Hera Chan’s Ex-Boyfriends Traumatized Her on Christmas Day

By on December 24, 2019 in NEWS

Hera Chan’s Ex-Boyfriends Traumatized Her on Christmas Day

With Christmas coming up, Miss Hong Kong 2018 winner Hera Chan (陳曉華) revealed in an interview that she prefers to spend the day looking at Christmas lights and having hotpot with close friends rather than partying or going on dates. The 24-year-old further shared that she is traumatized by what her ex-boyfriends did to her on Christmas Day. Possessing elegant looks and a tall figure, it’s hard to imagine the beauty queen would have unpleasant Christmas dates, but Hera said she went through it twice.

She expressed, “I hand-knitted a scarf for my first boyfriend, but he didn’t appreciate it and left it at my house. Later, I also knitted one for my second boyfriend, but it ended up the same – he didn’t take it.”

Hera added that her scarves turned out really well. “All my family members accepted it, and they would wear it too! Maybe it’s because [my ex-boyfriends] didn’t like me enough; it definitely left quite a wound, and that’s also why I wouldn’t knit one for my next boyfriend no matter how much he may want it.”

The starlet revealed she started raising a dog to keep her loneliness at bay during the festive season. She is also currently focused on improving herself and will think about dating when the right person comes along. However, she admits she tends to prioritize her partner and neglect herself when she’s in a relationship.

As for now, she is practicing self-care and stays away from clubs. Unlike most young adults, Hera dislikes the loudness of clubs. Sometimes, she would go to the bar with friends, but she prefers to quietly drink tea at home and plan out future traveling adventures.

Source: Oriental Daily

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4 comments to Hera Chan’s Ex-Boyfriends Traumatized Her on Christmas Day

  1. mi520 says:

    Handmade can be sincere, but some may think it’s cheap because there’s no brand/price tag. It hurts when people don’t even make the effort to at least pretend they appreciate it. 🙁

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    • m0m0 replied:

      Unfortunately some people r just into showing off their money. Their self esteem comes from his much they r able show off which is quite sad honestly. How narcissistic and worthless does that person have to feel inside craving to be showered with comments and attention.

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  2. jjwong says:

    I appreciate handmade gifts but sometimes you gotta consider the receivers’ interests too. Her two ex might not have like wearing scarf. Though they shouldn’t had leave or give it back to her, that’s just rude.

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    • mi520 replied:

      @jjwong Exactly. At least wear it once to show your appreciation. After that, they can do whatever they want. It really isn’t that hard. It’s not about whether you like the gift or not, it’s pure courtesy. This just makes her 2 exes’ appear immature.

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