Kenneth Ma and Eliza Sam Become Rumored Couple

With his rise in popularity and wholesome image, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) has become a hot commodity that TVB actresses are reportedly flocking to. Following Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Kenneth’s name is now romantically linked to Eliza Sam (岑麗香) after he admitted they attended a barbecue together.

Kenneth Denies Dating Natalie

Kenneth turned 39 years old on February 13 and had celebrated with several friends, including Natalie Tong, at Jazz Lam’s (林子善) cafe. After the celebration, it was rumored that Kenneth and Natalie were secretly dating for 3 months.

Kenneth denied the news and said he treated Natalie like his younger sister. “Her personality is good, but I don’t know how she’s doing [with Amigo Chui 崔建邦]. Actually, we will not ask each other about love matters.” If Natalie were single, would Kenneth pursue her? “I don’t know. The requirements for a friend versus girlfriend are different.”

Barbecue with Eliza 

While addressing his rumors over Natalie, Kenneth leaked that he and Eliza Sam had joined a director’s barbecue party. Reporters had already received insider tips that Kenneth and Eliza were at the same party and questioned him on what he thought of her.

“Everyone is interested in my love life more than my own mother! I knew what [the press] was trying to ask because I attended a gathering with Eliza and other crew members earlier.” What was Kenneth’s impression of Eliza? “No matter which girl you ask about, I always say she’s good!”

Although praising Kenneth highly, Eliza laughed off the rumors. “It’s my turn now! Actually, there ‘s nothing between us. I expect that there will be such rumors working in the industry.” Eliza added, “Kenneth is a very nice guy. I didn’t consider whether there are any development opportunities. I heard many girls think of him as a Diamond Bachelor. I came back from overseas, so I’m not too sure about everyone’s background.”

A Jealous Rebecca?

While filming Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族> last year, Kenneth had admitted that he was attracted to Rebecca Zhu during filming. When the press questioned Rebecca about Kenneth’s rumors with Eliza, Rebecca sounded jealous on the phone, “It’s best to ask them these questions directly. Earlier, he said he wished for more rumors. Now there are more rumors; congratulations for his success.”

Denying that she felt jealous, Rebecca said that Kenneth was a friend she has not seen in a long time, although she had sent him New Year greetings. “He’s filial and a great guy. I quite admire him and he’s a Diamond Bachelor! However, we’ll let additional developments run their natural course. I will focus on work now.”

Feng Shui Master Determines Compatibility

Hong Kong feng shui master, Chan Tze Choi <陳子才> said that Kenneth, who is born under the tiger sign, will likely get married in 2018 or 2019, “Last year, Kenneth had a chance in meeting his partner. However, the relationship was elusive and will trouble him until this year. Born under the sign of a rabbit, Rebecca Zhu is fated to have several foggy relationships, easily attracting others’ romantic interest. However, she will have a chance to meet her marriage partner after she turns 30 years old.”

The feng shui master determined that Kenneth and Eliza’s facial features were incompatible and thus the chance of a relationship was low.

Source: Oriental Daily via

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    1. He’s NEVER not hahaha…She looks way way way prettier than him. Oh well, love is blind.

  1. Yuk.
    ok, Kenneth is hot, but he’s too old for her.

    I mean, if only things could go back in time…hehe

    1. Not really, they’re only 10 years apart. Many couples are like 15 years apart, and it works out 😛
      But back to the main point, they don’t look good together as a couple, to be honest.

      1. Nope, I don’t mean him LOL. He just recently started with Karena Lam, so you don’t know if they’re gonna work out.

        I meant some couples who are married, like Roger Kwok & Cindy Au, Jordan Chan & Cherie Ying.

    2. I know, that too. Isnt she a BBC or something just out of school? O

      1. If you are talking about Eliza Sam, she is not a BBC, but a Canadian Born Chinese from Vancouver. She won Miss Chinese Vancouver and then Miss Chinese International before she joined TVB as a new actress. She is 28 years old vs. Kenneth Ma is 39.

  2. Am I the only one who’s never found this guy attractive? I think his mouth a bit weird looking. Don’t kill me Kenneth fans. Just my opinion on his physical appearance.

    1. no you’re not alone. not that he doesnt seem like a cool guy, but he literally isn’t attractive. The only ones that have been handsome at the tv station were probably louis koo, ron ng and kevin cheng. That come to mind.

    2. Count me in, he has no physical attraction except tall. His wrinkle is so obvious, he3x…definitely too old for beauty Eliza :p

    3. He’s alright but I think Louis koo is the most handsome pre tan siu sung. Ekin is not bad too.

      1. I think Louis Koo is the best. Personally I don’t care about Ekin Cheng.

      2. I don’t care about both.

        Ekin’s face is like taken from a comic book,..fake, and Louis Koo is too rigid, too stone faced, no personality at all.

        For Louis to have become an ‘A’ list star is just one of those lucky strike,…God’s gift from heaven!

      3. sandcherry,
        I think so too. Louis Koo, yes this chocolate is def handsome. Ekin C – yucky as well hahha… but he got a few pretty ex’s i gotta say haha..

    4. Kenneth’s not in the ‘Handsome’ category but he definitely fits into the ‘cute’ category and has his own unique attraction.

    5. No, you are not. He is never cute, hot or handsome in my book either.

    6. He was cute in my dictionary, but no longer after he pouts and smirks too much. And handsome is never the word I use to describer him. And his skin really can scare me. The only recent one I found handsome in Txb was Ron, but before he gets overweight.

      1. Ah forget to mention that last time I was in HK, his attitude totally drove me out. “Shy shy” in front of the fans and then outside, arrogant attitude.

      2. a lot of people know you dislike kenneth fox. that must be why whatever he did or said is wrong to you.

      3. LMAO~, I bet if I replace the name with “Bosco” you will wave tail and say: “It’s totally true, it’s very correct!”

        I said wat I’ve seen and fell and that’s all. MM fans can choose to excuse or accept, it’s your own decisions.

      4. I met him in person in the past and I met him recently. He definitely changed after getting some fame.

  3. well, he was good-looking back then, u know, b4 his skin started to get all saggy and tanned, and not to mention oily 😀

  4. sorry guys.. just absolutely no. I think both could find more suitable partners.. c:

  5. Hmmmm he is dropping names now? Usually I will say that if he keeps dropping names or names being linked to him but nothing came out of it, I might start to think he is gay.

  6. “The feng shui master determined that Kenneth and Eliza’s facial features were incompatible and thus the chance of a relationship was low.”

    Don’t know whether to call BS on that one or not….LOL. I’m not too fond of Feng Shui. I believe some aspects of it, but then again, some of it sounds too ridiculous.

    1. Feng Shui is plain BS to me… It is just a scam to earn money, that’s it…

  7. Why are the press getting desperate to hook him up with any actress now?
    They appears to be more desperate than him. Lol
    He might already with someone before they knew it.

    1. it’s because he is the diamond bachelor now and has a great guy image. tvb is desperate to link all these girls eliza, rebecca, natalie to him to promote them to fadan status using his clean image.

      i prefer kenneth to hook up with nancy or myolie. nancy is his old love and myolie is a well mannered elegant lady.

      1. NO. Nancy has a boyfriend now so reporters, fans, audience should just leave her alone.

  8. LOL seems like Eliza is now the ultimate goddess. Various “levels” of TVB actors have their eyes on her.

  9. Why do paparazzi in Hong Kong have to be matchmakers for Kenneth Ma all the time? Can they leave him alone with no more new actresses?

    1. I actually wonder the samething. For koreans and japanese celebrity news, media usually reports what netizens find. I am telling you some of those cray cray netizens resides in those entertainment world. Hacking social security…fraud…scams it is crazy.

      But with HK…its like the media doesnt sleep at all.

  10. Kenneth is really hot stuff now. He has the attention and rumoured with many current and rising fadans. Eliza is also the ‘it’ girl of tvb now and rumoured with kenneth will make her popular since kenneth is tvb’s official diamond bachelor. i love his new nickname given by media ‘ma ming bb’

    1. I dont get why ‘bb’ needs to be added to the end of everyone’s names … sounds so weird.

  11. All new fadans are riding on his fame now and thats cheap in my opinion.
    The can’t name Moses coz he’s taken and he’s smart to announce his relationship with Aimee.
    Unless Kenneth find his other half, this fadans pairing will be keeping on and on.
    No wonder he cant find a suitable girlfriend as any decent girl will stay away from him, presumably he’s a player, no thanks to the paparazzi.

    1. It is also because of the bad reputations of Bosco Wong and Ron Ng (in particular), so TVB do not want to promote their new fadans/goddesses using either one of them. The most popular diamond bachelor left is Kenneth Ma.

    2. it’s true. tvb is promoting the current so called ‘it’ girls and must be purposely rumouring them with kenneth to make eliza and rebecca more popular since kenneth is tvb’s diamond bachelor. with kenneth’s great image he’s the perfect candidate. as for natalie tvb is promoting her to be front line first lead.

    3. btw chi chi you’re wrong kenneth is NOT a player. it’s not his fault that lots of pretty girls are admiring him and tvb using him to promote these new rising ‘fadans’! this also means kenneth has news value now.

      1. No I don’t think he is a player at all. But due to the continuous matchmaking from paparazzi, thats what I meant.
        And sure he does have news value, that’s why he’s in the news every day

  12. I wonder if he and Myolie can be a couple? It would be cute if they are…

    1. Not sure if its a good idea to find someone who works in the same circle as you’re in anymore eg. just like Bosco. I’m sure women who have been hurt before would be more cautious in finding someone who doesn’t cheat and etc.

  13. Wow, is this another “age doesn’t matter” couple? How old is Elisa?

  14. I’m beginning to think it’ll be easier to make a list of women that aren’t linked to Kenneth 😛

  15. honest…i like Elisa but not Kenneth…sorry…i wish they are not together…but…of course…it is none of my business

  16. This topic is getting boring tvb artist is linking up with who is no one’s business other then themselves leave them the hell alone jessssh

  17. kenneth is starting to show his age….see so many wrinkles and bags.

  18. from the girls’ response rebecca sounds jealous at kenneth’s rumours with other pretty girls. i think rebecca has a real crush at kenneth!

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