Episodic Thoughts: “Triumph in the Skies 2” Episode 3

Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>
TVB Series 2013

Cast: Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Elena Kong, Him Law, Nancy Wu, Rebecca Zhu, Eliza Sam, and Kelly Fu.

Disclaimer: This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologize if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.

“Each of you is a half bucket of water, combined you make 1 bucket of water… well… there are 4 seats in the cockpit anyway, I can fit you both in.”

Thank you to episode 3 for returning some sanity to the plot. Every time there isn’t Fala, the series gets interesting. With Fala, it just gets dragged down into the abyss of boredom. Mainly because Fala doesn’t have much to do except to emote, a lot. But this episode, first 45 minutes is pure heaven because it is seriously funny.

Anyway I was surprised to see Sharon Chan in here. And why is it every time there is Sharon Chan, there is also the obligatory scene of her bum close up? Because that’s what you get in first 1 minute, Sharon Chan and her bum. We see her taking pictures of a strutting Jayden and boy is he strutting. Then she lost him and in turn she saw him taking picture of her. Turns out she is a reporter who interviewed him for a magazine and he said slyly ,”I did remember we had breakfast thereafter?” Hint hint! Ahhh you devil you Jayden, do you sleep with EVERY girl you meet? Anyway she wants to interview him again but he knows she is only interested in him. Ahhhh yes, once with Jayden, you always want second helping don’t you?

Anyway finally we see some executive action, in the form of Pal Sinn as I think I heard Adrian, a purple suit wearing top executive of Skylette. I am assuming he is like the big guy there. Super close with Tony the pilot married to Heather. Assuming he is Adrian (I stand to be corrected but for this recap I shall call him Adrian), he was very thankful to Tony for being the senior taking on a lot of flights but Tony says “I am hoping you could cut back on my workload and give me more ground work…I have every intention of starting a family with Heather” and Adrian congratulates Tony for wanting to be a house husband! Anyway Adrian took out the magazine with a brooding supermodel that is Jayden on the cover and he says “I have been looking for our superstar pilot and I think I just found him. He can certainly front the promo for the new Airbus A330 we just bought” and Tony agrees.

He didn’t say Airbus but he did say A330 which is an Airbus.

So anyway Coco, Isaac and Coco’s boyfriend, Nick are standing together when Roy rushes in and says “Have you heard the exclusive news? That Jayden Koo will be…” and Coco finishes it for him “Captain for the maiden voyage of the new Airbus A380 for Skylette?” and Roy is like “How did you know?!” and Coco says “It is so exclusive everyone knows, mainly because Jayden himself reveals that in the interview in the magazine” and Roy sheepishly says “Oh I haven’t seen the contents yet…”. Isaac is pretty excited as he says “Guess who’s a shoo in as the co pilot for that maiden flight?” and everyone knows Isaac wants that seat and is a sure win since he is chums with Jayden.

At home, Isaac wears a Captain’s uniform (Sam’s uniform), looks in the mirror and remembers in TITS 1 how Sam scolded him for being impulsive, etc and Isaac imagines himself as the Captain and starts to talk like Sam when Coco overhears, rushes in and teases him for wanting to be a captain so eagerly. Isaac teases back that “Now if you don’t leave this room now, I will take off my clothes” and slowly takes off a piece at a time until Coco rushes out. Isaac contemplates the SIM exams tomorrow with Jayden and is confident he is the only candidate and choice.

Next morning Isaac walks into the errr.. hangar? Trainee pilot’s hangar? The place where there’s the flight simulator. He sees Roy and Nick and happily greets them and says “So you’re here to give me support huh?” when Jayden looking serious, cool and seriously cool says “So who will go first?” and Nick puts up his hand, then Roy and Isaac finds out that these 2 are his competitors and Jayden says “And…? You?” and Isaac takes him hand up as well and Jayden says “Ok, first, come in with me” and Nick follows him.

Inside Jayden is all serious as he says to Nick “Situation is hurricane warning no. 8”


I don’t know the technicalities so I just recap exactly what I heard.

“.. and you’re about to land…” and there’s wind shear, etc and Jayden says “35 knots…. are you ready to land?” and Nick nervously says “Yes..” and basically I believe landed very very badly. Jayden angrily but not very rudely says “Why bother to come in when you’re not ready?” and Nick looks apologetic.

Next is Roy, same situation as Jayden says “35 knots… are you ready to land?” and Roy looks serious as he says “No I am not” and Jayden looks at him and Roy did not attempt a landing.

Last is Isaac and again Jayden says “Are you ready to land?” and Isaac looking troubled says “…. Yes” and mid attempt he aborts the landing and flies up again and Jayden looks at him.

Outside, all 3 and Jayden asks Roy “Why did you not attempt to land when these other 2 did?” and Roy says “Maybe I worked under similar circumstances but under stricter rule when I was in Taiwan. The company policy was not to land in such situation and to be cautious so I was being cautious” and Jayden looks hard at Roy and says “Great job” and walks away and Isaac stares at Roy with dagger like looks.

At the resting area or whatever, Nick and Roy together looking glum when Coco rushes in and immediately scolded Roy “How can you betray Isaac? You know how much he wanted this and as a friend not only did you not encourage him you even slyly took the test as his competitor? How could you?!” and Roy getting a bit flustered says “Coco you can’t be this unfair to me. It was healthy and fair competition, it was equal opportunity and I just took it” and Coco says “But it is just for that maiden flight, why fight with Isaac over this?!” and Roy says “I am sure Isaac wouldn’t want to be handed the position just like that. I see nothing wrong in some healthy competition. Moreover, how can you be so one sided in your support? Isaac isn’t the only one who is unhappy. Let’s not talk about me, what about your boyfriend Nick? You didn’t even bother to encourage him or even console him, and you call yourself his girlfriend?” and Coco realises she forgot about Nick as Nick says “Hey I am ok, I am fine” but Coco apologises. Nick seems ok. He knows he flunked big time anyway.

Roy is right though. Coco seems a bit too supportive of Isaac and Isaac thinks just because he is good friends with Jayden he will get picked. I thought Roy did better.

At home, Isaac is upset. Very upset. So he calls Sam who is busy cutting strawberries and Sam knows about Isaac’s problem and all Sam has to say, and wisely I feel is “Isaac, remember, you only have one best friend but you have many opportunities. Let’s not fight over one of the many opportunities” and Isaac realises he was being a jerk to Roy.

And rightly so!

Next day Isaac asks Coco to check if Jayden has handed over his recommendation and he hasn’t and he quickly goes to find Jayden and says “Jayden, I am asking for a 2nd chance to prove myself” and Jayden looks at him as Roy rushes over and Isaac says “For us to prove ourselves, for you to choose the best between us” and Jayden says ok and so into the same cockpit thing and this time Jayden gives them a scenario about flying or parking the plane or something. Anyway this is probably the best scene tonight as Jayden reminds them “Rule no. 1, there are no rules. Rule no. 2 is remember rule no. 1 and rule no. 3 is do not crash the plane”. So both guys competently tackled the situation about some whatever I really don’t know how to say it, like parking the plane or flying from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time and both took exactly I think 5 minutes 1 second or something like that. They seemed rather proud of their achievements when Jayden frets and says “Between a snail and a tortoise…” and I was like laughing so hard when Jayden says “See me do it” and he did the same thing and both Roy and Isaac go bug eyed as they both said “1 minute 10 seconds?!?!?!”

I added the 10 seconds. I can’t remember exactly how many seconds. Anyway both ask “But how did you do it?!” and Jayden drew a diagram using another tactic or whatever and Roy says “But you said…” and Jayden says “Remember my rule no. 1?” and they both went “Oh right…”

Roy rushes to Jayden and says “Captain, choose Isaac. He is your biggest fan, he even sleeps hugging your picture” and Isaac says “Captain, choose Roy. He criticises you every chance he got, so with this chance he can observe up close” and both jostled with Jayden to choose the other as Jayden sighs “Each of you is a half bucket of water, combined you make 1 bucket of water… well… there are 4 seats in the cockpit anyway, I can fit you both in” and he walks away and Roy and Isaac realised what he meant and both smiled happily at being chosen for the maiden voyage.


This entire scene seriously is the best scene of this episode that had me laughing so hard. I may not understand the technical jargon but when Jayden says between a snail and a tortoise and he did it 4 minutes faster and lamented each is like half bucket of water was seriously the best dialogue thus far. For those who doesn’t understand Cantonese, when someone says half bucket of water it means you’re not good enough hence being at half a bucket. So Isaac is half a bucket, Roy is half a bucket which means both of them failed but combined together they both makes 1 bucket of water which to Jayden is good enough for now. After all Jayden is friends with both, friendlier with Isaac than Roy of course so in the end he chose both.

I absolutely lost it when Jayden said the snail tortoise comment. I don’t know why but just couldn’t stop laughing.

Anyway big day came and so they flew the airbus to great success and got a lot of photo opportunities. Jayden was busy taking pictures with the ladies when Roy quietly asked him “Seriously though, would you have chosen me or Isaac? I think you would have chosen Isaac. After all he went back to you for a 2nd chance and he even took me along and frankly I don’t think I would have been as generous as Isaac was” and Jayden just smiles. Later Coco asked the same thing and Jayden being more forthright says “Do you think I would choose someone taller than me in a photo?” and Coco smiled and said “You would have chosen Isaac!” I think in Jayden’s mind, Roy passed but of course, he would have chosen someone less remarkable than him so as to retaining his own limelight. Devious Jayden!!

Sam in London calls and leaves a message to Isaac to the effect of congratulating him and reminding him better to value friendship as there will be more opportunities to prove oneself in future. Manna sees the newspaper report on Skylette and she sees Jayden and she comments “Ahhh is this the trend nowadays? To put the handsomest pilot on front page to promote the company?” and Sam says nonchalantly “It is as expected, you would want the best face to represent the company” and Manna says quite carelessly “Don’t worry Sam, you’re a better pilot than he is at least” and Sam teases “Oh, so you mean I am not good looking?” and Manna knows she just said the wrong thing and excuses him. But Sam is ok, he doesn’t care. He just cares about pastry. Later he goes out to a chocolate shop and remembers promising Zoe that he will buy her a chocolate after each flight except my sister mumbled “But he isn’t flying is he? He is not qualified to buy that chocolate!”

Ahhh such wisdom… true! True!

Next 15 minutes is on Holiday and we shall discover a few things that restored sanity to the plot;

1. Sam knows Holly is not a meteorologist from NASA. She lied to Manna, Holly doesn’t deny that

2. Holly is depressed about her boyfriend who is not dead but just missing. She rudely dismisses Sam who tries to be nice and Sam follows him as she goes on a bus with her telescope

3. Sam advises her not to run away anymore and Holly rudely countered what has it got to do with him and Sam says Manna worries about Holly

4. They went to this field, Holly sets up the telescope which is broken and Sam chats with her as he fixes the telescope only that it isn’t really broken but Holly pulls out a ring. Sam by then knows Holly was having boyfriend trouble says “It doesn’t make sense that he could have been terrible to you when he put so much effort into proposing to you, I think he must have loved you” and Holly cries big time as she cries “Why did he leave? Where is he?” and she cries and cries as she says “He promised me that he will take me here to see meteor showers (or something like that) but where is he?” and Sam pities her and says “You want to see meteor showers? I can show you meteor showers” and at night took his camera took a picture and from the lights of the city in a blurred way kinda look like meteor shower and he showed it to Holly who smiled looking at the picture in the camera and..

that kinda reminds me why Zoe fell for him I suppose.

Now I am wondering how long before Sam goes back to being a captain because I am quite freaked out over his hairstyle and his hobo style of fashion. I want to see a sharp Sam and not a hobo Sam.

I tell you, best character thus far is Jayden and every time Jayden interacts with the super confident Isaac (who still thinks connection works better than hard work hence his self entitlement) and with Roy along. I like how he is darn serious at his work and yet when with women, he just love the attention. I don’t find him juvenile or such but rather he is a womaniser and an unapologetic womaniser who happens to be very good at his work.

Problem is still Holly. I find her a waste of space. I just hope she gets a move on with her storyline and Sam comes back to Skylette and everyone in one company and with some work tension along the way because right now, everybody is having a happy time, especially Jayden who is having a great time at work. He needs some tension, he needs a direct opposite like Sam who is reliable and dependable against Jayden’s superstar status and to shake his confidence a bit. Jayden can’t have such a smooth sailing career for 40 episodes.

Performance wise, everybody was good. Fala for all my criticisms about her Holly is a competent actress but I feel, a miscast. I just don’t feel she is that sort of a character. And right now I don’t like Holly. I find her immature, moody, rude, irresponsible and unnecessarily emo if you know what I mean. Her boyfriend better got a good reason for disappearing/absconding/dying/evaporating to explain all her angst.

A special shoutout to Chilam who has the best role and so far the best performance.

However let’s not ignore Ron Ng. He has got a big role here, he is in almost every scene and his Isaac is one cocky fella but like Roy says, Isaac is also a guy man enough to share the limelight and competition. He may sulk a bit but in the end he is a nice guy. I am liking Roy and Isaac.

Nancy Wu is not being stretched here acting wise and I find her Coco rather odd. Will she fall for Isaac later? Wait! Are they siblings? I forgot what’s the connection with Sam.

As for Myolie, no sign of her.


This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://p2e-tits2.blogspot.com/. 

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  1. Poor Ron. How come not one iota of news on him in this series?

    1. I guess he’s not the target of hk entertainment news currently.

      Could be blessing in disguise that there isn’t any news on him.

      1. It is a blessing in disguise to have not news at times because you get some peace and quiet.

    2. everyone in the cast usually will have solo or pair interviews based on tvb normal practice. ron isn’t filmingg any series now and is in hk so he has lots of time to spend for interviews.

  2. By the way any trainee pilots or pilots here? Perhaps can explain what was the 5 minutes vs 1 minute about? I mean what was it and the significance of the timing and such?

    1. Not a pilot but I believe they had to fly a circuit in the shortest time possible. They did 2 different shapes of that circuit (mainly oval, iirc) but Jayden flew it in a dumbbell shape which shaved the time off his exercise.

    2. I believe it is simply the differences in the flight path. Roy and Isaac both completed runs where they make two symmetrical turns to have the start and end points meet exactly to form a circuit. But Jayden ran a much shorter path by making a single turn made possible by flying closer to minimum airspeed at maximum angle, and where the landing occurs in the opposing direction on the strip. So, what he did was not a circuit and thus played the rules against Isaac/Roy.

    3. Thanks for the explanation! Now I see the connection. Really love that scene.

  3. if i remember correctly..Coco was Vincent’s sister? And since Sam and Vincent were best friends. So basically Sam and Issac are like her brothers?

    1. Yeah that’s right. HAHA I just finished watching the first TITS =P

  4. Finn…a few corrections.
    1- Jayden won by 1 min &55 secs
    2- they said airplane 330 not 380.

    Indeed I do agree with you that this episode is entertaining and chilam is wonderfully charming, he is likely the highlight to this whole show. However, I think you have some biased against Fala Chen. She is not as bad as you say and I can’t think of anyone else in tvb right now who can carry this role.
    So let’s give her a little break.

    1. Yup, Becky…you had it all correct ….Funn, i m perplexed, how in the world did you hear Airbus A380? A330 was mentioned several times during the dialogue between Adrian & his subordinates….nevertheless, thank you for your efforts, indeed! Cheers!

      1. Huh? A330??Sorry!! I heard wrong then. But I let this stand since I can’t amend it. I will amend my other one. Thanks for the correction. I think I better take notes the next time.

  5. I can tell you have a strong hate towards Fala but seriously i find it it ridiculously horrible to comment about her like that.

    You literally commented about her is everyone of your episodic thoughts, we can understand that you dont like her but keep your opinion to yourself.

    1. Everyone knows that Funn does not like Fala Chen. This is her own Episodic Thoughts, so she has the right to voice her opinions.

      However, I think that it will be fairer to give the artistes the same treatments (without any prejudice) when a person writes a review or episodic thoughts based on their acting and performances in order not to mislead the readers/audience.

      1. If that is so, why did funn write that “I didn’t say I don’t like her. […]” if what you are saying is right?

        Not trying to stir things up, but funn did write that comment.

      2. Yep that is true, she did say she didnt hate fala but obviously she does

      3. It is super hard to get everyone to like all the artistes. Everyone has different tastes, opinions and expectations.

    2. Come on people, grow up. If Funn’s comment bugs you so much then don’t read her episodic thoughts. Or better yet, write your own and submit it to Jayne. I’d bet if its better than Funn’s, Jayne will publish it.

      1. “Or better yet, write your own and submit it to Jayne. I’d bet if its better than Funn’s, Jayne will publish it.”

        ^ You make the process of writing an episode recap sound so easy. Tthere shouldn’t be any comparisons on who’s better.

      2. If it came off that way I won’t apologize for it. But that’s obviously not my intention, you are free to think what you like.

      3. I only said that because Funn and *insert random here* are only sharing their opinions. Hence, I wrote ‘there shouldn’t be any comparisons on who’s better at writing reviews.

        It’s like comparing apples to oranges. :/

      4. @cassie

        “You make the process of writing an episode recap sound so easy”

        Thank you. Glad you know that the process of writing an episode recap is not easy and can thus recognise funn’s efforts in bringing the entertaining episode recaps to us on a timely basis.

      5. agree! people should stop bashing funn’s review! if you don’t like don’t read of write your own and submit! so what if funn don’t find fala is good? many others out there also think like funn and think fala is miscast and too old to behave like how she did in the series!

      6. and read the disclaimer people! all opinion is her own!

      7. It’s perfectly fine if Funn doesn’t like Fala. However, I do agree with Sandcherry with her comment being:
        ” However, I think that it will be fairer to give the artistes the same treatments (without any prejudice) when a person writes a review or episodic thoughts based on their acting and performances in order not to mislead the readers/audience.”

    3. i dont like fala in general but i like her character in here so far 🙂 wanna see more of her.

    4. The point of writing episodic thoughts is to write out her thoughts. Kinda contradictory to ask her to keep her opinion to herself.

      Secondly, not giving glowing review and gushing over an actress does not mean one does not like said actress. Didn’t Funn says Fala is a competent actress?

      “You literally commented about her is everyone of your episodic thoughts”

      Could it be because Fala is in every episode?

      I really don’t get where the “Funn hates Fala” opinion came from.
      From the 3 episodic thoughts I read, I only get the following:-

      – Funn did not like Holly (the character, not the actress).
      – Funn thought Fala is miscast.
      – Funn thought Fala is a competent actress.

  6. i live in the San Francisco and I didn’t watch the new episode yet. anyways, I liked fala and chilam in this role. But, I really want to see myolie in the different role. the theme song in the beginning doesn’t feel similar to the series and wasn’t fitted quite well together.

    I really didnt bother to read this whole article since I didn’t want it to spoil me and it was pretty long.

  7. I tell ya, i was SHOCKED when it was revealed Holly had lied about her big shot career for NASA.

    Still dreading the Sam/Holly relationship. He could not have come off more fatherly if he had tried!

    Chilam is definitely stealing the spotlight. I enjoyed him being more Cool Mort, lol.

    Right now TITS2 is hitting all the right notes for me because it’s rightly focusing on establishing the relationships between friends (Isaac/Roy), siblings (Isaac/Sam/Coco) and mentor-student (Jayden/Isaac/Roy).

    1. @advo:

      Turns out that your suspicion is right that Holly lied about her oh so important job at NASA! Haha, good read on her character. I don’t mind Fala’s acting as Holly (aside from her rather forced crying scene at the end), as she does give off a wilful boldness and carefree air about her. Holly is kinda irresponsible and immature for her age, but she is not overly sheltered nor naive. In these few episodes, Holly displays some street smarts, a mischievous character and a keen curiosity about the world around her, and I can’t think of a more suitable TVB actress to play the role of Holly other than Fala (definitely not Linda – she’s too soft and predictable in her acting style; Kate could maybe pull it off, but I don’t think she’ll be convincing).

      I also agree with Funn and everyone that Chilam is stealing the show so far as the maverick pilot and heart-breaker, Jayden. Sam Tong is the complete opposite, he’s very stern and by the books, but he grows on you. 😉

  8. In the simulator scene, issac and roy were supposed to fly a circuit (a loop around the airport) and see who can finish first, but both clocked in at the same time.

    Jayden clocked in at a timing way lower because he did not fly the same circuit as roy and issac did. He flew another circuit which was way smaller in size and lower in distance, hence the lower timing

  9. Funn, you forgot the chocolate flavored poop and poop flavored chocolate from jayden!!!

    1. Hahaha… did you know this was also in his movie “Natural Born Lovers” with Annie Liu?

    2. Yes now that I remember that scene. Kinda gross! But part of that whole half bucket of water scene which is really funny. I suppose what Jayden means is either way also not desirable. Very funny. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Nancy’s brother was Joe Ma who died in the first series and was best friends with Francis. I remember that Nancy had a small crush on Francis in the first series but I don’t remember what happened for her to realize that it wouldn’t work. I’m thinking that Francis took her in and treated her like a little sister so that’s why Ron and Nancy have a sibling-like relationship. I don’t think Nancy likes Ron.. it seems more like a set up of Nancy not always being considerate of her boyfriend? The last episode showed that she rather not get married right now even though he was about to propose and her choosing someone else’s side without thinking about her boyfriend. It’s probably a lead up to them breaking up.

    Really liking these 3 episodes so far and can’t wait for Francis to return to HK. I just need Myolie to appear now!

    1. agree. this series is great now not complete wihout myolie! can’t wait for the cool and gorgeous tomboy mechanic to appear! fresh role and looks for myolie and can’t wait to see the fun and meaningful love she has with ron!

    2. I see! Now I see the connection and why she sees Sam as a brother! Thanks!

    3. If memory serves Sam went out on a date with Coco and defeated her with what he does best – being boring. I think he spent the entire time talking about airplanes and technical jargon, and towards the end she practically ran away. Then along comes Zoe who is, surprisingly, actually interested in airplanes and knows some stuff (her cousin has a lot of airplane-related magasines at their home so she will look at them from time to time), and Sam is quite gobsmacked and impressed.

  11. anyone else think francis isn’t as enjoyable and doesn’t shine as much as he shined in triumph1? don’t like francis much in this sequel. chilam is totally overshadowing him. even nancy, ron and ma ming are better off than francis.

    1. its only 3 episodes…he is still depressed…give him time 😉

      1. that’s not an excuse. right now i’m dreading all his scenes with fala because it makes the series slow and boring at their part. prefer all chilam’s scenes especially the one with kenneth and ron because they’re very fun!

      2. or give him some ice cream and then kick his ass,loool.

    2. agree. francis looks old and his hairstyle is really not suitable for him. i can’t sense any chemistry between her and fala. i don’t know why, but fala comes across unnatural in her acting.

      1. I agree with Funn about Fala. I liked her very much in Chung Mou Yim character with Roger Kwok, but to see her in this series is not as good. Her acting is not very convincing and she portrays a teenager rather than an appealing woman. Across Sam she’s even worst, because Sam looks older in this series and Fala is a teen. Fala’s part is so boring in Episode 3, I wish that part would just disappear soon.

      2. I think Holly doesn’t act like her age, just naive..

  12. Seriously I watched this show cos of Fala chen. She brighten up the show with her cheerful personality. BORING? Seriously some actress are worse than her.

  13. wow just read that the scriptwriter said chilam’s amazing role comes from chilam’s requirement himself! amazing! the scriptwriter said chilam wants to show a cool pilot role that’s also romantic pilot onscreen and the role was chilam’s idea! chilam is so wonderful! hope he gets an award this year 🙂

    1. @HKChannel:【Cool魔@張智霖 冧女封金句王】《#衝上雲霄II#》Captain Cool角色性格是Chilam主動要求,監製兼編審@sharon_rose 說:「Chilam希望角色要型又要風流,因現實生活做唔到,希望滿足吓。」Chilam:「我只係想塑造個風流而唔下流嘅機師,估唔到有咁嘅反應,今次完全係觀眾嘅鼓勵。」

      1. chilam also thanked audience for the generous response for this role which give him encouragement!

        love that the scriptwriter gives the credit of the amazing role to chilam who come up with the role himself. maybe chilam should be a tvb writer instead so that we won’t have anymore horrible roles such as what we got in bobo brain with sire and wayne.

    2. It’s the personality. Chilam’s role was already created by the scriptwriter, but he/she tweaked the personality to a cool, flirty pilot.

      Perhaps this explains why Chilam is so into his character. He’s performing really well thus far.

  14. I thought it was pretty obvious that her boyfriend died. And give her character a break. Yes, she’s acting all depressed and selfish, but some people just take longer to get out of an end to a relationship. I think it’s pretty obvious that there’s some bias here. But well, it’s your opinion and this is mine.


    – Chi lam’s (Jaydan’s) English is very fluently. Did he studied in USA or in the UK? I can’t find it on the Internet. Maybe you guys will know it. I love when he speaks English.

    @Funn: about the Fala/Holy-thing. I feel the same. Don’t hate her, but she is annoying. And, I also tired about the Sam’s- old-look. Looking forward to his CHOK pilot look 🙂

    1. Chilam has done his studies in Australia, but don’t know how long. Agree ….. he speaks good English, and he has a good voice and good articulation. It helps in his English dialogues.

      Francis Ng’s English is the worst and unfortunately he has to speak the most English.

      Ron Ng and Kenneth Ma’s are not any better. Kenneth should speak better English as he has lived in Vancouver for at least 6 or 7 years.

      1. Francis is better than Ron and Kenneth but the worst has got to be Kenneth. But at least he tried to speak. I am surprised with Chilam. At least this show these actors practised their lines off camera.

      2. Francis’ English may not be that bad if he speaks a few words, but he has to speak a lot of English in England. I could not understand most of his English dialogues, but I could understand Chilam’s.

      3. Yup Chilam pronunciation is the best among the men.I was also unable to understand Francis when he spoke in English. Kenneth really needs to polish up his English. I was actually having some difficulty understanding Fala when she spoke English because I didn’t know she claimed she worked at NASA until I read Funn’s reviews.

      4. Fala’s English is not the best despite she immigrated to the States at the age of 14. She should speak much better English. I don’t think Chilam spent too many years in Australia ……… perhaps just around 7 to 8 years the most.

      5. Patrick Dunn (as Tony) spoke quite fluently as well.

  16. Looking forward to the next episode (: I was horrified with Sam’s hobo look. Fala’s crying scene could have been better honestly… it seemed so fake. I really enjoyed Chi Lam’s scenes though ^______^

  17. Love the interactions between Chilam-Issac-Kenneth, absolutely hilarious!!

    A lot of opinions about Fala.. especially on Weibo in TITS2 thread, many are criticising her acting, and that they would fast-forward her scenes

    Is it really that bad??

    1. Fala is acting a rebellious character (spoiled daughter) now due to the loss (or disappearance) of her boyfriend. She is not a lovable and appealing person in the last three episodes. Many people complained that she is not that sad in the episode …….. crying with no tears.

      Here is the description of her character – Holiday – as per TITS 2 website:



      I suggest that you watch more of her screen time before you make a judgement of her performance.

      1. I see thanks. Hope her storyline will get more interesting

  18. I agree mostly with Funn’s comments on this episode. The scene with Chilam, Ron and Kenneth were indeed hilarious~ really livened up the plot because ep 2 fell kinda flat :L

    Also, I’m not a fan of Fala but I do not dislike her either, her acting is alright, I can still stand it until the moment she cries. I don’t know if it’s because of her facial expression, or the fact that there’s no tears or her Cantonese sounds worser than when she’s normally talking, but I cringe.

    Other than that, I can stand through the rest and for some reason, I have a feeling her character would pick up the pace and become more interesting when she joins in the cadet training. Hopefully I am right ~

  19. Fala has too much screen time. Still no sign of Myolie. So unfair.

    1. I personally feel the story is moving at a good pace at the moment. In my opinion, I felt that these introductory episodes haven’t been too stretchy in regards to Holly’s character. I appreciate these episodes contribute to the gradual story arc of her character.

      Flora Chan’s character would define too much screen time from the first instalment. Her character became very needy and frivolous over several episodes which became very unnecessary and stretchy in some parts. To compare that to Fala’s role in the second instalment, I think it’s fair to say for now, Holly’s character development has a bit more resolve.

    2. I also like that Holly’s character seems a bit more tougher than Belle’s wishy-washy personality 🙂

  20. I thought Fala Chen’s character’s name is Holiday not Holly?

      1. Holiday sounds like a name that silly hollywood celebrities would name their kid. Lol.

  21. I liked the part about chocolate flavored sh*t and sh*t flavored chocolate… So funny. And I can’t wait for myolie’s character to appear

  22. Not a big fan of Ron Ng but liking him in this series. Think he has improved in his acting

    1. Isaac was a lovable character in TITS, and so far Ron is reprising the role well.

  23. Hong Kong ppl always have the issue pronoucing “er”. They always say “ah” It’s tucker not tuckah.

    Francis English is bad, but not as bad as Ron and Kenneth.

  24. i always wonder what is the connection between Coco and Sam/Issac… yep I went to check wiki..haha

    cooc is vincent (Joe Ma) sister.. so Sam has to take care of her in a way…

    anyway coco is supposed to pair with Him Law

  25. I don’t think Sam was depressed. After watching episode 4, I think he became a pastry chef to remake that’most decious cake in the world’ before flying again and also to fulfil that last promise he made to Zoe.

  26. I didn t hate Fala but I was thinking like you. she was miscast. I was so annoyed by her that each time she appeared onscreen, i fastforwarded

    1. Poor Falan, I feel the same way! Her character so far is written in such an annoying way!

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