Kevin Cheng and Kenneth Ma Transform to Super Doctors in New “Kids’ Live Matter” Trailer

TVB’s highly anticipated drama Kids’ Lives Matter features an impressive cast that includes Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Him Law (羅子溢), Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), and Catherine Chau (周家怡). Ahead of the drama’s release on October 18, Kevin and Kenneth turn into super doctors to connect with their pediatric patient.

In the heart-warming trailer, Kevin and Kenneth play into their young patient’s imagination by being introduced as super doctors who use their powers to fight evil and bring hope to the world. While the two actors are animated into heroic characters with a noble career, the two actors soon step out of their animated selves and cheer on their young patient who is fighting his illness.

Although the two actors  played doctor roles in other dramas, Kevin and Kenneth look approachable in their role as pediatric doctors. The two actors are handsome in the trailer but Kevin turns heads for wearing a colorful bear-patterned cap.

At the end of the trailer, Kenneth wonders if it was an exaggeration to say he is stronger than super heroes. Kevin, who is father of two young children in real life, jumps in to say, “Children need to be coaxed.  You will understand when you become a father.”

At a promotion event, Kenneth was asked what was his most memorable story while filming the drama and he replied, “It required a lot of time to film the surgery scenes and it was longer than filming fighting scenes. It was because there were a lot of details in filming every step. There were doctors there and so every gesture and every step must be correct.”

Kenneth confessed that he was happy to collaborate with Kenneth ever since the two filmed 2010’s drama, A Fistful of Stances <鐵馬尋橋>  and said, “It’s great to film with my long-time friend. It was easy to get our chemistry back.”

Kevin agreed and added, “Kenneth always asks if our group of friends would be able to film another drama together. We could film a happy comedy drama and we won’t have to work so hard.”

Source: Sing Tao USA

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  1. I am so excited and waiting impatiently for this drama… I believe it will be very enjoyable…. I have not seen Kevin on screen for a while. Kenneth on the other hand, is so popular in HK now. He is on screen very often.

  2. Many of my friends and myself included are a big fan of the drama A Fistful of Stances . Their performance (and especially Kenneth’s) in that drama was incredible and I am pretty sure they will repeat that amazing chemistry in Kids’ Lives Matter!! Can’t wait to watch this new drama.

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