Fala Chen Cannot Choose Between Francis Ng and Chilam Cheung as TV King

Although no longer a TVB-contracted artist, Fala Chen (陳法拉) was nominated for Best Actress for her performance in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ>. While she is not confident in winning the award, Fala also cannot choose between Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) and Chilam Cheung (張智霖) as TV King.

Fala made her appearance at the Alcatel Onetouch Idol mobile phone launch yesterday at Kowloon Bay. Fala has work scheduled on next week during the 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony, but she will try to juggle her schedule. When asked if she has confidence in winning the TV Queen title, she said, “I’ll leave it to fate. There are too many good shows and actors this year. I have a lot to reflect on my own performance. There are some areas which I could further improve on.” Fala added that she thinks that Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) will win this year as she has worked hard for many years and her acting has matured a lot this year.

When asked to give her vote for TV King, she said she is divided between her Triumph in the Skies 2 co-stars, Francis Ng and Chilam Cheung. She said, “It’s very difficult to choose! After 40 episodes, I still couldn’t choose between them.”

When asked if her former “sister-in-law” Marie Zhuge (諸葛紫岐) has given birth to a son, Fala said that she has sent her congratulations. Since breaking up with Daniel Sit (薛世恆),  Fala said has remained single, “I cannot control love, it’s not a one-person affair. But there is no pressure for myself and I have so much work at hand.” Fala will be spending Christmas with her parents or go on an overseas trip.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Linda will definitely not win tv queen. People keep saying that she is hard working, but not about her acting skills. Look hard working does not equal to tv queen.

    1. When someone say that she improved over the years, that already does not qualify her as tv queen material. This belongs to most improve actresses category, will be so disappointed if Linda wins tv queen( which I don’t think she will)

      1. Lol I just had to laugh at you comment. Tv queen is only available to fadans that hasn’t improved over the years? Even the best actors can improve their acting over a long period of time.

      2. @Nyn Well if improved fadans can be tv queen, then Nancy Wu is qualified enough. TV queen already has the acting skills and of course they can improve, and no need for people to say that they have improved. However, for this sort if situation, I think Linda is really not qualified as TV Queen as well.

      3. You think Linda is not good enough but a lot of audiences thinks she’s good, It’subjective. So the theory that an actress should not receive best actress because she improved over the years is wrong. Even nancy had improved over the years, so she shouldn’t win either because that’s what your theory is. Nobody should win because all actresses has improved in their acting.

      4. I think when people say “an artiste improved over the years”, it does not mean that he/she deserves TV King or TV Queen awards if he/she is not the best artiste in a drama series in that particular year. Same applies to Nancy Wu. She should not win Best Supporting Actress award if she is not the BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS in one of her drama series in 2013.

        Therefore, even Linda Chung has improved a lot over the years but she did not act well as Rachel in “Brother’s Keeper”, she does not deserve to win TV Queen this year.

      5. @Nyn: just do a simple search and you will see Linda is said to be underserved more than deserved. It means there aren’t enough ppl think she is good to win.

      6. One of the reason many people complain she don’t deserve BA because based on Brother Keeper , Kristal outshine her.

      7. Sigh ALL actresses who won a best actress award has improved over the years, even the most deserving sheren tang has improved over the years. Watch her old series from atv and see the difference. Penny said Linda does not qualify BECAUSE she improved over the years. So that means ONLY those that have NOT improved deserves to win? Did you even read the comment before jumping on your high horses and harping on me?

      8. @Nyn I think what @penny means was that most of her colleagues says she has improved a lot, and not much praised on her acting skill, so Linda does not qualified as TV queen. And yes that TV queen can improve on their acting, but as TV queen, they should maintain or already have their acting skill at a high level (not average) and go beyond a little.

      9. @Nyn
        As TV QUEEN, she should already be great in her performances, the word “improved” should be not be included in TV KING/QUEEN titles, it just doesn’t fit to describe a TV KING/QUEEN as “they improved alot…”

      10. Sigh, Nyn, penny said that Linda is praised for her improvement doesn’t automatically mean she is good enough to win. The veterans often praise Linda (acting or singing)’s improvements but they never say she is good at acting or singing. For example, Kelly Chen said in Linda’s mini concert that Linda improved without commenting anything that Linda was good. It’s more of a polite excuse. To improve and to be qualified are two different thing.

      11. i agree so much with ’to improve and to qualify are two different things’! 🙂

      12. Well said Fox, working hard and improving is different from actually qualifying.

      13. Totally agree !!!!!agree with fox the most .improve and qualified is 2 DIFFERENT THING!!!

    2. Who said that TV Queen is based on real talent or actual acting skills? If that were the case then most of the previous actors and actresses who have received that award in the last few years do not deserve it either.

      1. @HeTieShou
        so why is it called TVB Best ACTRESS award? What do actresses do then, if it is not based on acting?? (by your definition,
        looks and many fans = best actress), that is more insane

      2. If that were the case then most of the previous actors and actresses who have received that award in the last few years do not deserve it either.


        It’s the award of Txb’s most beloved kids in most cases, however the audiences can feel the winners are well deserved, or not.

      3. @will,
        As Fox has mentioned, since thus is TVB we are talking about here so the awards do NOT dictate good acting! It is not just fans and looks, that is YOUR definition not mine. TVB literally just gives it to their most beloved kids(love that term Fox!) which in other words, who they like and favor the most. I guess you truly do not understand TVB then.

    3. TVB acting awards have as much credibility as Kim Jong Un photoshop PR stunts. We all know its about politics. The fact that she is even nominated shows what limited talent the HK market now has and how poor the standards are

  2. So many deserving actresses would be “robbed” of the BA award if Linda Chung wins, which would be so-so “wrong”.

    1. Totally agree. Linda as TV queen this year is a bad-bad decision made by TVB.
      TV queen already loss it’s meaning

      1. If TVB insists on cheating in Linda Chung’s favor (like at TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013), then just boycott all future works by Linda Chung. Her acting and singing is not that great anyways.

    2. I don’t feel anyone would be robbed if Linda wins. I don’t see a clear front runner in the best actress category so it’s really anyone’s to win. The only case I can recall of someone being robbed was when Gigi won over Sheren and Kevin winning in 2006.

      1. In that case, I would say that Kristal Tin is robbed of TV Queen if Linda Chung wins because Kristal surely acted way better than Linda did in “Brother’s Keeper”, same as Sheren Tang being robbed in “War & Beauty”.

      2. We are robbed then! We fans all over. Linda’s fans are robbed. Because she won for a much lesser role. She should win for better role! Esther is robbed! Countless of better actresses in better roles are robbed!

  3. I hope Kristal or Joey/Esther wins it instead.. Linda should win it next year if people see her role in TC2 as her breakthrough role (:

    1. you can’t say that her role in TC2 is a breakthrough, there are other actresses that can definitely be better than her. Joey for example is already tv queen quality, her role might even surpass Linda’s.

      1. Joey is in Tiger Cubs 2?!
        And Sheldon, I know well enough that veteran actresses such as Joey, etc. are TV queen quality. It’s sad to see TVB not recognizing them.. And I only said that Linda should win it next year if viewers see her role in Tiger Cubs 2 as her breakthrough role.. What I meant is the role she plays in Tiger Cubs 2 is quite different from all the other roles Linda has acted so far. It’s also away from her traditional image of a sweet, good girl.. It can really showcase her acting talent.. Hence, the word ‘breakthrough’. But if Linda acts mediocre in TC 2, then that won’t be her breakthrough role and shouldn’t win tv queen next year.

      2. @Bubblez

        Joey is not in TC2, I am just stating an example of who can actually act and should deserve TV queen. And I agree with you that it’s sad to see TVB not recognizing them

        Although Linda has a very different role than her usual one in TC2, it is the actor/actress job to portray their every character in a unique way, even of the same type of character.

      3. I agree with most of what you have said. And the things you have mentioned can be applied to certain male artistes as well.

        And if you have been reading my posts, I am a supporter of Linda but I do not think Linda Chung is ready to earn the Best Actress award or is suitable for the award. I rather have her win the award when she truly deserves it. As of now, I am hoping that Tavia Yeung gets the award again or Kristal/Joey/Esther gets it 😛

  4. My desire for this year’s tv queen:
    Esther, Joey, Kristal, Ada, Tavia

  5. As mentioned in another thread… the TV Queen/King awards only indicates who will be able to cash in while filming/promoting/making an appearance in mainland China next year.

    1. If this the case, as 620 incharge of TVB mainland her favorite people will get the titles?

    2. I don’t think it’ll work. Last year’s two winners don’t have China market.

  6. Has Linda ever won any TVB awards? Like best newcomer, most improved actress, my favourite TV character or best supporting actress? I think I only recall her being nominated in the best supporting actress and my favourite character award but I don’t she think she ever did win them. I mean it is a big step for her to win the best actress award without winning any of the other awards.

    Even Tavia has won most improved and best supporting actress award before winning the best actress award.

    1. Linda Chung won “Most Improved Actress” award in 2006. She has been nominated many times for “Most Favourite Actress”, “Best Supporting Actress” and “Best Actress” awards, but never won any.

      If her acting is good, she should deserve Best Actress award in 2013, but unfortunately she did not act well in “Brother’s Keeper”, and “Brother’s Keeper” was her only drama series broadcast in Hong Kong in 2013.

      1. There is one more, with Jason Chan aired in the beginning of the year.

        Linda’s peak in 2013 was King of Frank period. Personally, I watched it and her crying is quite good but her voice is fake.

      2. Yeah, I forgot about the very first drama series with Jason Chan.

      3. If not for Ruco, Kristal, and to some extent Edwin and Louise and Louis, BK won’t even get the attention. Linda is riding on other BK actors work and now all she’s talking are just me me me.

  7. Can’t even read an article in peace. Fala is just commenting how she feels about Linda and that she support Linda. Then a bunch of u have to go attack Linda over and over again. It’s like a crime to say something nice about Linda.

    Seriously, some of u are really annoying! I only click on topics to read about Linda and then I see the same people commenting about Linda every time. U guys really hate her that much to be in very single topic that have the name Linda chung? Over and over again Everyday saying her acting is bad, she don’t deserve BA, she is horrible blah blah blah.

    Penny, u have like the SAME 50 comments about Linda over and over again on a daily basics. Then sandcherry. I get it. U guys don’t like Linda and u guys think she suck and don ‘t deserve BA. I understand! But 50 comments from each of u the last few weeks? Why? The next topic with Linda will definitely have your annoying comments again. So sick of u guys!

    1. Nicholas:
      I know you are a diehard fan of Linda Chung. Though I am not one of her fans, I am not her hater. We are just stating our own personal opinions about Linda Chung’s acting in “Brother’s Keeper” and that her acting does not deserve to win TV Queen award.

      Funn is also a big fan of Linda, and she feels the same. We are not “cursing” or “attacking” Linda, we just feel that her acting is not good enough to get her TV Queen, especially she was outshone by Kristal Tin in the same drama series.

      However, you can always support Linda in anything as you wish.

      1. Yes I know but stating your opinion about Linda repeatedly over and over again in every single Linda topic! I don’t even spend that much time commenting on an artist I have NO Interest in! For the past month u have already state how u feel about that damn Rachel role over and over again. I get it girl! I do. I just can’t wait for 1 more week until this award is finally over! I hope Linda don’t win it for the sake of some peace in here!

      2. Unfortunately, there were so many articles recently about Linda Chung’s acting in “Brother’s Keeper” and her winning TV Queen award. As a result, it gave us more chances to state our opinions, and more chances for you to defend Linda.

      3. Nicholas I hope she doesn’t win for the sake of her own acting career. It will just diminish her talent. She should win but for something better.

  8. it’s an eyesore to see so many artists supporting Linda. i wonder if they are genuine. c’mon! this year is not Linda’s year! i really don’t wish to see Linda as tv queen next week!

    1. so many artists supporting Linda
      It is just a courtesy for artistes to say it. I guess most artistes know that Linda Chung is highly promoted by TVB this year and they just don’t want to “offend” TVB.

  9. I find that most artists doesn’t like Kate but favour Linda instead after watching Bounty Lady; Kate’s acting skill are more natural than Linda. Kate has the skills as natural as Kristal in BK. Hopefully tvb promote Kate as well.

    1. TVB will definitely promote Kate Tsui, if not this year, maybe next year. Kate is one of the top 5 fadans.

      I agree that Kate’s acting is more versatile vs. Linda’s. I just hope that she will not insist on wearing heavy makeup, fake long eyelashes, and super high-heeled shoes

      1. I think that was her extra super thick makeup image of Bounty L as a PR lady as in that drama.

      2. It is okay for her character in “Bounty Lady”. However, Kate Tsui always wears heavy heavy makeup with long fake eyelashes in any roles that she plays including police officer.

      3. I don’t rmb I’ve seen any actress with thin makeup in Txb’s recent police series. Kate isn’t the only case. At least I don’t see Kate with a face full of cakey makeup after taking bath.

      4. It’s the fake eyelashes that’s distracting from her performance. They do make Kate more attractive, but maybe she could opt for the less-in-your-face kind.

    2. Another reason could be that Linda is a very nice and friendly girl among her colleagues, so they like her a lot.

  10. Hey…maybe they all got inside scoop about the winners already, lol

  11. Lol with the upcoming stations competing soon, you would have thought tvb would be try to establish themselves as “fair”. If Linda wins, it will be the beginning death of tvb. That quality of acting is all tvb have to offer? Yeah Linda is nice and so but aren’t others? It’s her year her turn? C’mon its not the Ms. Nice award. Joey is nice Krystal is nice and they can act..wait what’s missing? Tvb favoritism?!

  12. A big fan of Tavia & her brilliant performance at all time!

    Kristal & Joey are both good and can be competition of Tavia, however, Joey & Kristal are not the 1st female lead in their recent dramas.

    It’s not surprising to see it a race between Tavia, Linda & Kate based on TVB’s promotion. Tavia’s chance is kinda slim since she had won it last year…

  13. is it wrong for kate to put on super thick make up? who says there is a limit to it? long eyelashes are nice obviously. c’mon are you a profesional make up / hairstylist? so what if she has thick make up? she do look prettier right. as an actress/ actor and if your not so pretty, make up is the only thing besides plastic surgery…

  14. I like Fala a lot…I am so sad and sorry about her…feel like she has double loss…loss to marry into a rich family…lost the promotion in TVB (since she left TVB)…don’t know what she is busy on??? o-well…i guess this is her choice!

    1. I also like Fala Chen the best among the top 5 fadans. I feel the same for her, but anyway that is her choice. I hope she will do well in her future career ………. filming more movies.

  15. It almost feel like all the actresses “were made” to comment Linda will win this year.

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