Fala Chen to Spend Lunar New Year With Daughter

Back in Hong Kong temporarily to film for Nick Cheung’s (張家輝) new movie, Redemption (贖夢), Fala Chen (陳法拉) also took the opportunity to make some quick cash while back in town. Attending a brand sponsorship event recently, Fala shared that she will be taking a late flight the same night to return back to the United States. Going home in time to spend the Lunar New Year with her family, Fala appeared in good spirits.

It has been more than ten days since she has last seen her daughter and husband, Emmanuel Straschnov. When asked whether she has shared her projects with her daughter, Fala responded, “No, I try not to let her watch television as best I can, because it can become quite addicting. I try to have her read more books.”

Teased for being in such a good mood after portraying a mentally ill character in Redemption, Fala laughed, “I definitely had mental issues! I can finally remove myself from the character and feel relaxed. Every scene that I’ve had was very heavy.”

Although she has shifted her career to Hollywood, Fala is not against coming back to Hong Kong for new projects, so long as there is a good script. Hoping to expand her acting resume, Fala wants to try different types of characters.

On Michelle Yeoh’s (楊紫瓊) recent Golden Globe’s Best Actress award and breaking the glass ceiling of Asian representation, Fala expressed, “I congratulated her. It is quite a feat! It’s a great motivation and encouragement for Chinese Americans in the United States. Chinese Americans are often cast in casual roles in Hollywood films. They’re often speaking English in heavily accented roles. It’s a big step and improvement to go from that to being the heroine, proving that Asian faces can be well-received in Hollywood. The market is definitely opening up and becoming more diverse!”

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Rushing back to the States for what?………..She barely has a career in Hollywood, though that is what she calls it, playing piddly roles that get barely any attention in the press.

    1. despite she’s taken fairly minor roles, what she’s done can only be dreams to many in Asia. Don’t forget Fan Bing Bing was an extra in X-men. With a Marvel role under her belt, it is truly something that makes her stand out in the pool of Asian actress. True, very little or no attention in the West, but in Asia, people are eating it up.

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