Jang Na Ra and Jung Yong Hwa Team Up in “Sell Your Haunted House”

Upcoming Korean drama Sell Your Haunted House released new stills that showcase the charisma of its leading stars, Jang Na Ra and Jung Yong Hwa.

Combining supernatural themes with comedy, the drama follows Jang Na Ra as a real estate agent and Jung Yong Hwa as a con artist who work together to rid ghosts and spirits from haunted properties.

While Jang Na Ra’s character has both beauty and brains, she has a sassy personality and uses her fists to do all the talking.

As a contrast to Jang Na Ra, Jung Yong Hwa’s character does not believe in ghosts but  takes advantage of the situation to earn money. Using his great observation skills and logic to make sense of the environment around him, he also possesses quick wit and charisma.

The drama’s trailer gives a glimpse of the mysterious world filled with enigmatic exorcism tools. In the trailer, Jang Na Ra asks, “Do you want to sell a haunted house for a normal price?”

Sell Your Haunted House will premiere on April 14.

Source: Korea Star Daily

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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