Gin Lee’s Voice Goes “Naked” for New Single “Trust”

In preparation for her upcoming concert in the Hong Kong Coliseum, Malaysian singer Gin Lee (李幸倪) released “Very Strong” <很堅強>, which was strongly welcomed in the charts. To follow up with the heart-wrenching story in “Very Strong”, Gin has released her follow-up plug “Trust” <>, a song that is not only highlighted by Gin’s talented voice but also its simplistic style.

“Trust” is produced by Fergus Chow, Derrick Sepnio, and Gin herself. It is composed by Audi Mok (莫壯耀) with lyrics penned by Chow Yiu-fai (周耀輝). The main feature of the song is its simplicity and its lack of background music, bringing out Gin’s “naked voice” to the forefront. There are no backup vocals, little to no arrangement, and the opening verse is just Gin’s voice. The song describes the heartbreaking emotions of losing trust in a relationship.

Check it out below!


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  1. “Very Strong” is a better song, but “Trust” does showcase her vocal skills more.

    She’s a good singer, not sure she’s on the same level as some of our Pop Queens yet, but pretty good.

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