Korean Artistes Speculated To Be Banned from Using Chinese Social Media Apps

Due to souring relations between China and South Korea several years ago, China implemented a soft ban on Korean-related entertainment. K-Pop songs were brushed off the market. Studios stopped casting Korean actors, and many K-Pop stars were not allowed to extend their music tours to China. Popular Korean variety shows like Running Man and Superman Returns abruptly stopped broadcast. For Korean actors and pop stars who had a thriving fanbase in China, their paychecks were dramatically cut.

Fortunately, this soft ban on Korea was eventually lifted, and more Hallyu-related entertainment started to seep back in. But just as Korean celebrities were gaining back traction, netizens have discovered a new “limit rule” being put in place—banning Korean celebrities from using Chinese social media.

Last month, a string of Korean celebrities who were once very active on Douyin (aka TikTok outside of China) found that they could no longer log back into their accounts. In addition, Korean celebrities who were also active on Sina Weibo—such as Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho, and Ji Chang Wook—have not updated their Weibo in several weeks. The “limit Korea order” has been trending vigorously on Weibo, as many Chinese fans have started to notice that their favorite celebrities were no longer promoting their dramas on the social media platform.

Kim Soo Hyun, who is back to prominence following his lead performance in It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, has over 10.8 million fans on Weibo. He hasn’t shared a new upload since August 6, despite being very active with promoting his new drama. Ji Chang Wook from Backstreet Rookie has over 4.75 million followers, but his last upload was a behind-the-scenes clip of his drama on August 1. Lee Min Ho, with 28 million fans, hasn’t updated since July 16.

The “limit Korea order” speculation became more apparent after Korean singer Hwang Chi Yeul told a fan on Weibo that he couldn’t post new uploads on his Weibo. The fan asked if he was no longer using Weibo, to which he responded, “I can’t use it. I’m not the only one. Many Korean artistes also can’t. I hope all relationships will improve.”

Interestingly, Lisa of K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK is one of the very few K-Pop stars in recent weeks who has been very active with uploading new content on Weibo. However, it is important to note that Lisa is not Korean, but Thai.

Source: stheadline

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Hilarious, got to love the CCP….and people still want to continue to support them…Go for it, but you won’t be able to experience true good music/entertainment/artist, just the scripted BS that the CCP pushes….

    1. @exodus
      Good is subjective. What is good to you is trash to me. Most Korean entertainment is trash nowadays anyway. Its way too commercialized and westernized compared to years ago. To me, Korean entertainment has lost so much of their identity. To each their own.

    2. @exodus
      Love it or hate it but China is the biggest market in the world. Every single businessman in every sector in every country in the world will try their best in penetrating China’s market. Their country, their rules, Don’t like it, don’t try to earn from them.

      1. @niangniang you are so right. China don’t need everyone but everyone wants a piece of China now. Am so proud of China after the hardship they have gone thru as they are now standing tall.

      2. @nigel The difference is the bullying and throwing people in jail and etc……I do agree if they don’t like it then don’t bother trying to make the $$ from there. Although then again look at China’s silk belt initiative, looks like they’re trying to get into bed with every country out there trying to “help” as they say….

      3. trump built a wall to keep out mexicans while china invested in the belt and road initiative to help its neighbours’ economies thrive and therefore reducing the number of migrants (yes, there are actually plenty of other asians who migrate to china for better lives)

      4. @exodus ah well Americans have been bullying the world for the longest time from Kuwait (putting Saddam) to instigating korea, Taiwan and japan against China else why do you think they get to station their army in their countries? Talking about bully UK used to bully China too. Opium war etc that’s how they got HK and subsequently instigating HKers to go against China. Cmon HK belongs to China whether you like it or not! HK would have been long gone during SARS if not for Big Brother China who took care of them. Freedom of speech?? Emm subjective again. As I mentioned if you dun like it you can leave and choose not to do biz with China.

      5. @nigel Oh don’t worry I most definitely will not try to do business with China nor by any of chat China crap. Even PRC/CCP won’t even buy their own stuff, go figure…

  2. It’s their country. Their laws. You don’t go into somebody else’s house and complain about how they run their home so why would you complain about how another country runs their own internal affairs. Don’t like it then don’t promote in China. No one put a gun to your head to market in China. Unlike the west, China never promoted themselves as a free and open market. (duh)

  3. I don’t get why people expect every country to act the same. Some countries have different rules and values. Accept it and work with it if you want their market. If you don’t then move along to another market.

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