Huang Xiaoming Discloses the Truth About His Height

Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) has always been known for his good looks, but his height has always been up for dispute. On his public profile, it lists his height as 179 centimeters (approximately 5 feet 9 inches). However, many netizens believe that his shoes are padded with heightened insoles because he appears to be the same height as other male celebrities who list their height as 175 centimeters. If standing next to another celebrity of a similar height but with a wider frame, Xiaoming appears to be smaller and shorter.

Netizens also discovered that Xiaoming’s shoes have an odd, arched shape. The shoe appears to be too small to accommodate his feet, and the insole is bulging at the top.

In a recent interview to promote his new drama Winter Begonia <鬢邊不是海棠紅>, Xiaoming finally settled the mystery. The show allowed fans to submit their questions, and the most asked question was about his height. One fan bravely asked, “How many centimeters tall are the insoles of your shoes?” Xiaoming did not take any offense and answered the question openly, “I had previously injured my foot when filming The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom <白髮魔女傳> and had six metal nails inserted, so my arch is much higher than the normal person. I need shoes that are wider, or I cannot insert my foot in.”

At the time, he was filming a wire scene and fell from a high level. His left foot had a comminuted fracture, and his right knee was injured as well. He later posted a photo of his healing feet on Weibo and his arch was very pronounced.

Xiaoming also inquired with the audience where he could find comfortable shoes. “I order custom -shoes for my left foot. The injury led to hyperplasia so the top of my foot has increased in size, and many shoes cause me discomfort. Viewers who are facing the same type of issue, where do you find shoes that don’t hurt?”

Source: HK01

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  1. acting is such a risky business. how bad was the injury that he had to insert a 6 inch nail to fix?

  2. Looking at that getup above, even if he was tall he would have looked short as well. haha lol…Sometimes, styling can help even if you are short. I just finished this Jdrama “koi wa tsuzuku yo dokomade mo” main lead Takeru Satoh, he’s actually extremely short for a guy as he’s only 5/7. haha lol…but you know what he looks tall esp the female lead is extremely short @ 5 only but his styling in there was NOT bad so he appears taller even thou he is short. Sometimes what you wear can greatly help.

    1. @wm2017
      i saw a j movie/drama. not that i saw the whole thing but i fast watched it, i think the leads were probably dwarfs. beautiful faces but i think the girl is at most 4’6 while the boys are around 5′. i was so shocked that they put people like that on tv but i know japanese like miniature people b/c they think they’re cute.

      5’7 is probably considered giants for japanese tv.

      1. @m0m0 What? 4/6 & 5? Which jdrama? You kidding me? lol…haha I don’t really watch Jdramas but this one of my friends highly recommended ‘koi wa tsuzuku yo dokomade mo” cuz it was like the 2nd highest rating winter drama this year and we are confined at home so WTH else can we do? haha lol… It was very good since Jdrama’s are so short at 10 episodes so I didn’t mind it. The lead there is already short at 5/7 but he’s a really good actor so I enjoyed it. But 5 feet for a male lead??? You kidding…..Well, good for them/Japan then that they let them on TV and being leads I mean hey we shouldn’t discriminate sizes right? haha lol….If the show is bad, even if they are giants wouldn’t get us hooked. hahaha

  3. Smart answer. No direct reply but expertly turned into question seeking health advice.

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