Fala Chen Responds to Daniel Sit Reunion Rumors

At a Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II> promotional event earlier this week, the cast celebrated Chilam Cheung’s (張智霖) 42nd birthday with large cakes and magic tricks. Fala Chen (陳法拉) gave Chilam a birthday kiss on the cheek and responded to speculations about her current love life.

When asked for his birthday wish, Chilam said, “I had a great harvest this year! Also, [Triumph in the Skies 2] has been getting great results and feedback, so I hope that it will continue to be well-received. Personally, I don’t really have a birthday wish, but seeing my son healthy and happy is the best gift.”

How about a surprise present from wife Anita Yuen (袁詠儀)? Chilam laughed, “Best not! I don’t like surprises. I wouldn’t know how to give the proper reaction.”

Fala Chen Responds to Daniel Sit Reunion

There were recent reports claiming that Fala is considering to patch things up with rumored ex-husband, Neway heir Daniel Sit (薛世恒). It was alleged that Daniel paid Fala $50 million HKD, with $200,000 HKD each month in alimony.

Fala replied, “What creative [rumors]. I don’t know which to believe. Right now, work comes first, and I will cherish my opportunities.”

The 31-year-old assured that despite the breakup, she and Daniel remain as good friends. She also added that she currently does not have any pursuers and is not worried about her income. Fala countered the alimony rumors and said, “I had great income this month. Though it wasn’t over $50 million HKD, it was definitely over $200,000 HKD.”

Sources: Apple Daily; Apple Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. wish they can back together…wish Fala find a true love…

  2. they look like a married couple together

    I think Chilam+Fala looks better than Chilam+Anita

    1. Fala Chen is a lot younger than Anita Yuen. They both are pretty in looks, but Anita is 41 years old now while Fala is only 31. There is a big gap of 10 years in age.

    2. Which one looks better is subjective. Both look great in their own way. The fact which all knows well is Chilam is Anita’s husband. So, Chilam + Anita is always better and there is no doubt about that; and no one can question, too. Age is not a big deal cos most of us will goes through this aging process. It is the heart and pureness that matter! Unless one die early.

      1. Well said Mike! Who doesn’t age?? I think that when Anita when in her prime, she was prettier than Fala but that is my opinion.

  3. I think Fala being single and being able to support herself ain’t that bad. I wouldn’t mind having that kind of life. 😛
    Life isn’t always about finding love, it’s about finding their happiness and passion. 🙂

  4. Fala is just like Raymond Lam, acting skills not good but always on the news because of Daniel the neway heir and Karena Ng. Very cheap .

    1. I guess Fala Chen will not always be on the news now and in the near future as she has already broken up with Daniel, the Newway heir.

      People should no longer wear “tinted” glasses to see see.

      1. Correction:
        Should read “see her” in the last line.

  5. In the past I don’t like fala but now I see her in a different light. She seems to be true to herself and have very focused directions in how she wants to advance her filming career. She boldly decided not to renew her contract during a time when she was surrounded by negative feedback on her acting. She is determined enough to pursue to improve her acting skills and has ventured into filming movies within such a short span of time. She is intelligent enough to make full use of her publicized break up, Tit2 and Tales of the Dark as publicity to push higher.

  6. Somehow I think she looks prettier now as she matures in her age. Currently watching tits2, thought she is prettier than myolie. Sorry myolie fans.

  7. Actually what I meant is even though she knows her acting still has room to improve and is perturbed by all the negative feedbacks on her acting while dealing with heartache of her break-up with Daniel, she seems to still stays calm and composed and puts on a confident front to the media. I admire her for such perseverance. It seems it has paid off for her. She has been offered with many opportunities for filming movies now after she ended her TVB contract. She is leaving her baggages behind and freeing up time from the long filming hours at TVB and is moving fast to greater heights in her career by moving into movies instead. I hope she improves her acting, all the best to her.

  8. I know most people complain about Fala’s acting in TITS 2. However, with the negative publicity, it makes producers and directors notice her. If her acting is really that bad, she will not be offered opportunities to film movies. Therefore, I think her acting skills have been appreciated to some extent. Good luck, Fala. If Fala knows her weaknesses, such as cry scenes, she can work on them. At least she knows her weaknesses and wants to improve. It is a lot better than those fadans who have been acting the same in the last 10+ years.

  9. i hope fala doesnt leave tvb! her acting is not bad! her acting is great! i hope she does does more Films for tvb!

    1. Fala’s acting is not bad on the whole. However, if she wants to be a better and well-rounded actress, she has to work on her acting. She seems to have the potentials for many types of characters. She needs to add more details to her acting, such as cry scenes with tears, in order to win better approval from her audience. Her cry scenes in TITS 2 received very bad comments from the media and audience.

      1. That is true. She can act the professional kind, the whiny kind, the jolly kind, the conniving type, the quirky , witty type… she’s pretty flexible.

        As to her crying, all she needs is some real convincing tears. LOL.

      2. I think if Fala does well in those crying scenes even her Holiday’s chracter is weird, the audience may still like her Holiday. I don’t know if Fala realizes this or not but her crying scenes in TITS2 exactly the same in LOO, nothing change.

      3. Crying can be difficult for some than others… I wonder why they did not use onions or something? Onions can make anyone cry like crazy…

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