Hera Chan Films New Drama, “Cyber Fraud”

TVB seems to have chosen 2018 Miss Hong Kong winner Hera Chan (陳曉華) as the next actress to promote heavily. For her first TVB drama, she is offered a major supporting role in Cyber Fraud <網絡騙案>, which is led by Mat Yeung (楊明) and Samantha Ko (高海寧).

Possessing pretty looks, a good figure, and an obedient character, Hera is deemed to have great potential. This is acknowledged by her romantic co-star in the drama, Brian Chu (朱敏瀚), as he gave Hera 70 points and praised that she has talent in acting. He said, “Hera adapts very well. She understood everything by the second day of filming.”

The two stars had an outdoor shoot at Blake Pier in Stanley, where they began filming the scene of Brian opposing Hera’s wish to be a policewoman. They argued until their ears turned red and their eyebrows furrowed. The scene was completed after two takes, and they continued with the next scene where Brian jumped off the pier to seek forgiveness from Hera. With great concern, she hugs him as he climbs back up to the platform.

Though Brian was nervous due to fear of water, he managed to overcome it with determination and support of lifeguards. Despite cutting himself from oyster shells, the actor still continued filming several more shots.

As a new actress, Hera caused many outtakes because she often stood in the wrong position before the cameras. Brian defended, “It’s mostly because of the wind that ruins her hair, and it being so loud that she can’t hear instructions properly.”

Source: East Week

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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