Fala Chen is Free

When looking through her schedule, Fala Chen (陳法拉) realized that she has never had a day that was not planned. Even on a day of vacation, Fala would have that day’s events marked to the hour. But something different has happened this year – unwritten days.

“Every single day, I would be working, working, and working. I did not have much of my own time. That got me overlooking many things.”

The Szechuan-born beauty left for the United States when she was 14 years old, and after winning a series of Chinese American beauty pageants, she was sent to Hong Kong to compete for TVB’s Miss Chinese International pageant, and won first runner-up in 2005. A year later, Fala made her debut acting performance in 2006’s Forensic Heroes <法證先鋒>. In 2006, she filmed a total of five television dramas back-to-back. In 2007, she won Best Supporting Actress for her villainous role in the dancing drama, Steps <舞動全城>. In 2010, she won her second Best Supporting Actress, for her tragic role in the critically acclaimed No Regrets <巾幗梟雄之義海豪情>.

Fala never stopped working in the seven years she was with TVB, but earlier this year, Fala made a surprise announcement, confirming that she would not renew her management contract with TVB. Now, Fala is a free artist.

“I can now do many things, all of which I couldn’t do before, like traveling. I would get impromptu feelings to travel somewhere, and now I have the ability to just book a flight ticket right on the spot and go there. I feel very free,” said Fala. However, having too much freedom can be quite misguiding. For someone who has lived her life by the book, Fala has problems adapting to her new freelance lifestyle.

Fala’s last TVB television drama, the anniversary drama Will Power <法外風雲>, is currently airing on TVB Jade. Fala portrays Eugene Shum, a trainee lawyer and the pupil of barrister Morris Lee, portrayed by Moses Chan (陳豪). As her first time portraying a lawyer, Will Power makes a very meaningful TVB exit for Fala.

“Not only is this my first time portraying a lawyer, it is also my first time getting a short boycut for my hair. It’s very refreshing. As I had a lot of long dialogue in court rooms, [Eugene] was also a very challenging character to portray.”

Starring opposite award-winning actor Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), who also portrays a lawyer in the series, the challenge is even more stressful for Fala. “Not only is he a fantastic actor, he also has great memory, and that puts a lot of pressure on me. Sometimes we would be stuck in the same court scene for days. I’ve never experienced that before.”

Studying acting in the United States and starring in her first horror film with Gordon Lam (林家棟), what will Fala plan to do next? She does not know, but that just makes the future look more exciting.

“At this stage in my life, I am willing to try everything. Coming across a good character and a good script is even more important than time, money, and travels. This is a notion that I am grateful to have.”

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. what’s w/the hair? Now I understand what everyone was complaining about regarding her new hair style. From the pic above, it looks like a carpet! 😛

    1. Its actually a wig. She said it in one of her interviews. Her manager would not let her cut her hair since she had other jobs that requires her hair to be long.

      But yes, it this kinda short bob hair dont fit her. However, it is refreshing to see a new image of her!

    2. The short mop makes her look like a boy. LOL 🙂

  2. Yes, we all need to be unemployed at sometime in our lives so that we can reflect on what it was like when we were employed…..Just give her a little while out of the limelight and she will be begging to come back to work for any TV station that will take her……

  3. Well, glad she feels free and have more time for herself. Her acting is still a little behind, so hopefully, when she chooses to return to TVB someday it will be better.

    1. She said that lol? Well there is no specfic time or age limit for one to win an Oscar. One might take one go at it and hit the jackpot while others may time most of their acting career to finally receive one like Meryl Streep. I dont think there is a specific pathway an artist has to take to order to reach a goal. But hearing winning an Oscar as one of her goals is interesting. For now she does have a long way to go in polishing her acting

    2. As if continuing in the TVB grind would benefit her Oscar changes either. Lbr, the Oscar is every actors’ big dream but unless you’re in Hollywood, your changes are minimal. Hell, for people IN Hollywood the Oscar still remains an unattainable dream.

      1. Yup. Look at Leo DiCaprio. Still no Oscar, and he’s awesome.

      2. Leo is dying for Oscar. He should do a comedy, he will win the oscar he craves.

      3. Leo isn’t getting the Oscar because his type of acting isn’t the type they rewards.

  4. I actually like her in Will POwer. This character suits her.

    1. Yeap, and her hair is not that bad actually. Prefer the new image 😀

  5. No way like myolie. I think her hair is still long in recent appearance. Fala is pretty and has nice figure. Better facial expression that kate tsui, tavia yeung and worse linda chung. Charmaine is very Cute too with her character in you are hired and touchy princess.

  6. i think the short hair looks refreshing! she actually looks like liu xiao xing

  7. Her look with short hair is suitable for her role as a lawyer in “Will Power.” I love her acting in this series. I support her decision for finding out a new way to persevere. The new things are always more interesting than the olds.

  8. Fala looks good in any hairstyle, honestly. Pretty girls can have any hairstyle and still be pretty. Less fortunate people will have to find a style that suit/compliment their face shape so they won’t look even more ugly.

  9. Watched TFTD2 the whole movie sux big time shes great for WP though!

  10. I like Fala, her actiong as well as I thought she was good in Triumph in the Skies, though the character could be irritating at times.Looks like she’s going places from now and I wish her all the success that comes her way.

  11. this is exactly why hair could easily be + or – 2 pts on a chick. Terrible! She went from a 8-9 with long hair or the bob hair to a 6 now.

  12. ew its that korean boy band imitating japanese gigolo unknowingly imitating Mainland men who haven’t the money to get regular trims as they would like hairdo!

  13. Watching ‘Will Power’ now.

    I like Fala’s short boy-cut hair in the series. All the years she’s with TVB, she has never has this kind of hairstyle. It’s very refreshing.

    Seeing Fala in ‘Will Power’ make me miss the old Kate Tsui. The Kate Tsui who went all out in acting and didn’t care about look. The Kate Tsui in series like OTFB and Steps. Her acting might not be as good back then, but, she’s really into it.
    Now, she seems more concern with looking good.

    1. I actually like her in this series because the character suits her. TITS 2 didn’t.

      Maybe Kate Tsui didn’t care about looks but the producers do?

    2. I know how you feel. The uglier Kate Tsui with raw acting in OTFB and that Tony Leung movie are fresh and natural to watch. The looking good Kate Tsui now are more concerned in how good she will look and how revealing she will go in public events. Sometimes less is more than trying too hard to be sexy.

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