Louis Koo and Joe Chen Respond to Dating Rumors

Last week, reports surfaced that Louis Koo (古天樂) had been secretly dating Taiwanese actress Joe Chen (陳喬恩) for the past two years. The two were introduced by a mutual friend and quickly fell in love, even considering marriage. Louis and Joe’s relationship turned sour recently when Louis’s friend Sandra Ng (吳君如) publicly revealed that she had tried to set up Louis with Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen (陳妍希). Joe was angry that she was kept in the dark about their meal dates, and reportedly flew to the United States to mend her broken heart.

At a Le Saunda footwear event in Shenzhen on Saturday, March 23, Louis was pressed by reporters to comment on the dating rumors. Louis seemed prepared for the questions and responded calmly. “I have no comment. I have always been low-profile regarding my love life. As my father said, ‘Less talk, more action’!”

In the past, Louis would usually deflect a rumor by stating, “It is not the truth.” Since he did not give his usual response, fans are speculating that there may be some truth to Louis and Joe’s rumored relationship.

Joe also responded vaguely to the rumors on her Weibo account. Recently traveling to New York City, Joe posted several photos of her trip on the social media website. On Saturday, Joe posted a photo of a cat with a crab sitting on its head. She included a cryptic message that appeared to address the current gossips. “A crab that fell suddenly from the sky, strange and domineering, clutching the head and poking the eyes. It teaches you that some things should be looked at silently, and then securely stashed into your heart. Being pure is a tough task. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Fans believed that the crab symbolizes the rumors, and that while Joe feels that being with Louis requires hard work, the challenges only made their relationship stronger than ever.

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. sandra ng is a busybody, haven’t she caused enough trouble.. driving yung mei ling to her death in the 80’s

    1. She also said on tv that she doesn’t like angie chiu because angie chiu and Wong yuen san had an affair in the 1980s.

      1. Omg, I’m a big fan of Yung Mei Ling. Can I ask what Sandra Ng said? I was never a fan of Sandra.

      2. this sandra is crazy, she had a crush on wong yuean san, most probably is having one on louis koo as well.. she’s into cute guys, that’s why she’s befriending all the hot guys, she’s a ‘ham sap’ woman haha

      3. I have never liked Sandra and never will… I wonder why she is doing all of these things if she really is?? Does she truly have nothing better to do??? She is already in a relationship and has a daughter. What more does she want???

    2. Didn’t Yung MeiLing committed suicide because of Kent Tong? What did Sandra Ng do?

      1. michael miu’s wife had a hand at it too, jamie chik mei chan was jealous of brabara yung mei ling, jamie told brabara kent tong went out with sandra ng..

      2. You must watch Michael Miu’s interview about Barbara Yung some time ago. Very honest, very heartfelt and revealed some unknown or probably not so known stuff.

      3. Barbara Yung decided on her own to end her own life. That was her choice. It doesn’t matter what Sandra and Jamie allegedly did or didn’t do. Barbara’s death was not their responsibility. I would very much like to watch Michael Miu’s interview. Where can I find it?

      4. shooting the messenger nowadays? Even if jamie told barbara about it, those fans villianising her for it are silly. They must be the precessor of today’s crazy cp fans.

      5. @Funn –

        I will have to disagree with your comment on kent not having any responsibility to Barbara’s death. It’s true that Barbara’s own fate is in her hands but if there’s this person that constantly bugs the crap out of you, person should take some responsibility. If I’m already having a bad day, and someone provokes me – get ready for it to go down. Granted, I take full responsibility for beating that mofo myself … but not taking 100% of the blame!

      6. If I remember correctly, she already broken up with Kent and was seeing someone else. Kent was a womaniser? Dated someone else then and naturally he is blamed for her suicide but I believe the truth was she was seeing someone else who hurt her also? And she didn’t want to die, because she was found halfway through the door? Was it that way? Michael at least said that much. And I remember he said how Jamie reacted to Barbara’s death. Whatever feud or jealousy, I am sure Jamie never meant for Barbara to die so young. She had emotional issues beyond that of Kent but of course Kent’s career died the day she died.

      7. And please, if you intend to kill yourself, at least shoulder the blame. Just because someone provoked you doesn’t mean you should throw your life away. Let’s all agree that life is sh*tty anyway. It is very easy to blame someone else for one’s own actions but the inability to own up to one’s own action results in something so tragic, for oneself. I will say it outright. I have very little patience for people who kills themselves in the name of love. If you really need to kill yourself, do it because you have terminal disease or you owe people so much money your death will call for a cease from those incessant loan sharks going after your family. Other than that, there is no good reason to end your life and if you need to, don’t blame others. One must be strong. If in love, life and bullies you can’t even stand up for yourself, what else can you stand up for?

      8. @Funn

        There are so many versions of the story that I can’t keep up.

        regardless, i miss barbara. she was great on screen 🙁

      9. Funn Lim: I agree with you that Barbara should be accountable for her own actions, and it’s a waste of a life so young and filled with so much potential. That said, I’ve heard about Jamie Chik instigating Kent Tong to go out on a date with Sandra Ng and gloating about it to Barbara just to spite her due to her own insecurites/jealousy of Barbara and Michael Mui being such close friends. I do believe that Sandra Ng is the type of shameless woman who’d put herself as the 3rd party in a relationship (though it’s not clear if Barbara and Kent had a clean break at the time) just because she could and fancies the man enough. Maybe Barbara and Kent were on one of their break-up periods, but they still had feelings for each other and might have made up later if Barbara did not die. Who knows. I also believe the Barbara was a despressive person as her former boyfriend in England said that she tried to commit suicide once in English too.

      10. Barbara should have married her ex-boyfriend. Maybe if she didn’t go to HK, she would have been happier.

        Her ex-boyfriend had posted pics of her and him on youtube and seems to really cherish the memories he had with her in the past.

      11. I can’t believe that people are STILL blaming Kent, Jamie and Sandra for Barbara’s death. First of all, IF she did commit suicide then it was her choice and no one else’s. I read some stories about her and Rob(her ex from England who dated her for years) and based on what he said, I do believe the theory of Barbara’s suicide more after reading his stories.He said that Barbara is very emotionally fragile and I am guessing that was something many in HK did not realize. However, everything is just a theory and no one knows the whole truth and it’s not like it matters anymore since it has been nearly 30 years since her death. What is the point of holding grudges against anyone anymore??

        I find it very sad that many die hard fans of Barbara STILL blame Jamie for her death. Even if she did, those that are making her out to be a bad person and had a part in killing Barbara are truly being foolish. Why would Jamie need to be jealous of Barbara? Jamie was in a stable relationship with Miu already even before she knew Barbara. She had a successful career that I would not say is inferior to Barbara’s back then. Therefore, why would she need to be jealous??

        I agree with Funn!! Even if ANYONE provoked you, suicide is in YOUR hands and no one elses… I remember Rob saying whenever Barbara was pressured in any situation too much, she would not want to face that situation and would commit suicide to avoid it which I think is what she may have done. But then again, she may have changed her mind part way which is why I think she tried to escape when it was too late. No one knows the truth… Even Rob who knew Barbara so well is not even sure so how are we as outsiders who have never met her know anything?? We just speculate and guess based on what we heard…

        About Jamie, I heard that she was soo guilty over Barbara’s death that she always tries to visit her grave in England at least once a year… Whether it was her fault or not,it no longer matters because Barbara is long gone… The fact that she still remembers Barbara’s shows something about her character.

      12. The version that I heard a lot was that Barbara suicided because of Kent Tong. Mostly about her heartache because of Kent’s behaviour. Kent’s career died immediately after Barbara’s death. I didn’t realize that Jamie Chik and Sandra Ng are also rumoured to be involved. A lot of people only blamed Kent.

      13. Although Barbara should take account for her action, news revealed she was gang raped and the person who ordered this was Lydia shun. I don’t know about Sandra Ng getting involved though…..

  2. Joe Chen doesn’t looks very pretty compare to other Taiwanese artists. She has a sad face look, at least to me.

    1. At least she is natural. Better than being plastic beauty 😛

    2. Judging women on just looks alone is superficial and shallow.

    3. You are joking.
      She is absolutely beautiful and adorable

    4. Looks aside, she has a body that women want. She is very well endowed.

      1. Face is average but body is desirable. I’ll take her face in my opinion though. Her eyes are almost as big as Vicki Zhao.

      2. That is what Sam Wang said too. He thinks Joyce Zhao has a nicer looking face but Joe has a nicer body.

  3. looking at joe’s face from now and then, there is diffidently work done, nothing natural there. At lease her plastic looks natural.

    1. nooooo Joe Chen NEVER done plastic surgery..!! Don’t spread false news. She’s been in the industry since long day ago.
      She has different face from time to time like 1000 faces, and can be different day to day.. depend on make up and hair styles, or how they worked out on her eyes would be impact differently~

      I wouldn’t say she very pretty but she has her charm and beauty that grow on me

      1. she is a beauty
        common you guys
        sheer natural beauty

      2. are you for real, look at the size of her breast compare to her body weight! That is NOT natural.

      3. @vel
        Are you gauging the size of her breasts to her body size in bra commercials and promotions? They are selling push up bras, of course they would try making her boobs look larger than life..
        Push up bras, nu bras, gel inserts do wonders without going under the knife. Use them in combination and you can go from C to F/G/H.

        From her early photos when she wasn’t a spokesperson for some lingerie brand, you can tell she’s a small C cup, which is believable with her slight frame.
        Nothing astonishing, but still considered much better than the fake boobs or no-boobs.

      4. I like Joe too and her beauty is the type that grows on you. Not the ones that at first glance you’d say beautiful but as you look on, the imperfections start surfacing, if you know what I mean.
        I’d be happy to know if Louis & Joe are together for real though I think Joe looks good with Ming Dao too (during the Prince Turns to Frog series).

    2. and when she was acting she was not afraid to look ugly.
      remember Prince Frog day how they need to cuted her hair short, and painted with strange colors

    3. I know for sure Joe did not have any PS because if she did, she would not look like that. She would look a lot better. Her features are heavily flawed.

      1. WOW, why don’t you say what you really feel about her looks.

      2. I think her looks are fine. She is attractive even though she is not beautiful or drop dead gorgeous. She is definately cute and attractive and can be pretty with the right hairstyle and make up.

      3. Right, from heavily flawed to her looks are fine.

      4. What’s so “heavily flawed” about her features.

      5. What I mean by heavily flawed means that they are natural looking because IF you got PS, your looks look “perfect” like a sclupture… When I say heavily flawed, I don’t mean that someone is not attractive. I know many in real life that are pretty and attractive, but their looks have flaws which means they are natural. BUt when someone gets PS, everything looks too perfect to be true so you know they got something done. Get it????

      6. If you compare Joe to Viann Zhang for example, then you will see what I mean…

      7. Haha HTS, how can u compare cute Joe to the scary chucky doll? LOL

  4. She’s cute. Too bad LHC doesn’t stand a chance against the mighty tanned Condor hero YG 🙂

    1. readers of Jing Yong actually prefer LHC over YG. But with the tv adaptations, i guess it ended up the other way ..

    2. Ha.. ha… you crack me up as usual Exiodus!!I think in terms of personality, LHC would win but with looks I think YG would win… But it just depends on who you prefer more…

    3. Among the protagonists in JY universe LHC is at the bottom end of the distribution. He can’t compare to YG in terms of martial arts and in terms of drinking ability inferior to the mighty north Kiu Fung :p The guy was pretty much useless without a sword 🙂

      1. I know but I think it is his carefree personality and his loyalty to the ones he loves was what many find attractive.

  5. I told you, guys, about his way of answering the reporters (read previous article)
    Sandra Ng is not the one who caused their break/cold war. It’s one if the small things that each pair will face it too…

    1. Sandra may not be the one causing it but at that time, Babara was a HUGE star and fans reacted the way they did..

  6. what i don’t understand is if Sandra is Louis’s good friend, she should already known that Louis is dating Joe, why did she try to set up Louis with the other actress knowing the fact that Louis already has a g/f?

    1. simple.. sandra actually wants louis for herself, cannot get, so try to tear joe and louis apart for self satisfaction @ louis.. sandra is your worst friend

      1. Yeah, Sandra has the hots for Louis, that much is obvious. lol. She’s also a busybody and likes to stick her nose into other people’s love lives.

    2. Louis is quite an introvert person who doesn’t show or share his personal things. The friendship with Sandra means they’ve got chemistry. They know each other thoughts…

      1. chemistry of.. introducing an uninterested woman to louis? haha, look out guys, sandra ng is a ‘man eater’ n she has no respect whatsoever for her hubby..

    3. @kk – Maybe Sandra doesn’t know Louis has a gf. Louis probably doesn’t regard Sandra as a friend, but just as a colleague and thus doesn’t divulge personal matters.

      Maybe Louis and Joe are not in a serious boy girl relationship, but in the process of getting to know each other better.

      Can have a lot of reasons. Just stating the possibilities.

      1. agree,
        Maybe Louis regard her as a colleague..on the contrary Sandra regard him as a friend *haha she likes befriending male as much as she can* So she didn’t knew Louis has a gf, while Louis just share it to his close friends??

  7. Thought Barbara Yung’s death had Felix Wong in the middle of it as well. Rumors…

    1. What did Felix have to do with it??? All I heard that was Felix on vacation and cut it short when he heard that Barbara passed away. He was one of her pall bearers and had nothing to do with her death.

  8. Joe Chen is alright looking, not a great beauty. I think she has a bold personality and is quite a talented actress. She reminds me of a younger and sweeter Anita Mui actually.

    1. With dating or marriage, it requires much more than looks and physical attraction…. If that is all it is, then I don’t feel it will last…

      1. totally agree with Felicity & HeTieShou;
        that’s why Joe has her attractiveness and personal charm..
        Her bold personality looks unique in the “usual” entertainment industry.. beside her talent

        btw.. all you guys seem convinced that Louis and Joe dating…

  9. I don’t see how this relationship would work. I mean, Louis Koo can barely speak any Mandarin. And when he does try to speak in Mandarin, it sounds horrendous!

    1. Language of love only the pair of lovebirds can understand 😛

  10. totally agree with Felicity & HeTieShou;
    that’s why Joe has her attractiveness and personal charm..
    Her bold personality looks unique in the “usual” entertainment industry.. beside her talent

    1. I don’t think she is pretty. I don’t think she is ugly. I think she has her charms. But until I hear her speak, maybe I am convinced by her charms but somehow as an actress and to speak with the Taiwanese lazy drawl is just plain lazy. Which is why I framed a negative impression of her as DFBB with her own voice. However I can see why her voice works in Taiwanese series and having starred in a few idol series herself I understand her fame. I don’t know about bold personality. What is so bold when she doesn’t even have the guts to just say “GUYS! I AM DATING LOUIS KOO!!” but I think she sorta outed themselves with a series of weird posts probably because she was sick of playing hide and seek. I don’t see Louis Koo volunteering those info.

      That being said, I am not against her. I am sorta neutral about her looks and acting talents.

      1. Just saying, the voice of DFBB is not Joe Chen’s own voice. She has been dubbed over with a voice actress, a common practice in China dramas.

      2. Joe Chen is adorable & she got the talents, personality, working attitude that attracts me.

        as the saying goes…”Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. I would say Joe has a special aura and charm.

        But I never thought that looks was that important. As long as there’s talent, an artiste will stand out in the entertainment circle sooner or later.

        When watching she act, I can sense the emotions coming off her and she’s really into the character. Her eyes are very expressive which i think is very advantegous whilst shes acting…

        @Funn Lim, ehmm what I mean about her bold personality was not that way…She rarely talked and exposed about her love life, more of low profile type. but when media found out about her relationship.. she used to share a little bit.
        (On a side note: bcoz this is a relationship so there is the other half. Read: Louis doesn’t want her speak it out. While I guess she tired too)

        I actually mean :
        She is straightforward, being herself when she is on tv shows. And doesn’t really bother with who says what about her. She’s just being who she is and what she likes. That’s what I really like about her, the way she keep true to herself. She’s a simple person and I like the simple person.

      3. I have heard Joe speak many times and she has a sweet voice and a lot of charm…. Too bad they did not use her real voice which is why I watch her Taiwanese series to hear her real voice.

      4. @Funn Lim: When I say ‘bold personality’, I’m not referring to her love life per se, as most artistes have to be discreet with how their handling their love affairs. I used bold to describe Joe Chen based on what I read about her past…i.e. how she struggled in her acting career in the early stages and was almost broke. Joe Chen admitted that that she was quite broke (living on instant noodles and shacking up at a friends place for free) and she almost gave up acting because she wasn’t getting the big break she needed, but she never compromised her principles because she truly loved acting and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I thought this girl has so much spirit and passion in her, she would succeed some day if she got her lucky break. Joe Chen was brave enough to leave Taiwan with its comfortable lifestyle to venture to China and film there, although it is a completely foreign place to her with harsher living standards because she wanted to challenge herself and improve as an actress and she knew that she can only do so much as a Taiwanese Idol actress. That’s what I mean by bold.

      5. agree to Felicity.
        I like her attitude toward life and work. I can feel she loves acting so much

  11. @HeTieShou..have you seen The Queen of SOP? a nice mature idol drama, she has her own voice there. Joe played “胜女” an independent smart career woman.

    And i like how Joe Chen looks so pretty there..she should hire the stylish.

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