Episodic Thoughts: “Triumph in the Skies 2” Episode 9

Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>
TVB Series 2013

Cast: Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Elena Kong, Him Law, Nancy Wu, Rebecca Zhu, Eliza Sam, and Kelly Fu.

Disclaimer: This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologize if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.


There is a song for the football club called Chelsea which you can find here. The first few lines are;

Chelsea, Chelsea
Chelsea, Chelsea
We’re gonna make this a Blue Day

Well this episode is mostly about Holiday and I thought, same song, but sing the following!

Holly, Holly
Holly, Holly
This episode is gonna be all Holiday

I am a bit tired today so I didn’t make notes and I wasn’t concentrating well and at the end of the episode I was like “Bummer! It’s the most Isaac and his witty one liners day!!”

Yeap, I am a bit, you know, pissed off.

Anyway just to summarise; Holly is way too perky and Summer is still pretty much one note, even when she was begging.


Coco and Isaac jogging.


This should be a couple. They’re closer to one another than anyone else, they flirt with one another, several occasions Isaac threatened to unleash his nakedness to a rather shy Coco. Why isn’t this a couple?!


Jogging and discussing about their suspicion Holiday wants to have a go at Sam. So back home, Holiday suddenly made breakfast except it is more like lunch. Holly said “I am not a morning person. I have low blood pressure. There are times I could sleep and wake up so late, that breakfast is lunch” and the two stared at her in disbelief. And Coco noticed the food and why she is suddenly so nice to them and I think it was Coco who asked “Why did you cook for us? Why are you suddenly so nice to us? Don’t tell me me.. you and Sam are…? and Holiday was like “What? I stay here, I thought I can help out..”… “But you so nice to us… surely you and Sam are not an item?!” and Holiday was like “WHAT? NO NO!! We are not an item! Me and Mr I- am-so-serious? No way! I am just trying to be helpful and he was nice to me so I thought I will be nice to him” and Isaac was like “Good. Because you and him, you’re so wild and he is so mild. You 2 can never be possible!” and Holly teased him “Are you sure you don’t want me to be your sister in law?” and Isaac said seriously “No. Never. You will only hurt him. You and my brother is no compatible, ever” and Holly was like woah woah I get it. And she said “Well I was thinking what sort of girls Sam like?” and Coco and Isaac took turns to say one word each “Sweet… kind…cute..like Zoe” and Holly thought about it and smiled as she said “I see! He likes those innocent young sweet types” and she said “Well I have a suggestion. You see did you know that in London I had my heart broken? I am in HK to nurse my broken heart and I thought maybe I can find myself a date through those dating agency. Now this dating agency now has an offer, buy 1 free 1 membership” and they were like Sam will never agree and Holly said “Hey, it is not cheap you know! It is like Coco’s 1 month salary, like $120,000 membership fee, per person! I don’t have money so I thought why not you 2 sponsor eh? I can tag along! I mean Sam can tag along! What do you think?” and the two kinda got sold into the idea.

Meanwhile Summer and her gang finished work when a buzz from engineer dude, their head said they need to change the tyre of one of the plane, pronto. Teddy and the older guy agreed to go, so Summer left. Whilst on the way to the hangar, older guy got a call daughter fell or something and Teddy said he can call the wife to find out whilst he get the tyre out. Next thing, another guy ran to Summer and said Teddy got rolled over by the tyre and is in hospital. Summer is concerned.


I so wish the tyre rolled him over and made him into a pancake and so thereby ends the tale of Teddy the Guanyin army. Alas, TVB is not so brief or colourful in issues about death.


He got broken leg or something. Everyone said they will find funds to pay his hospital bill, the older guy feeling guilty wanted to pay fully but Summer reminded them Teddy was hurt in the course of duty and so is entitled to full benefits in hospitalisation and all that. But they all reminded Summer that the engineer is very small minded man and never stands up for his subordinates and he will ensure Teddy, who is completing his technician training thing, get the boot or at least gets pull down in his evaluation marks. But Teddy sings happily AND annoyingly.

Isaac at the cafe and he could see everything. That is Summer giving a cup of coffee to the engineer who was eating and very politely asked him to sign on the papers with consent to cover Teddy’s medical claim. Engineer angrily and flatly refused and Summer very seriously said “I have followed you since I first joined this industry. You taught me everything I knew and you taught me to be serious in my work and to check everything which is the sort of person Teddy is. He is hardworking, conscientious and he knows his job. He is the best in the team. You can’t deny him this” and Engineer said “And you know this Teddy isn’t some lazy no good bastard is that it? His work performance is terrible! Don’t let your need to be popular amongst the guys in your team to forget where your duties lies. He doesn’t deserve this. So many questions. How come two men went and only 1 injured?” and Summer said “But this can’t be a reason to deny him his right” and Engineer said “Oh now you’re teaching me what to do is it? Ha Sun, you have become to arrogant for your own good. Now that the master has taught his student everything, his students pushes away her master. You are an ungrateful git” and he left but Summer held onto him and said “If I have done you wrong, I apologise. I will keep apologising until you accept my apology. Please punish me. Don’t punish Teddy, he is innocent” and Engineer realised everyone was looking at them and he angrily said “So you are making a scene to humiliate me issit?” and Summer tried to deny it as Engineer said “You can keep being the popular one, their Big Brother/Big Boss like they’re calling you now, as if I am nothing! I don’t care!!” and as he tried to leave yet again Isaac walked to them and said “Hey hey, what’s the matter guys?” and Engineer said “Isaac this is none of your business” and Isaac said “All I can hear is a worker got hurt during work and you refused to sign his hospitalisation claims” and Engineer slightly embarrassed said “Isaac I know how to run my own department, you need not concern yourself, you do not have the full knowledge of the facts” and he tried to go and Isaac gently pulled him back and said “Look, it is not hard to just sign the paper. Unless of course if you refuse yet again, and if this is questioned by the bosses, I will ensure they know the full story as I see it today. And I am sure Captain Tong and even Captain Koo will back up Ha Sun’s claim” and engineer now worried and angry signed the papers as he muttered “Wow, you are really something you know that? So many top persons speaking up for you. You are really really something” and he angrily left as Summer looked at Isaac and said “Thanks”.


And throughout entire scene, Myolie had one expression. Pained look. I know Summer is not into begging, hence the awkwardness but Myolie seems too awkward or rather not natural. Something is off. I find her Summer such a pain sometimes, not because she is terrible or anything but the pained look kinda rubbed off on me.


Summer alone on that popular hang out spot aka rooftop and Isaac looked for her and can’t remember what he said except Summer replied “I have always been a loner” and Isaac said “But in this situation, it is not that you want to deal with it alone but the person you want to help you deal with it is not here”

JAYDEN! Isaac, suddenly so wise!

Summer loosen up a bit as she said “Perhaps you’re right. But tell me, why are you always speaking on behalf of him (Jayden!)?” and Isaac with his witty one liner said “Because I am his personal representative”


If in actual English, I think “I am his pimp” is more suitable for that sentence. But he did say he is Jayden’s PR. So funny, so humble, so Isaac”.


Isaac said “I think your brother should know what happened” and Summer said “Even if I told you not to tell him, I have a feeling you will” and Isaac of course will do so.

Next scene can’t remember if before or after.

Isaac’s continuing exam day with Matthew, passed and all. I will skip this part, too many technical stuff. But Jayden was waiting for him if I remember correctly.

Isaac in car with Jayden, Jayden driving, they were chit chatting.


I am curious about their relationship. You can’t say they’re friends. Yet you can’t say they’re not friends since Isaac knows a lot of things about Jayden and Jayden does speak to Isaac about such stuff. Yet he is Isaac’s mentor. Very curious relationship, more so when Jayden sometimes is playful with him but mostly quite serious. But Jayden I could see is quite nurturing to Isaac. Like I said before Isaac has 2 big brothers watching over him.


Isaac said “Hey your sister was amazing that day. She went up to her superior and basically demanded compensation for her subordinate” and Jayden asked “How did she do?” and Isaac surprisingly said “She lost” when I remember she won! Anyway Jayden stopped the car all of a sudden, looked at Isaac and angrily said “And you didn’t stand up for her? I told you to look after of her!!”


Jayden told Isaac to take care of Summer. Sam told Isaac to look after Holly. Isaac, everyone’s Robin.


Isaac shocked said “I tried, but I can’t” and Jayden thoughtful muttered to himself “She must have suffered a lot of temper tantrums…” and Isaac stared at Jayden as Jayden said “You should have told me. I would have helped her” but of course they both know Summer will not agree to Jayden’s help. Anyway serious stuff here.

If this look incomplete, it is because a day after watching, I can’t recall anything major after that.

Meanwhile I am sure the following scene is somewhere before Jayden-Isaac scene but I just recap here.

Coco, Isaac and Holly were busy laughing when looking at the laptop and Sam curious checked them out and found out they created a profile at the dating agency online for him, complete with his photo and some very OTT description of his likes and dislikes. Naturally Sam was angry and said “What gives you the right to do this?! Who did this??” and Isaac pointed at Holly who pointed at Coco and Coco pointed at Isaac and Holly, something like that and Sam said “I don’t need this!” as Holly told him what she told Isaac and Coco and Sam said “You wanna date and you drag me into this? No no I am not going to go with you. You are on your own” and pushed them out of the room and they laughed very hard and Sam said “I am getting very very angry” and Isaac unperturbed said “Oh he is getting angry” and he left with Holly and Coco and Sam pretended to huff and puff, closed the door, looked at the profile and was at total lost as to what to do.

Well, Sam went with Holly. Sam looked very good as Holly unbuttoned his top button of his shirt and said “Ahhh very handsome” and they walked into a restaurant, Holly saw a model plane on a table and gestured to Sam to go there whilst she found her date, flashily dressed and guest star King Kong (which means comedy time) whilst Sam went to his table and got a rude shock as someone under the table went OWW or something and up she stood and she was dressed like a french maid complete with cat ears’ top hat thing and guest star Kitty Yuen Pui Yi (definitely comedy time) and both Sam and Holly were like “O-M-G”. Sam sat down and was very gentlemanly, very polite as the girl went meow and all that on him whilst Holly had a pretty terrible time with a wannabe magician who failed in his magic tricks. When Holly looked over and saw Sam missing, she thought Sam got his date out of the restaurant and was a success so she played a trick on her date, told him to close his eyes and count from 10 to 1 and she will perform a magic trick in which she disappear and silly man said “WOW! What a magician!”. Idiot! Actually Sam just went to the toilet, the weird woman accompanied him and they sat down and the woman confessed she was the owner of the dating agency, arranged 3 pairs tonight and she looked at King Kong and said “That one failed, yet again” as Sam said to her “So you’re just here to hang out?” as she confessed “Nahhh I too am looking for my other half” as Sam said “You want my honest opinion? Lose the whole costume, it doesn’t work” as the girl said “Well, I was hoping it might, I haven’t been to the cinema for a long long time” as Sam confessed he too and the girl chatted very friendly with Sam who was being very gentlemanly and friendly and relaxed as he agreed to go to a movie with her except no love stories and the girl said she wants to watch horror film so that (as she demonstrated) she could cling on to this handsome man which is Sam and requested next time maybe he can wear his pilot’s uniform to a date so she can show to the world she can have a handsome date too and hold his hand and suddenly the hand was dropped with a loud thud on the table as she caressed his hand and with concern said “Is you hand ok?” and I swear… I SWEAR the entire last scene where she dropped his hand and Sam’s expression were unrehearsed. When the actress dropped his hand, with a loud thud, it was unintentional and when she said “are you ok?” it was unscripted and Francis’ expression of clutching his mouth as he politely but laughed very hard was a natural reaction. It was also a very funny scene and I truly believed it was unscripted and unintended and I love both their reaction especially Francis as he tried hard to stay in character instead of laughing his head off.

Anyway this scene shows

1. Francis does have a sense of humour and a lighter side; and
2. Sam is a perfect gentleman in the way he treated that weird woman.

And Holly? Irresponsible to say the least.

Sam came back and I can’t remember what happened next.

Anyway I think he came back and found Holly looking at plane pictures? Was that later? I did remember her asking him a lot of questions about planes and aviation and he was polite enough to answer all her questions.

And this scene is screaming to us THEY BELONG TO ONE ANOTHER. Of course you will have to wait another 30 episodes or so before that even happens I suppose.

Next few scenes is about PPP and as expected, PPP is to facilitate Holly’s mission to terrorise the sky and of course Jim Jim’s side insignificant and already way too many people in this series story. Sam and Tony and 2 others (no Jayden-he doesn’t attend such trivial stuff) were going through applications and he saw Holly’s application.

Back at home he immediately rushed to Holly’s room and in one of Sam’s very rare moments of presumptuous bossy behaviour he questioned Holly on her intentions to the point he was shouting and she was almost sorta begging to explain to him her POV and he deduced “So all that dating agency, all those being nice to me, those are your ploy to get more info about PPP from me issit?” and Holly exasperated said “I meant well with the dating agency! And yes I came back to HK for the PPP application but I really want to join the program. Mom knows” and Sam angrily said “Don’t bring Manna into this!You? A pilot? PPP is for those who has strong interest in aviation. I did not see an ounce of that in you!” and Holly now angry moved her hand over the books on her bed as she said “See these? I have been studying! I have worked hard! I am serious” and she showed him the guidebook which she accidentally poured coffee over and Sam did not take that lightly as he took the book and angrily said “I poured my heart and soul into these notes! And see how you treat it? Like it was some meaningless paper!” but he did not throw the book, he was careful to fold the book and held onto it as Holly tried to explain what happened to the book but Sam angrily said “Stop! Stop! You listen here Ho Nin Hei. You will never get to the interview” and Holly angrily said “What? Why not? I fulfilled the requirements!” and Sam said “Not on my watch, no you will not. You will only endanger people’s life. You treat this like it is some game, some hobby of yours. I have never seen you be serious in anything, I have never seen you be dedicated to anything. Tell me, why PPP?” and Holly said “I love the sky!” and Sam said “No, you joined PPP because your boyfriend was a pilot. You’re lazy, insincere and you lack dedication. You an’t even dress properly, everything that PPP is not looking for you. YOU.WILL.NEVER.GET.INTO.PPP.EVER!” and he left angrily as Holly exasperated was you know being hyper angry and all that as she said “What’s wrong with my style?!”.


Sam has a point but I feel he may have been too fast to judge Holly as wrong as a pilot. I mean look at Isaac. Does he give you an impression he is a good pilot? Wait! That is why Sam is always scolding him! Anyway never seen Sam in such temper tantrum display before. Quite scary. And when angry, everyone calls the other by their FULL NAME.


Next day Coco, Isaac and Sam on a golf cart. Always could see a golf cart driving past beautiful landed properly. Gated community, car probably parked outside of outside and rich place. Believable since TWO pilots and an air stewardess. Anyway Holly appears dressing demurely in white and jeans and less goth/emo and even Coco and Isaac were shocked and she said she is going to try for PPP and Isaac stepped down from the golf cart in surprise and kinda felt happy for her and said “Well hop on. Brother can drive you there as well” and Holly saw Sam’s darkened face and she said “No, I will take the bus” and I was thinking she is gonna walk all the way out? Anyway Sam took the cue and with Coco on the golf cart drive on as Holly walked away and poor Isaac, he was not on the golf cart and had to chase after the golf cart and jump on it!!! I don’t know why but I thought that was funny. Isaac is always the one getting the attitude from the 2 pillars in this series.

At the airport or Skylette HQ or somewhere there, Holly arrived to see many many many applicants. Sam and Tony and 2 others (no Jayden!) checked through the names and said something like got 180 applicants or something and they need to narrow to 90 and then to the last I think 12 places. And here I was wondering is Holly good enough to be top 12 at all?

Inside the room, Holly got some attitude from some wannabe pilot. I think she must be the oldest there since the rest looks young. They were studying with tablet, laptops and books and Holly? Nothing. Maybe Sam was right about her. And in walked Jim Jim and his uncle, Adrian the big gun at Skylette (yes it is his uncle) and Tony welcomed Adrian and Adrian said he is here to accompany Jim Jim for the PPP and everyone loudly whispered “I see… there is advantage to being related to the important person here…” and Jim Jim looks slightly embarrassed.

Sam and gang came into the room to explain about PPP and Sam whilst looking at Holly emphasised “PPP is for the young ones amongst you who loves flying. You need not have experience but you will need dedication” and Holly coolly smiled at him like “You’ll see UNCLE!”. Anyway interview time, we see some selected people being interviewed and I suppose they will be in PPP. One said he loved flying and planes and have studied all books since young and kept them. One said he was saving money to go to Canada or somewhere to join the aviation academy when PPP came along. Jim Jim said “After I retired from sports, I found myself being idle and without direction. One day (FLASHBACK) I was on a raft in the sea, looking at the sky when I felt something passed by and it was a flying fish. I saw so many flying fish. I thought to myself why can’t flying fish fly? And I knew this is what I want to do for the rest of my life” and his nickname as a swimmer was Flying Fish.


I thought retired champion swimmers become coach or open sports shop or become spokesperson instead of starting again on low salary?


Holly’s turn, Sam gave her that look and Tony was impressed of Holly’s knowledge of meteorology as Sam said “She graduated with a degree in meteorology. Her knowledge in this area is expected. Miss Ho, Why do you want to join PPP?” and Holly said something about loving the sky and want to fly in the sky, some girly BS and Tony was impressed and Sam wasn’t as he looked at her and said “Well, purely procedural, we need to test your knowledge. Can you tell me what is the difference between a 2 engine aircraft and a 4 engine aircraft?” and Holly was like huh? and Tony smiled and said “No worries. We don’t expect an immediate answer. Like everyone else, you have 1 hour to tell us” and Holly was like ok but still major huh?


I think I got the question right. I haven’t googled yet. I assume the answer is one has 2 engines, the other 4 engines? If 4 engines, any engine failure still got backup of 3 engines? Can fly safer, more stable? Bigger plane? WHAT?! Can’t be a trick question! Baffled like Holly so I googled; No answer.

Holly went back to the room to see everyone fumbling for the answer so basically Holly is ok to be stupid since no one knows the answer, not even the one who studied since young. I am pretty sure anyone with aviation interest will know the answer. I don’t know. Holly sat next to Jim Jim, also busy looking at his tablet and Holly smiled “Why not we have group discussion?” and Jim Jim said “Sorry, I too can’t find the answer at all” and Holly mumbled to herself, reciting the textbook and said “Surely I can’t recite the entire chapter as an answer” which shows she did study but not very effective. After a while she suddenly stood up and said “This is a trick! A trick!” and she walked out of the room smiling, not even bothered to look for the answer.

We see Jayden being pursued by a pretty girl to sign something and yes he signed, after he flirted with her and held her hand which was holding a pen to sign and poor girl quickly rushed away, blushing hard. Holly walked out of toilet and walked past Jayden and Jayden remembered her, cue FLASHBACK of that stupid hugging scene and he called out “Hey you!” and she looked back, baffled as he said “Remember me?” and he was gesturing his jacket and it took Holly some time to remember and said “Oh yeah, you! Hi!” and Jayden asked “You’re here for the PPP?” and Holly said “Yes” and Jayden cheekily asked “Wait, are you stalking me?” and Holly smiled as she said “Believe me, no, not ever” and Jayden asked “How was it?” and Holly said “Well… it is errmmmm… you know.. I need to go back and don’t ask me any more question, my mind is too full to think of anything else” and she walked away and suddenly she said “Wait. I heard that girl call you captain, so maybe you will know the answer to what is the difference between a 2 engine aircraft and a 4 engine aircraft” and Jayden walked really close to her and said “Surely you can’t expect me to help you cheat”

Ahhh Jayden you are my hero!!! I half expected him to rush to Sam and insist on Holly joining PPP just to get to Sam!

Holly surprised and said “Can you help me?” and Jayden said “Didn’t anyone told you nothing is free in life?” and Holly said “What do you want in return?” and Jayden said “A kiss” and Holly thought for like 5 seconds and said “Fine!” and she kissed his cheek and said “The answer?” and Jayden said “I already gave you the answer” and Holly was like “What? You did not!” and Jayden said “Ok, listen carefully. S-T-U” and Holly listened intently as he continued “P-I-D” and he smiled and walked away, with style. Holly realised she was duped as she angrily said “Stupid? Oh I am so stupid to believe you!!!”

Ha! Jayden! You made my day!! Will Jayden then appear in those PPP meetings and say I want this Holly girl? I hope not. Jayden doesn’t seem like that kinda fella I hope. I mean he is all ego and all but he takes his job seriously.

As for Holly, I am sure she will find the answer somehow to show to us all the beginning may be fake but towards the end she found her love for flying and takes thing seriously. She has too because she will be the Isaac of this series except Isaac does not kiss and sleep with the 2 pillars. She will be Batgirl probably.

Story wise, no comment. Am too tired to talk more except today is entertaining because of Sam’s outburst, Jayden’s unexpected responses and Isaac’s situation. Seriously, Ron Ng has A LOT of role.

Performances wise, like I said Myolie is still one expression and if you say she is good, also can, if you say she is terrible, also can. I find her terrible in a sense her performance tonight is like every night thus far, even when she was desperate and all that, she doesn’t show desperate. Absolutely lacking.

Fala Chen is getting better as in her Holly is ridiculous but at least she has more than 1 expression. But seriously, I would have loved it is they switched role. Fala can do the sulky look of Summer very well and I seriously want Myolie to loosen up. Her Summer is getting to be a chore to watch. Not that I enjoy Fala better. I am annoyed at her antics. They’re not cute.

The 2 pillars is now the proper foundation and you build a house of cards on top, the house of cards can tumble but still the pillar stays on. That is how strong both Chilam and Sam are. And if you think they’re rivals, think again. Their roles complement one another. Even just a few scenes, Chilam dominates. Just few scenes and still Francis dominates. Together, they’re dynamite and I wish Jayden is gay so he can end up with Sam and I bet Sam’s the bossy mother and Jayden the cool but stern father. Isaac can be the son.

Ron Ng continues to be effective. Maybe I have low expectations, but I really like watching his Isaac in here. He is still limited expression but compared to Myolie, I can see sarcasm, I can see like “What the hell dude?” moments in his expressions even if they’re like half dead and Ron is the most unbelievable pilot ever because look at him! Pilot?! But still he was more enjoyable in part because he has the best lines but also because he is not as reserved as he was in the past. He has matured as an actor even if seriously if without those lines, his Isaac will be a chore to watch too.

No Kenneth tonight. Thank heaves no Toby as well.

Best scene tonight has to be the unscripted moment that I wrote above. I truly believe it was unscripted. Very funny.

This series is still interesting with good momentum even if sometimes the momentum is disrupted by some unnecessary characters. I feel the need to have more people but I don’t see the need to give them any more importance than to be fillers.


This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://p2e-tits2.blogspot.com/.


  1. oh, i so agree with you about the scene with 阮小儀. when it happened i believed it was a blooper but it was so smooth that they allowed it in. 小儀 is so caring that she asked if his elbow hurts. kekeke

    i wanna laugh about your teddy review. LOL that was funny. i wonder if i am the only one feeling the momentum winding down a little. but scenes with Sam in it, i really enjoy as he is such a natural.

    as for Holly, some scenes i find her ok but others, i find her irritating and unnatural….the interview part and the scenes where she tried to be child-like. somehow, the face doesn’t fit the part. just my opinion. 😛

    1. Because at the end of the day Fala is not the best actress for this role.

      Yeap Blooper! Love the reaction of both actors.

      So many guest stars.

      1. yah, i tot that was a good move to have guest stars here and there. i forgot to mention king kong. just looking at his face, i wanna laugh. and his epic failed magic trick. LOL and then when counted to 10. *poof* muahahahaha

      2. The problem with fala in the role is that she doesnt do well in comedy and exaggeration. In comparison, myolie does well in comedy. Especially that heavy make up tmakes her look black faced, it makes her expressions look like a prune and doesnt fit any of the comical moments.

      3. Agree. Myolie is good in comedic characters, but not good in anything else. She is pretty bad in emotional characters. She is now like an iceberg from Ep. 1 to 9.

      4. Fala cant even be good at comedy roles, much less anything else.

      5. That is your personal and subjective opinion only, not mine or many other people’s.

        Perhaps it is all the opinion of Myolie Wu’s die-hard fan’s. LOL!

      6. Sorry, I meant “also”, not “all” in my last paragraph.

      7. If you can give your opinion that you cant tell if myolie wu is crying or laughing, which is only the opinion of yourself as well, others can give opinions on fala as they wish.

      8. Sure. Why not? Everyone here is free to give his/her opinions about an artiste! You and I are no exceptions!

      9. And the die-hard fala chen and aimee chan fan should at least admit it, i mean if you arent a fan, why do you care if ANYONE posts on an aimee chan thread and go poor aimee chan! No one posts on her thread, and say you are not a biased fan. The only other person who cares about the number of posts on a thread recently, is sel_fi_wu, who is as biased as you. But at least she admits shes biased.

      10. Funn never said that we must agree with all her Episodic Thoughts!

      11. Fala and Myolie should have swapped roles. Fala passes for the ‘stoned, serious, i ain’t joking with you + BAMF’ kind of roles and ofc Myolie fits the bill for carefree, jolly, hyper, comedy type of things.

      12. Nicole:
        I don’t feel like arguing with you any more, because I know you will do it non-stop to someone whom you don’t like.

        Of course, I have some favourites too, but I also go for acting a lot. If an artiste cannot act, like Christine Kuo, I cannot say that she is a good artiste. I am not as biased as some other die-hard fans. Anything that their idols do will be perfect. If Myolie Wu acts well in “TITS 2”, I will surely give her (or your idol) compliments. Just wait and see if she will do better.

        This also applies to Francis Ng. I never liked Francis because he mumbles in his dialogues. However, he is doing a lot better after he assumes his pilot duties. He speaks quite clearly to me and I give him compliments.

      13. You say you just think that christine cant act, but everytime her article comes up about some topic, you are always posting there 100% of the time about how shes fat etc. sounds like you are way too concerned about someone you dont “hate”.

      14. You are right. I support Aimee Chan because I think she has improved a lot in her acting in the last few years. She worked very hard in her acting skills and shown improvements. People don’t like her because Moses Chan chose her instead of their beloved Bernice Liu.

        I also don’t like to see people supporting Christine Kuo and bashing Aimeee Chan. Personally I don’t think we can compare Christine Kuo’s lousy acting to Aimee Chan’s decent acting.

        Both of them are pretty girls. One works hard on her acting skills while the other works hard on her sexy goddess image only.

      15. Hardly anyone supports christine kuo and bash aimee chan. Its just in your lopsided mind that they do.
        Most people dont care about both, or dislike both equally, mostly the latter.

      16. I said that Christine Kuo is fat because she is really “fat” according to Hongkong artites’ standards. Otherwise, she wouldn’t want to lose weight. If she is an artiste in Hong Kong, she has to go along with the Hong Kong standards if she wants to be one of the popular and pretty actresses. Simple! And she is the one to make decision – lose weight or not – not you or me.

      17. Anyway, I know you too well. I think I have to skip reading your posts from now on. Perhaps you should do same.

      18. Perhaps shes fat, but i never saw anyone so obsessed with dissing someone they hate, then complajn about christine’s articles showing up too often.

      19. I will read and write as I wish, especially comments someone who keeps insisting she is “fair”, but really?
        Like “i dislike michelle ye ever since there was rumors of her fighting for status with charmaine sheh”. LOL

      20. Nicole:
        I must thank you for reading and memorizing all the articles that I wrote on this website. I really appreciate it. I don’t even remember some of them myself. If I need to recall anything, I know I can count on you from now on. Ha ha ……..

      21. Yes, because all your comments are such a contradiction when you keep insisting on your “unbiased and fair” status.

      22. Nicole:
        First, I must thank you for paying so much attention to my “biased” and “fair” status, as well as remembering my “biased” and “fair” posts.

        People don’t like“sel_fi_wu” because she overly protects her Myolie Wu and a few other artistes. She might attack other artistes as a result. However, you are very different. You like to attack certain readers (like me) if you don’t like them. You are not attacking their posts, you are attacking readers. If you didn’t like my posts, why didn’t you respond in that particular Topic, and not here where Christine Kuo, Aimeee Chan are not even part of the Topic.

      23. I criticise people who are biased and rude. Likewise, i openly criticise sel_fi_wu and you.

      24. And selfiwu doesnt attack other artistes because of those artistes she likes. She attacks them due to her own hatred of them (usually to do with men/women being a player, or women coming off as weak). I also remember very ridiculous comments made by sel_fi_wu, like the ones i remember of yours, because they are such jarring and contradictory “stand outs”. Sad to say i cant really remember individual comments made by funn and others, just general ideas of their persona. For instance, I know funn is a huge wallace huo fan, so if one day funn says wallace huo is the world’s worst and ugliest actor! It will stand out starkly against my idea of funn, that my mind cant help but remember her comment.

      25. Nicole:
        I give up on you. You are the same old Nicole. I must have stepped on your tail again!

      26. And you are not the same old ________?
        Did you think you got a personality transplant?

    2. I agree that the series is starting to lose momentum (and we’re only on episode 9…definitely not a good sign) — however there are still quite a few enjoyable scenes. Personally, I’ve already started skipping around because parts of the storyline are such a chore to watch (thank goodness for the episode summaries!) — don’t know if I’ll be able to last 43 episodes…LOL.

      Anyway, Francis and Chilam are still the biggest draw of the series and if it weren’t for them, I probably would have given up already. Isaac and Coco are fun to watch as well and of course, as I said before, the interaction between Isaac and both Sam and Jayden have become surprisingly enjoyable to watch as well.

      Also, I’m actually starting to get a tad bit annoyed with all the side characters and side stories, especially the ones that are obviously just fillers and don’t do much to advance the plot. I suppose we’ll have to see how these stories / characters turn out, but still don’t have a very good feeling about them…

      1. The momentum because it shifted to this PPP people. Once back on the pillars and their Robin, it is same momentum. So far still very interesting. Can’t do anything Holly since she is main character.

        But I dream of the tyre rolling over Teddy. Maybe Apple too. Just these 2 so far.

        Anyone has any dream of the tyre rolling over anyone?

    3. In response to Fala isn’t good with comedy: I cracked up watching Julian and Fala again just now… they’re so fun together.

      I’m a minority and that’s fine. 🙂

  2. The PPP students are as annoying as Teddy and Apple. S4 and Zita were a million times more lovable.

    BTW, Teddy is here to stay. Somehow, he will join PPP later on.

    1. holy crap! you gotta be joking!!! 😛 seriously? Teddy? PPP? *faintz*

    2. What? So Mr. PPO (which stands for “Perpetually Pissed Off” in my book)is going to join PPP as well? So that means we will be seeing even more screen time from him? Aiye….

      1. Maybe and hopefully this time not just the tyre but the tyre attached to a plane will runover him? How from technician he can become PPP which really is just an induction course?

  3. Your performance review on Ep. # 9 is very legitimate and well-said.

    1) “Myolie is still one expression.” Does she have to be so cold and emotionless?
    2) “Fala Chen is getting better as Holiday is ridiculous but at least she has more than 1 expression.” Holiday (Fala) is funny, lively but lovable, and Fala showed the personality of Holiday very well.
    3) “The 2 pillars is now the proper foundation. Their roles complement one another”. Chilam is good acting as a smart and handsome playboy. Even Francis Ng acts better. He does not mumble as much after he assumes his pilot job. His acting is not bad; I just don’t like him if he mumbles his dialogues.
    4) “Ron Ng continues to be effective. Maybe I have low expectations, but I really like watching his Isaac in here. He is still limited expression but compared to Myolie, I can see sarcasm.” Isaac is a likable character, and Ron does it well so far.

    1. Holiday is funny, lively but not exactly lovable. I would be annoyed if someone took my notes, dirtied them and act as though nothing happened.

    2. I just feel that Holiday is trying too hard to be lively and lovable. Too overwhelming and it is annoying at times.

  4. Personally I think “TITS 2” is entertaining, but not amazing. The developments are pretty slow so far.

  5. The Jayden-Isaac scene in the car has more to what I recapped. You have to watch that scene where Jayden obviously feels his sister was suffering and Isaac said with a certain sense of admiration when he said “She can stand up for herself” which is the line I did not add into this recap. I love these little scenes. Ep 10 is highlight of Jayden and his seriousness in his work, but only after the best scene in that episode which has Sam in it. It also shows the clear distinction between pilot, cadet and trainee. Anyway I will take some time recapping ep 10.

  6. Thank you for your detailed recap again, Funn!

    I wish Fala would tamp down her so-called liveliness; it’s starting to grate on my nerves (ok, already grated and scattered). I don’t mind her in certain roles but here, it is unfortunate that she is playing a capricious, self-absorbed character but her delivery cannot mitigate the negative traits with depth of acting. I find her ludicrous, to be honest; barging into Sam’s home, butting her nose into his personal life/affairs (albeit it’s seemingly at Zoe’s request), stealing (yes, taking those notes = theft) and in today’s episode, cheating through Jayden’s hint (I know it’s a little grey, this area but I wish she’d made it on her own merit, without any help from anyone). I don’t know how to root for the designated OTP when one half is annoying. Perhaps she’ll be more likeable as the story develops. I do hope so. I have nothing against this actress but I dearly hope her performance improves so that it doesn’t continue to mar the series.

    As for Myolie, she needs range, that’s all I’m saying. She’s lucky her character is likeable but it’s not enough to shield the one-dimensional acting. I like her in several shows and wish she could just snap out of the one-expression = I’m pissed at my bro delivery. Here’s hoping that things improve with these 2 leading ladies!

    1. I think Fala works best in scenes with Ron and Nancy since they can all be joke around together, and with Chilam because he’s a little more playful too. For me, since I already know that Fala will be pairing up with Francis, her liveliness is a little weird because they seem more like father and daughter than a future couple.
      Myolie’s character is supposed to be more stoic so I don’t really mind that she’s so hard right now, but that’s only because I probably saw too many previews/spoilers so I know she doesn’t really soften up until she becomes friends with Ron.
      There’s still 33 episodes for all the characters to evolve. 🙂

      1. i hear you. 😉 it’s really a tad uncomfortable for the eyes to see Sam and Holly. The visual don’t seem to fit. I feel Jayden is a better fit for Holly. 🙂

        Come to think of it, Summer is like the female version of Sam; well, whether a successful version is subjective to each his own eh. She goes about in her quietness, a characteristic of a loner. Truth be told, I am a loner myself and actually prefers the virtual world. So, I see a little of myself in Summer…just a little. 😛 but then again, i have a wild side too. kekekeke it all depends on who brings out what in us. everyone of us has both sides. 😉

        yeah, another 33 epi to go so i am hoping to see butterfly Summer transform. it’s coming…i am sure. Issac is going to dig deep to get it out of her. 🙂

        btw, i am currently watching the first season and guess what? actually Issac and Zoe has great chemistry and he seems to care a lot for Zoe in there. 🙂 so, maybe Issac already has some feelings for Zoe? and since it’s forbidden love, he can now have feelings for Summer? heh heh…. am i a good scriptwriter or what? kekeke sorry sorry… 😳

      2. omg, yes! I was thinking that Summer is the female version of Sam while Holly is a female version of a young Isaac so the guys fall in love with someone like their brother. haha

        I thought that Isaac and Zoe had a lot of chemistry in the first part too! I actually thought that Isaac had a crush on Zoe but then all of a sudden, he fell for Zita instead. That’s probably why I like the Isaac/Summer pairing in this series. hehe

      3. But Holly really hugs Sam. I don’t care much about visuals, either is good but I know Jayden is stepping stone to Sam. So my question is did anyone ready anything about another female actress which might potentially end up with Jayden?

      4. I didn’t read any spoilers about who Jayden would end up with. Maybe they can have it end with him locking eyes with Anita, his real life wife? Or you know what would be a genius idea? Jayden can run into Belle at the end and everyone can have a happily ever after.

      5. You know worst possible ending? Jayden and Apple.

  7. If any of you guys have WeChat and want some more behind the scenes tidbits or series info, you can add “Skylette”. I’m not sure if they also post the vids on tvb.com, but the latest one had Siu Yee (Francis’s blind date) thanking Francis since he recommended her for the role to the producer.

  8. So far, I’m enjoying the series, but I don’t know if I can make it through 33 episodes. There are just way too many characters. Arghhh

    Jayden is a jerk, but somehow Chilam makes him charming, lol Also, I sense a bit of Jayden’s arrogance in Chilam. Hmm I’m looking forward to his development with Holly. I’m beginning to see chemistry there.

    Now, someone explain to me what’s with Holly. I know she needed closure from her ex boyfriend, but what happened to him? Is she not looking for her ex anymore? Anyway, Fala fares better as the happy Holly. She actually fits in with Issac and Coco – the three gossipers. Haha

    Oh, Ron. He is involved in everyone’s story. I guess we’ll see his development next.

    On a different note, the guest-stars thus far are not as big as the first installment. Perhaps there will be surprises?

    1. Also, Holly is linked to Sam because of Tri-Angel? Reminded me of Belle, but then she ended up with Vincent. Doesn’t seem like Holly will share the same fate though. All 3 of them will probably stay friends from what I saw in the themevideo.

    2. I actually like the way they incorporated the guest stars / cameos so far, as it makes alot more sense the way they did it (plus the comic relief that the guest stars have provided so far has been enjoyable). I actually didn’t like how they added in the guest stars in the first installment because it seemed way too random and there was like no purpose except to give those artists (all EEG artists at the time) more exposure (after awhile, I felt like I was watching an EEG video montage or something). The only guest performance from the first installment that I actually enjoyed was Eason’s cameo (I’m not an Eason fan at all, but his scenes in the first installment were truly quite funny, especially his scenes with Francis). For me, the funniest scene from the first installment was the one where Eason signed his autograph on Sam’s car window (I think it was the window…it’s been awhile so might not have the detail correct) and Sam did one of those “WTF???” expressions but in his usual nice, charming way (while complaining to someone on the phone that some ‘dude’ graffiti’ed his car)….both Francis and Eason nailed that scene — the expressions they had on their faces during that scene were priceless!

      1. OMG – YES – that was my favorite scene. I especially liked how Francis had to step out of the autograph line b/c he saw his supervisor.

        Francis got a real good comedic side in TITS1. I miss that a lot. There’s a few scenes here and there in TITS2 though. The trio of Nancy, Ron and Francis crack me up too.

        We don’t give enough credit to Nancy. She’s been pleasant to watch.

  9. Wow Jayne!! Just realized you wrote out your thoughts here. Agree xiu yi and sam are super funny!! I also hate that guy who all the time sucks up to Summer and oh gosh, his china slang Cantonese sounds super horrible!!! No offence but this is tvb production, please at least get the Cantonese right.
    I hope the storyline won’t fail us and looking forward to the next episode.

  10. There seems to be many Fala haters here? I don’t particularly like anyone but my opinion is that she did a pretty good job here

    1. Good. At least someone is fair and goes for good acting, not just for idols.

      1. I wonder why no on says there are many Adrian or Toby haters here which is really so far 100%? They’re not Fala haters but they just don’t like Holiday.

      2. And funn’s opinion is at least better than someone who openly pronounces shes “fair” and no one else thinks so.

        Im biased. 100%.

    2. I think Fala is doing ok too. I enjoy watching her

    3. I like her fine, especially love her around Julian. lol

  11. Myolie must be doing a good job by irritating some commentator s with her pained look. How do these people want her to reflect her leave-me-alone vibe? If she isn’t giving a one note expression then it`d be like she’s having a split personality.
    It would be contradictory if she couldn’t manage to stay perpetually as the same person whose body language and facial expression that tell people to back-off. Approachable when it`s job- related.
    @Nicole, Sandcherry
    Gosh, you two are priceless. I really enjoy your exchange. It isn’t what you said but how you said it. I am like wow, these two are good debaters with their rapid-fire delivery of words. Honest to goodness no sarcasm intended. What I have for you two is admiration.
    I don’t know about your history as I am not a regular. One thing I want to add but can`t that’s keep up the good work. Lol.

    1. Jade
      Thanks for your “admiration”. Our history was very simple ……… I just said something about Christine Kuo’s background (because I watched Miss Chinese-Toronto Pageant Shows and the related interviews of the winners and Christine Kuo was Miss Chinese-Toronto) long time ago, and my post “irritated or offended this lady Nicole. We had a super long “debate” on that Topic. She then remembered ALL my posts thereafter and brought them out from time to time to attack me. I should learn to stay away from her from now on.

      1. In fact, it is good to have someone remember and memorize all my posts. Personally I cannot do same myself. He he …..

      2. Brw, im not a even a fan of christine kuo. I just didnt like someone who keeps bashing on christine non stop, on her acting/cantonese/intelligence/weight, or even her articles appearing on jaynestars because she thinks aimee chan is better than christine.. And openly coin herself as fair and unbiased. Haha

      3. It does not matter if you are a fan of Christine Kuo or not. I assume you are anyway ……. the way you defended her. What I said in my posts was exactly what I heard on the interviews conducted by Fairchild TV. Anyway, it is good that you are now a fan of me. Ha ha….

      4. Gotta get your hearing checked? I understand people’s hearing start deteriorating in their 50s?

      5. Did you watch Fairchild TV and visit their website? I thought you live in Hong Kong!! I got the information from their website and 大城小聚. Why should I lie about Christine Kuo? I picked her to be the winner during that year among all the other contestants because she was the most beautiful girl there.

      6. 1. I do not live in hong kong. I was born in HK. Lived there for 5 years of my childhood, then on and off later.
        2. When did I ever said you made up lies about Christine kuo? I said you misundstood, like you misunderstood about me living in hong kong?

    2. Myolie has already performed what is expected of her role. It’s not in her control that Summer is one note and unexpressive. If she shows varied emotions, these picky viewers will then criticize her for being out of character. Some people here are expecting too much from her to appreciate her acting while setting low expectation on others.

    3. Whoa, me too, not a regular here. Just started commenting due to TITS2. Didn’t realize I was caught in between a cross fire!

  12. I think fala ends up with Francis and chilam will be alone. And am I the only one who likes Fala’s character or people being too critical? I find her more interesting than myolie.

    1. I agree with you too. Actually I don’t understand the critics too.

      1. Same lol… I actually really want Fala to end up with Chilam 😀 but obviously i dont think she would. :/

  13. Don’t get why people criticize Myolie’s acting so much. She can do diverse roles too, for an example, she played a mentally handicapped girl very well in Golden Faith. I actually prefer her acting to Tavia who is always OTT in her roles.
    Over the last 10 years TVB dramas have gone downhill; silly scripts and superficial acting.

    1. I don’t get it either. From my observation people on this site are too judgemental and critical on Myolie. I agree with you that Myolie’s acting is far better than Tavia’s OTT acting. I have loved Myolie since her handicapped role and Zoe. None of the current newcomer actress can be as memorable and cute as Zoe!

    2. Myolie is good actress. But she not that good in this drama, same expression in every scene. Sad, worried, grateful, unhappy all the same look on her face. Myolie can do much better. Fala not that good too, but she try to show different emotion.

      1. to be fair, Summer did have her moments. the scene where she squeezed the tube of cream? while doing it, her face was pretty “sha zi” (killer aura?). i felt that was a pretty good expression.

        also, when she bailed Jayden out from the police station and their little exchange, she was opening the door to her car and or before just before, she turned back to Jayden to say her last bit? that facial expression was pretty good too.

        she did smile a faint smile and perhaps worried look when Jayden didn’t return home.

        maybe she harbours a lot of anger/hatred/disappointment in her and as long as it is in her system, she will not have a friendly face. it’s all from the inside and then showing out. like me, if i am angry, people can tell from my face. i guess you folks too eh?

        there is emptiness in her so how to show life on the face when inside you, it’s nothing but air.

        it is a challenge for any artists to portray a role that primarily from body language and facial expression. the artists are in a passive position ‘cos directors will direct what and how they want the artist to deliver. if director is not satisfy with the shot or scene, for sure, he will exclaimed NG and re-take. since director allow these, i guess it satisfy the type of characters that he has in mind.

        just my 2-cents worth on a lazy saturday afternoon. 😉 have a great weekend all. looking forward to brand new week and then episode 11 on. truly hoping for developments to take up speed. 🙂 it’s really good to have nice exchange with fellow viewers and different POV and learning along the way. cheers. 😉

      2. I doubt TVB allows for repeated takes. So they take the best amongst the average if they can’t have the absolute best. I find Myolie very very wooden. It is not character wise. She has been like this since for some time. See Ghetto Justice except more wooden. Same expression, same mannerism. She gotta relax a bit. Summer is not relaxed but Myolie needs to be relax to allow her flexibility. She has her moments but even those moments were painful to watch. I haven’t been very critical because I harbour some hope of seeing the Myolie I once knew but I feel her reservation in real life is spilling into her acting. she really really is very very wooden and this has nothing to do with Summer. if this is her interpretation, it is very lacking. It is almost unnatural, like she is acting.

      3. “She has her moments but even those moments were painful to watch.”
        ^ To you, they were painful to watch.. but as a viewer, you need to appreciate what the actors & actresses have done with the role, even if it doesn’t meet your high standards. Being critical is good but unless you are the artiste, you don’t know the whole back story behind filming it.

        And if you watched the making of TITS 2, Myolie said that her character uses facial expression to express herself..

      4. hmm….i thought Myolie was pretty cute in Rippling Blossom. did you think she was wooden in that series? what about the theory that TVB overworked their artists. heh heh i seriously think the artists need to have a fair break to detach from the role and then take on the next with a fresh/recharged body, soul and mind. 😉

        anyways, i just realized our free preview will end next week. 🙁 gotta buy dvds instead now. 😛

      5. Myolie overworks herself, and even cancelled her vacation to take on the new mainland series in inner mongolia. The photos released do look pretty good.

      6. That’s bc Myolie has reached the ultimate lvl of acting i.e be able to play every possible charachter in existence using the same facial expression (gwing). However you can still feel her emotions through her soul, LOL

        Fala on the other hand has unlimited facial expressions but remain soulless…

  14. I think this review is too bias on who the reviewer likes. The men get mostly no criticism and their flaws treated lightly but Myolie and Fala are scrutinized and pin pointed miserably. I think Myolie has improved a lot from day 1 of her acting but nobody cares or noticed.

    1. “The men get mostly no criticism and their flaws treated lightly but Myolie and Fala are scrutinized and pin pointed miserably.”

      In all honesty, do you really think the flaws of the men, namely Francis and Chilam is so great that they overshadow those than Myolie and Fala? They’re scrutinised because they’re not good. Period. Less scrutiny for the 2 men because they’re great. Period.

      1. When I look at Francis, all I think is his words … The drama is successful crediting to Julian’s handsomeness. His best scene is with Zoe. How he sees his colleagues as juniors first, instead of colleagues, else he would’ve respect them more and speak less.

      2. Oh and of course, in Francis’ words, I can switch the channel if I don’t like him, except this drama isn’t just about him, what a self-absorb guy. Since it’s free, I guess I can’t ask too much. Maybe Francis’ fans can learn from him, switch the channel if you don’t like Fala or since it’s free, don’t complain so much. (That’s last part was sarcasm by the way. )

    2. ” I think Myolie has improved a lot from day 1 of her acting but nobody cares or noticed.”

      I beg to differ. From someone who has seen her since 1st performance, she has not improved for a long long time. People notice, hence the criticism. And the criticism is born from disappoinment. the more I think of her performance in here, the more I feel it is terrible for her standard.

    3. @bbfanny: it’s no surprise, lol. Funn loves Sam and Jayden.. while the female roles have some issues (according to funn).

    4. I really don’t think Myolie has in any way improved from her acting. I recall watching her from Golden Faith where she was the less-than-normal sister to When A Dog Loves A Cat just to name a few. I think as a so-called veteran actress, she’s terrible.

      I do however think that Fala has improved just a little on her speech matters (I remember when she had the typical Mainland accent) if not her acting.

      The men do get criticized actually. Have you noticed how Funn puts down the guy called Teddy? It’s a fair ball.

  15. what is the title of the song holiday listened to on the plane in episode 10? 🙂

    1. It is a familiar song. I will recognise it if I listen to it again.

  16. Hmmm…after watching a few episodes of TITS 2…I find the first instalment so much better..original and unfiltered..I find the second one..uhm..kinda pretentious..everyone’s trying to look as good and trying too hard..making this series not real enough..hmmm okay not sure what I’m saying but yeah..it just lack of that oomph from the first instalment..anyway i love Isaac and Sam the most in here:)

    1. Yeah, I get what you mean. I prefer the first instalment too…everything was more natural and believable from Sam’s childish and quirky parents and Isaac thinking he was Sam’s uncle lol, to the camaderie between cadets S4 (Isaac, Donald, Chris and Roy) and Zita, the sisterhood of Ruby and Belle, Ruby and Jerry Lam’s underground romance. We know that Vincent was a playboy before he met Belle but it was not dwelled on too much, unlike with Jayden and Roy where I feel it’s getting too in-your-face scenes with them hitting on girls in TITS 2 (yeah, I get it…we’re being hit over the head with how glamorous and hedonistic pilots lives can be *roll eyes*). Jayden and Summer have a backstory we don’t quite understand so I don’t find mysekf caring much that Summer is perpetually pissed off at her brother. Why should we care? We hardlt know them. The charaters I like best in TITS 2 are Sam, Isaac, Coco and Roy, they have a familiar chemistry carried from their relationships in TITS 1. The sequel is trying too hard to be bigger and better but it just feels drawn out and hollow with too many characters and not enough time to develop them all to the point where we start to care about them. Well, there’s still 33 episodes to go, so hopefully things start to get more interesting. These past 2 or 3 episodes feel like filler episodes, I’m losing my interest in the story fast…

      1. I’m currently re-watching the first installment. Seems they apply the same formula. We have Vincent n Jayden as the flirt. The rich/famous in Samuel n Jim Jim, Holly filling the shoes of perky Zoe, the smart one in the cadet training. That’s what comes to mind.

      2. Holly is like a combination of Zoe, Belle and Zita actually – she’s the perky, nosy and happy-go-lucky yet lovesick girl who catches the eye of a notorious playboy pilot who will reform his ways to win her heart (presumably) and they also happen to meet at a dreamy foreign land (London instead of Rome)….yup, same formula, lol. And to top it off, Holly is stubborn and ambitious to enough to dare to try to become a female pilot. So you see, we have in one character Holly, the traits of all 3 female leads from TITS. :-p

      3. I agree with you, felicity. It seems that way for me as well.

        I also really like the chemistry between Sam, Issac (Isaac) and Coco 🙂

  17. Seriously, who is doing these recaps? After reading a few paragraphs of this, I felt as though I was being thrown back to my high school years where I had to endure the painful dialogues between 16 year olds. A lot of rambling and grammatical errors…

    1. I agree that this recap is mostly about Funn’s rambling. XD

    2. How are Funn’s reviews filled with grammatical errors? Do enlighten me because I’ve been reading every recap and I find no problem in either.

      As for the rambling matter, Funn does have a disclaimer to every post that these are her own thoughts and does not necessarily reflect on the series.

      1. First, let me just say that I’m not a Grammar Nazi. I can overlook a missing comma here and there and will keep quiet if a thing or two is misspelled. However, this extensive recap is just full of run-on sentences, fragments, and incorrect usage of verb tenses. I don’t have the time or courage to revisit the entire recap to give you every shining example of the points I’ve just made. But…you can reread the two paragraphs beginning with “He got broken leg…” and “Summer alone on that popular hangout spot…” to get a good feel of what I am trying to say. Every other paragraph follows this messy form.

        I don’t mind having the author’s opinion written into a recap because I’m open to hearing someone else’s take on a matter. However, I shouldn’t feel like I’ve gotten dumber after reading the recap.

      2. “However, I shouldn’t feel like I’ve gotten dumber after reading the recap.”

        Perhaps your intellectual level was already below the acceptable line, so after reading my recap you sorta feel like dumber. I mean you can’t help what’s in your nature.

        And by the way I am ok with criticisms and I know I am not perfect. I don’t have the luxury of an editor to assist me in this and certainly I could be more eloquent but as long as a reader understands what I am trying to convey, I consider myself having done a credible job. If you want perfect grammar, then please by all means avoid my recap. I am not here to teach English.

      3. “And by the way I am ok with criticisms and I know I am not perfect.”

        It surely doesn’t seem like you can tolerate constructive criticism because you took the opportunity to try to insult my intelligence out of mere frustration of someone pointing out the flaws in your recap. Telling me that I “sorta feel like dumber” because “it’s in my nature” doesn’t upset me. In fact, it just reinforces my initial points about your loose grasp on the English language, and it also reflects your juvenile nature to insult others.

        The purpose of a recap is to give the readers a clear description of the material they’ve missed. I’m entitled, as a reader, to criticize a piece that I find confusing or does not do the material justice, as in this case. Instead of jumping the gun and saying “perhaps your intelligence was below the acceptable line” when you know nothing about me, you could have taken the criticism to try to improve your writing.

        This is my first time reading of your recap, and it will be my last. I’m not abandoning your recaps because of the flawed writing (because writing can be improved and no one is perfect). I am abandoning it because of your inability to take criticism and improve as a writer.

      4. Dear rebecca,
        “Doesnt seem like you can tolerate constructive criticism”….
        Perhaps your idea of constructive criticism is different from mine, but
        “Thrown back to my high school days where i had to endure the painful dialogue between 16 year olds”
        “Gotten dumber reading the recap”

        “Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one.”
        Criticism? Yes. Constructive? Hah

      5. ” I am abandoning it because of your inability to take criticism and improve as a writer.”

        Of course, because your so called criticism is wrapped in insults. High school student, 16 year olds.. come on! There are man high school students here. You insulted my intelligence and their intelligence and now you say insulted yours. You can’t seem to take criticism of a personal level when you in the first place you did it in the first place.

        I can do without a reader like you. I don’t expect appreciation. I write for the joy of it, I seen improvement of course but I don’t need to improve on the advise someone whose intent is to maliciously insult. I know a constructive criticism when I see one. Over the years I have had my fair share but perhaps may I give you an advice in return? People don’t take kindly to insult first then a sweeping derogatory remark and then finally the advice. You can choose to not accept this, the same way I reacted but please, as much as you don’t want to insult your intelligence, please don’t insult mine as well.

      6. In response to Nicole, the comment made about comparing the recap to enduring painful dialogues between 16 year olds back in high school implies the adolescent nature and unorganized thought process of the written material. This was further elaborated in my second response. And if you would like to get extremely technical, my “gotten dumber” comment was made after I made the “valid and well-reasoned opinions” about Funn’s recap. It was an opinion backed up by constructive criticism. I didn’t call Funn fat. I didn’t call Funn ugly. I said I felt dumber after reading it, indicating my un-satisfaction with the low quality of writing. I could have taken the extreme route and said she sucked at writing, but I didn’t. I could have said Funn is stupid, but I didn’t. Everything I have commented on goes back to her writing while Funn took it upon herself/himself to insult my intelligence without any established evidence. If I knew how sensitive this writer was, I would have kept my opinion to myself and ignore the flawed writing.

      7. Rebecca, then assume I am a sensitive person. Have a bit of tact. For all that you’ve said, you could have just said I suck at writing. That would be easier to take than the long route you took. So fine, in your opinion my writing suck and I have the writing style and skills of a 16 year old who can’t form a cohesive sentence with the equivalent of “I like.. you know, really like not, like very good ya know?” sort of way. I get what you mean. You don’t like my style. Fine. My grammar sucks. Well not the first time. I am perfectly aware of that. Now can we move on? Here, the door is opened, you may leave now. I am sure you will gain much more from just ignoring my posts from now on.

      8. Rebecca,
        You are actually quite funny. I don’t think Funn was jumping the gun, I mean, how can one feel like they’ve gotten dumber after reading something that they would not have otherwise known about, if they did not read it in the first place? Like you said, the recap is to give readers a clear description of the material they missed, which means you missed it and that’s why you were reading the recap.

        So in that case, you actually got more information out of it than you’d like to admit. Which means you cannot become dumber because it was information that you would not have known otherwise.

        However, if you did feel like you’ve gotten dumber, that’s really a shock to me since our minds are much more capable than just becoming dumber after reading one article.

        Oh, here’s my constructive criticism for you. ‘Thrown back to my high school days where i had to endure the painful dialogue between 16 year olds’

        I really would not repeat this phrase ever again to anyone if I were you, that really undermines your intelligence. You really could have just walked away instead of just ‘enduring the painful dialogues.’

        That would have been the intelligent thing to do at 16, unless of course you were a groupie type with no self identity. In that case, I can understand but I really would not use that phrase again to anyone, dead or alive.

      9. And how do you establish intelligence? Because you certainly “established” mine with my recaps without knowing perhaps I like to take a simpler conversational approach in my recaps? I mean I don’t talk like I am Prof Higgins when I am with my friends. So I “establish” yours by your snobbery. Or perhaps Jayne should implement the MENSA sort of test as verification because any comment is allowed to be posted.

        Hey I am sure you can take sarcasm since you are full of it.

      10. In response to Siying, knowledge can be distinguished into two forms: the kind that enriches our minds and improves our intelligence or the kind that hinders our mind’s growth or “dumbs” it down. My “gotten dumber” comment refers to this, but it looks like you’ve taken the comment too literal.

        As for the high school comment, it was used as an analogy to the recap. Once again, you’ve taken something too literal. But for the sake of argument, I will elaborate on this matter. Anyone who has been in high school have heard these conversations before, even if they’re not a “groupie”. Even Funn has acknowledged its existence by trying to defend herself/himself. It doesn’t make her/him a groupie. We know it exists, and sometimes we stumble upon it by accident so it no longer becomes a matter of physically removing oneself from those conversations because those conversations were so prevalent in high school.

        Funn, I will gladly leave.

      11. Rebecca,
        is knowledge really distinguished in two forms? The latter that deters your mind’s growth and makes it ‘dumb’, is that still called knowledge? Can you tell me more about this type of knowledge and if you could kindly post me some links, I would like to read more about it. As you can see, I’m really just a Barbie doll, big breasted and very pretty but I sit like a pretty flower vase behind a window with no knowledge of the world outside.

        Well of course I had to take it literally, look at how you wrote it out to be, how else could I have taken it? Surely for such a simpleton like myself, how could I have understood your analogy?

        Unfortunately, I cannot relate to your high school experience because back in my days, I’ve never actually ‘accidentally stumbled upon’ such conversations. My friends conversed about the apartheid in Harper Lee’s novel, the Vatican’s ruling on condoms, whether Marie Curie deserved her death, Sigmund Freud’s Odepus Complex and the most inane conversations would be along the lines of piano recital pieces and that Miuccia Prada is actually a doctor.

      12. Oops again, I meant Oedipus Complex.

        I forgot I was writing to the Spelling Police.

        Here comes the sirens again. Peepo… Peepo… Peepo.

        Well, yes, I’m actually doing this just to annoy you oh great Grammar Nazi.

      13. To be fair. ‘The 16 year old high school years’ and ‘getting dumber’ Rebecca used are figure of speech commonly used to describe not very well written in the opinion of the reader. But, it’s not a very nice way of speech.

        If Rebecca really wants her criticism to be constructive criticism to help Funn improved in her writing, then, her method is not a very good method. Most people don’t take insult well (Rebecca included). Even if there is valid point in the criticism, the recipient won’t be able to see it because his/her attention and emotion has already been taken over by the insult. If Rebecca really wants to be constructive, she can write it out the criticism without insult.

        I can understand that it’s very satisfying to dish out sarcasm when something frustrated you. I used to do it all the time. It feels great after doing it. But, lets not pretend they are meant to be constructive. It’s just a frustration/angst/stress release method.

        As for Funn’s writing, I agree that there are some grammar mistake, putting in the wrong name mistake, but, I can still understand her writing and I enjoy it. It’s very vivid, like listen to a storyteller telling a story. I initially don’t have much interest in TITS2, but, after reading her recap, I began to have the desire to watch the series itself.

      14. I’m surprised this “conversation” is still very much alive. I don’t understand how someone, like Funn, who gives “constructive criticisms” and “criticisms” daily in almost every posts of hers is taking offense to what another person said about her grammar. Doesn’t make much sense to me. How are you any different from the every day you who criticize and judge about every single thing, entertainment related and un-related, to the Grammar Nazi, Rebecca?

      15. Kidd, you should give us a piece of your brain – and sanity. It’s a wonder how you always seem to remain so calm and collected. 🙂

      16. Rebecca,
        I’m actually still waiting for material on that second form of knowledge which you mentioned. In my limited understanding of this world, or rather, in my Mattel- batteries not included world, the second form which you mentioned, does not actually exist.

        hi Kidd, 🙂
        I agree that they are figures of speech one may choose to use to describe a piece that was not well written, however when choosing such figures of speech, one must be prepared for people like myself to assume that the person who deliberately chose such figures over other more well-expressed words or other stronger and more gracious and polite analogies, is portraying herself/himself as lacking maturity and thus should expect to be spoken to at their level and of course expect to be taken at face value. If they were to adopt such a tasteless, tactless and immature way of providing advice, how can they expect to be taken seriously? It is so ironic that one would use a juvenile tactic disguised as figures of speech (not even appropriate or well chosen figures of speech in this case) to ‘constructively’ criticise a piece that was allegedly juvenile in writing style.

        The fact that Funn is doing this out of goodwill and dedication, with no expectation of appreciation, surely there must have been better figures of speech out there that one could have adopted.

      17. Siying,

        Thanks for your word of support. Remind me never to get into argument with you. You’re as they say “da man”. Very well said. You’re one who I know is part of the majority who understands why I am deeply offended by what Rebecca has to say. It is not that she criticised my writing or grammar but rather the tactless words she chose to use which I interpret as snobbery; like a class of me and the rest of the world I look down on. I know I am known here as someone critical but I like to think I never ever said “Reading what you wrote makes me feel dumber” or “You write like those 16 year olds that I do not want to hear from” or something like that. I feel any criticism should be straight to the point. Add a bit of sarcasm is fine and if you must give an analogy, at least do it with a bit of tact. I for one am aware a lot of my readers are young. We are not all Prof Higgins but we may at least act like Prof Higgins in terms of being cordial even if forced cordiality. You said it best when you said “In my limited understanding of this world, or rather, in my Mattel- batteries not included world..”

        What a description!

        And thanks also to Kidd.

      18. hi Funn, 🙂

        Thank you so much for your kind words, you really didn’t have to thank me and do know that I really truly appreciate it. I’m voicing out because I feel so indignant for the disrespectful way you were treated.

        When I read the spoiler, I made a decision not to watch this series, but I have been reading your recaps to see if I have made an error in my decision. I’ve come to conclude through your recaps that indeed I might have been wrong. Like Kidd, after reading your recaps, I feel like I want to watch this series.

        While you may feel yourself critical, I have never seen you telling anyone that they made you feel dumber after reading what they wrote or that they wrote like mindless teenagers incapable of intelligent conversations. There are teenagers on this site with some very good heads on their shoulders, just to name a few, such as Lyle and Bubblez.

        I find you to be very refreshing and I enjoy reading your posts for your perspectives and insights. I also like how you adopt a conversational approach to your recap which gives it a personality of its own with an unpretentious tone.

        So thank you for the taking the time and making the effort to do these recaps for us. 🙂

    3. awwww come on Rebecca,
      Its kind enough of Funn to take time out and write recaps for the rest of us. She’s not obligated to do it neither is she paid for it.

    4. Ah this is the worst kind. One who criticizes others on a daily basis but gets all offended and hurt when they are served their own dish.

      1. Sweetpea,
        Funn criticizes the acting in TVB dramas, as most viewers would do so. Our discussions on this website mainly revolve around such critiques. She rarely criticizes other commenters and others should extend the same courtesy as well.

  18. Funn,

    I don’t know about Fala and Myolie swapping. Isn’t Holly a beautiful gal? At least that’s what I got from Issac and Roy complimenting her. Also, Jayden is mad attracted to Holly. Myolie isn’t exactly beautiful; she’s cute. Fala, though mediocre, fits the beautiful Holly who can change the playboy Jayden.

  19. Funn, reading your comments can lead to boredom. Too long and critical on some cast. But your English is good. Your name sounds like a lady but I think you may be a man with Chelsea song and etc. Are you working because you are like writing scripts daily?
    Ron and Kenneth, both their English suck with very short lines and very poor compared to Chilam. Ng is not bad because he tried hard with long lines. Fala, Myolie, Him, Ron and Myolie’s member who speak Cantonese with accent (maybe Teddy) acting can be annoying. Anyway Myolie is fierce and hardly talk in this show. Bosco acts better than Lam Fung and Ron. Kenneth is always such a cartoon in most movies.

    1. “Funn, reading your comments can lead to boredom. Too long and critical on some cast.”

      I hear you and I get you. I will try to be more brief.

  20. I agree that Myolie’s acting is a bit wooden in this. The rest of the cast aren’t great either. Don’t find Chilam convincing as a playboy; Joe Ma played it so naturally and realistically. Fala’s character is a joke- what’s with the whole emo look? Never been a fan of hers, simply overrated. The only decent acting Ive seen up to now is Francis and Elena’s.

    1. Why dont you close your eyes and try thinking which actress left in hk can fill in holiday role beside Fala? Answer is NO. Only fala can act in this role.
      Myolie – we see her act bubbly before and yes can be even over reacting at times.
      Tavia – she looks too mature for this role.
      kate – might end up act sultry instead
      linda – she more suit to sweet role

      1. Totally agree. Among the top 5 fadans in TVB, Fala Chen is the most suitable one for Holiday. She may not be perfect, but she is the best fit.

  21. Holiday’s role is a relaxed and calm person who doesn’t seem to care about anything. In the beginning she hated Sam but then when she finally bumped into Sam again she had such a crazy reaction to him. She did needed a place to live. Holiday finally became more mature when she wanted to becomes pilot. What happened to teddy? Did he break his leg? I don’t like summer. She’s just like jayden. She’s too quite and cool. I like Coco and Jim Jim together but i think Coco and issac should be together instead. Coco and Ron are really funny together and they are like a bickering couple. Overall triumph in the skies 2 are better than my expectations.

    1. I don’t think Holiday hated Sam. I think she just disliked him.

      “What happened to teddy? Did he break his leg?”

      Yes I think so.

  22. Myolie’s watch is an adult old watch. But she says at that time it was broken, she was less than 10 yrs old.

    Less than 10 yrs old wears an adult watch? TVB really didn’t handle the details well.

    1. Wow, you watched and thought about all the details.

    2. It could be it was Jayden’s watch who gave it to her as a gift.

  23. “I seriously want Myolie to loosen up. Her Summer is getting to be a chore to watch”

  24. i would like to said i look forward Funn recap pretty much everyday. I would like to said Thank You very much to take your time writing these recap for me…

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