Kenneth Ma Helps Roxanne Tong Do Chores

With days away from their wedding in December, Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) are finalizing the final details. As the couple has already lived together, they are aware of each other’s habits. Roxanne laughed when she revealed Kenneth has limited knowledge over chores.

As with most brides, Roxanne did not realize how expensive everything was and learned how to haggle with vendors in order to save. Roxanne laughed, “I don’t think Kenneth has ever given up an opportunity for promotional work. To be honest, weddings are really expensive so I will definitely try to cut down when it’s needed and minimize my spending. I’m like a housewife, always bargaining to ask if the price can be cheaper.”

When asked if they will take a honeymoon right after the wedding, Roxanne said they will wait until a later time due to the sheer number of people travelling lately. Travel planning has to be done at least half a year in advance. She praised Kenneth for remembering her top favorites, including Roxanne’s dream of seeing the Northern Lights.

Roxanne mentioned Kenneth has been helping a lot around the house despite not really knowing how to do chores in the beginning.  “He does a lot around the house, from big to small tasks. Aside from helping to do the dishes, he also helps with laundry….When we first met he didn’t know how to do anything. He does everything himself now, but maybe he’s forced to do it since he’s living with me. Some clothes need to be handwashed. Now he’s a pro at washing his clothes. To be fair, he was really busy in the past. At least he knows how to use the washer and dryer now.”

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  1. Man, my impression of her is getting worse by the day. The extravagant amount of betrothal gifts, and claiming she’s saving for him? It’s like the marketing company it’s healthier because it’s 5% less fat if it’s 100% fat, 5% less fat does not make it better and now he’s doing chores… while I love men to be able to do chores and independently able to take care of himself, what is she doing? ATM I’m seeing she’s spending his money, and that’s about it -.- I like Kenneth, and I hope his wife treat him well. But these sort of media talks isn’t doing a good service to his about to be wife, as I feel she’s just leading him by the nose. Time will tell I guess

    1. Hmm, I wonder what part of the article made you feel this way about her. She says she bargains and haggle. Are you turned off by all the extravagant wedding jewelry, etc? I think some of it is sponsored. But to be fair, Kenneth has been acting in lead roles for many years and seems to be a frugal, down to earth person. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a good amount of money saved up for the wedding dowry and gifts. Anyway, I think they make a great couple and I’m happy for them.

      1. The chore bit was triggering me. And the betrothal gifts were from another article. You didn’t see the bit where I said 5% less fat out of 100% fat isn’t that great? The amount of betrothal gifts were crazy. While I understand traditions are traditions, and Kenneth can possibly afford it, it still looks like a huge waste to me. I do hope she treat him well, but atm, my POV on her is on the doubtful side

  2. I think they are a lovely couple and I happy that they have found each other. Neither of them are perfect but they do get along very well together as a couple. Most people only get married once in a lifetime so if they want to pay more to make it memorable, I am totally fine with it as long as they can afford it ( I am pretty sure KM has enough money). I wish them the best.

  3. I tend to agree with what many netizens are sounding online that Kevin appears to be a pretty ruthless character. Looking back at Kelvin’s wedding in Bali in 2018, all his “铁马家族” – Metal Horse Family {literal translation} members attended the wedding reportedly each of them paid their own airfare and hotel bills to attend his wedding. In 2022, when 3rd bro Chen Jiale got married he skipped the wedding giving the excuse that he was busy at work. Now that 2nd bro, Kenneth is getting marry in Dec (and he is paying for all his guests plane tickets and hotel charges), Kelvin gives another big excuse that he is too busy watching over his kids to attend the wedding. I think this is so fake! When family members get marry (if he still considers them “family” after all these years of friendship) a good person will never give this kind of silly excuses to skip a family member’s wedding. After all he hires 2 or 3 maids to watch his kids at home. This just shows what kind of a terrible character he is! I have no respect for him.

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