Fala Chen Returns to Hong Kong for Upcoming Movie

Although Fala Chen (陳法拉) is making grounds in Hollywood, she remains attached to Hong Kong entertainment industry and is reportedly returning back to Hong Kong to star in Nick Cheung’s (張家輝) new movie.

After ending her contract with TVB in 2013, Fala went to the Juilliard School to pursue a Master of Fine Arts.  After graduation, Fala took her first step in Hollywood by signing with an American talent agency and made her appearance in The Undoing. Last year, Fala became the first Hong Kong actress to appear in a Marvel movie, Shang-Chi and the Nine Rings alongside Tony Leung.

It has been eight years since Fala worked in Hong Kong, but the actress has reportedly set her eyes on a new project Suk Mung <贖夢> led by Nick. Not only will Nick act in the movie, the actor will also be taking on the director’s role.

Details of the New Film

The upcoming movie received funding through the Hong Kong Film Development Council and was approved with a record-breaking budget of $9 million Hong Kong dollars. The movie was originally scheduled to be filmed in May of this year but it was pushed back due to the pandemic and to accommodate Nick’s schedule.

Although little details of the movie has been released, it is reported that Nick personally offered the role to Fala after being impressed by her growth in Hollywood. In return, Fala was interested in working with Nick and agreed to the project without negotiating on the appearance fee.

Rebecca Zhu and Terrance Lau Join the Cast

TVB artistes Rebeca Zhu (朱晨麗) and Terrance Lau (劉俊謙) will be playing a nurse and a doctor in the upcoming film and have a romantic storyline.

When the reporters reached out to Rebecca on the new project, Rebecca was vague and responded, “I am planning to film some movies, but it is not convenient to reveal too many details. I will share details with you at a later date.

Source: On.cc

This article is written bySammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Probably her ‘Hollywood’ career is not kicking-off like she expected, and after her one-off role in Shang-Chi, and some itsy-bitsy TV series with Nicole Kidman, nothing else left on the agenda…………The problem with her is that she’s not white enough to play Western roles, nor Chinese enough for true Asian markets………..Not to mention that her acting skills are still only so-so after studying for a few more years of it.

    1. Haha agree with you on the white part, didn’t realize the Chinese part though haha, that cracks me up…Would be funny if she ended up coming back to HK working FT…Would she be able to go to the mainland market? And yeah the only real role she had was Shang-Chi…the other stuff she’s been in, is a blink and you’ll miss her…

    2. Wasn’t there an article saying she’s gonna be in Godzilla vs. Kong? It’s hard making it big in Hollywood, but I doubt she’ll be returning to Hong Kong full time. So she just left to come back lol.

      1. Yes, you’re correct..although not sure on what role she’ll play. I’m just teasing though. I doubt she’ll come back to HK ft as well.

  2. she’s already had it better than most considering her acting and age. 40 is not exactly an age to start establishing a career in a foreign country given that she isn’t really that well known in the first place. I think she must be well connected to have received such meaty roles for a career starter in hollywood though those are insignificant roles but could be must worst

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