sok lui, look at Xiao Qiao who to him is the Queen of Sok Lui but look at her behaviour. Song Yau is a nice girl an surely he sees it? I mean it is episode 18 already damn it, when we get the romance going?! Not that there’s another girl!

Shun remembers how Song Yau first met him and fed him medicine, how she made him his first headgear and how she treated him very well and Shun smiles a little but Shun makes up his mind, he remembers what Kan said to him and he reminds himself he must end this for the sake of Song Yau because he doesn’t love her. But I bet since he remembers those times fondly, she is somewhere in his heart just that he doesn’t realise it. Anyway he invites her to somewhere to meet.  She dresses in a new dress with a new head pin and is teased by fellow maid who says after that life and death situation, Shun must now feel like proposing to her and Song Yau smiles shyly. She sits at the chair in the park, her back facing a slowly approaching Shun who looks determined to break her heart.

And my bet is he doesn’t or maybe he does but she persists and so in the end wins his heart. Or something like that.

This episode is progression of friendship and the maturing Shun. I am happy that Shun finally becomes less selfish and thinks of others before himself. Like Kan says, he has changed, and for the better.

I like how ZGL was so distraught and how happy Shun was to learn he and ZGL has come from acquaintance to assistant to friends to best friends to now.. brother. After all he did pushed ZGL away. Brotherhood is alive and well.

I also love how Shun finally recognises Kan as his brother. What Kan did for him, I am sorta sure Shun will do for Kan too. ZGL is his best friend but Kan is his baby brother. I really love that hugging scene. It wasn’t suggestive of anything except a deep hug representing a deep bond between 2 best friends and I find that rather moving.

Whilst Song Yau’s tearful declaration to mourn for 3 years and remain unmarried for life is supposed to be moving, I laughed. I thought it was so funny. Not sure why.

As for Zhou Yu, deeply disappointing behaviour but it has its basis. When someone is jealous, they do become small minded and petty.

But I am disappointed at Sun Quan for doing nothing much even though he knows Zhou Yu is being petty. Somehow after 1 episode of potential greatness, 1 episode of greatness, it is now back to mundane boring stuff with Sun Quan who will remain underdeveloped for the rest of the series until I suppose Battle At The Red Cliff.

I mean so many characters walk in and out and many wer sorta like ke-le-fes like Guan Yu. Poor man doesn’t even have more than 20 lines since episode 1!

But the story today moves the plot and gave some huge development in key characters.

And guess my favourite? Fan Kan indeed!

As for performances, Ruco Chan displayed some fine acting chops as petty Zhou Yu. He goes all out in this character which I am sure many will find disgusting.

The veterans are ok except for the actor as Lau Bei, if he holds it in anymore, I am sure his head will explode. He always looks constipated and frankly I have no respect for his wuss Lau Bei.

Raymond Lam displayed some firepower in his performance tonight, which is good but unfortunately not enough to give his sorta 2 dimensional ZGL any depth or a hint of personality. I should have guessed Zhou Yu will be a villain  with such a lame looking ZGL who is so wide eyed innocent in everything, hard to believe he is a chief strategist. Ok he suggested some strategies but Lau Bei wins mostly by luck. I feel I am getting annoyed with his breathy delivery of lines. Oh Ray, just shout it out!

Kenneth Ma delivers tonight with his wonderful performance of a smart alek Shun who should have been killed by now because with a mouth like his, how he can live? Well he is on ZGL’s side, so there is his luck. I loved the deep hug scene and those scenes wherever ZGL pays him a compliment. He really looks like a number 1 fanboy eager to please and when successful, is happy his idol says some good word. He tones down on his overacting and for a few moments I can enjoy that subtle changes in his expression, when it comes to Song Yau especially and so I hope this series should stop the slap tick and just go on with the story.

Tavia Yeung can act, but I am curious why she always sound like she is having a constant cold and sore throat in these past few episodes, especially this one? She talks in such a breathy sore voice I am kinda worried maybe (and I am genuine when I say this and in no way referencing her big nose) her nose is blocked? Sometimes she sounds out of breath, like she is breathing through her mouth, making her sound like she’s gasping for air? Very worrying, more so when she cries. What’s wrong with her? Anyway character wise, a  sort of more role for the one note one dimensional Song Yau. A waste of Tavia’s talent and a waste of time sort of character since Shun changed into a better man not because of Song Yau’s love but because of the fall and ZGL and Kan’s brotherly love. So what is Song Yau’s purpose again? Come on TVB, answer me!!

Everybody else, no comment.

And now at Episode 18, there is no more HA HA HA laughter, no more slapstick, no more Hk modern lingoes though there is 1 or 2 here and there but lesser. Which is good.

However I have one point to make.

I was expecting when Shun fell down the cliff that he would be rescued by Cao Cao’s camp because I still think he is Sima Yi. So I was very disappointed when he was rescued by Kan within the same episode and so cutting out the exciting possibility of Shun held captive at Cao Cao’s camp and finally meeting the stern and powerful looking Cao Cao. What a loss of great story opportunity to make it more dramatic. In its place we have brotherly love plot, although Shun spending a few days at Cao Cao’s camp would do the story some good actually. So yes, I was disappointed at what could have been.

This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://3kingdomsrpg.blogspot.com

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  1. Tavia Yeung can act, but I am curious why she always sound like she is having a constant cold and sore throat in these past few episodes, especially this one

    She indeed having sore throat problem at tat time and maybe also having minor flu. So obvious her voice very dry.

    Fan Kan indeed marvelous character n he very cute. I love him more than Sima Shun n Zkl played by Ray. When he n Song Yau together, they give me feeling of sworn brother sister.

  2. I also love Wan Shun brotherly hug with Fan Kan scene. So touching! I love how Wan Shun’s ego doesn’t allow him to bare out all his feelings to Fan Kan, though Fan Kan, the all-sincere and true friend is the opposite. And when Fan Kan repeatedly hugs him and he pushes him away cos he said Kan is hurting his arm, Shun finally gives him a good warm hug! So nice!

  3. Maybe CKL sounds rather breathy and soft because RL’s real voice is pretty much low and soft too but not sure since i dun follow him much. I guess it’ll be hard for him to speak slow while projecting a loud voice.

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