Kelly Cheung Prepares Herself for “Big White Duel 2”

On vacation mode ever since finishing filming for Legal Mavericks 2 <踩過界II> in April, Kelly Cheung (張曦雯) is getting ready for her next big project Big White Duel 2 <白色強人 2>. Kelly will start filming for the medical drama in November, and has already started costume fittings and filming for the trailers.

“I’ve already received the script for around 20 episodes, which is great because it gives me a lot of time to prepare. This series will pick up two years after the first installment. I will be in a love triangle with Roger Kwok (郭晉安) and Moses Chan (陳豪).” The series should be more relaxing than the first installment because many of the characters are quite humorous. She expressed her excitement at working with Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Nancy Wu (胡定欣), and other experienced actors and anticipates that she will have a fun time filming.

Understanding that once filming starts, she will be working many late nights, Kelly made sure to enjoy her current time off. “I’ve been really enjoying my time relaxing at home. I’ll occasionally stretch but I don’t have a full set of gym equipment so I haven’t worked out much. My boyfriend has invited me to go hiking, but I am afraid of tanning and the heat.”

She also admitted to co-habiting with her boyfriend occasionally, but not on a regular basis. He will stay over for stretches of time as needed. “My cats and dogs need someone to take care of them, and my domestic helper does not really know how to do these things so he comes over to help watch them.” Although many couples fight when they start living together, Kelly is not afraid of the challenges that cohabiting brings. Friends for many years before they starting dating, Kelly and her boyfriend rarely argue and have a very peaceful relationship.


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