Louis Koo Establishes Charity to Help Veteran Artistes and the Needy

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Louis Koo Establishes Charity to Help Veteran Artistes and the Needy

The actor will lead efforts to raise funds for artistes who need assistance as well as to give back to society.

As President of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, Louis Koo (古天樂) helmed efforts behind the successful establishment of a charity known as Performing Artistes’ Guild Charity (PAGC). During an interview with the media, he said, “As the Artistes’ Guild received its charity license this year called 88 license, we can officially start a charitable fund recognized by the government, go ahead to raise funds, and use part of this to help the needy.”

Leading Efforts to Do Good

While Hong Kong artistes have a tradition of holding a spring celebration every year, Louis felt that a charity event would be more meaningful, given that the guild has just received its charity license. From the president’s message published in the evening’s publication, the actor said, “I believe the greater the power, the greater the responsibility. As members of the entertainment industry who enjoy the limelight, we should do our very best to give back to society.”

While Louis declined to reveal the actual charity sums that have been accumulated, he said it was a “considerable figure”, as the charity was started with existing funds and raised additional money during the event’s fundraising.

He added that PAGC will work with different charitable organizations, “This is one of the tasks I really hope to accomplish after becoming President of the Guild.” Louis also intends to reserve a portion of funds raised to go towards needy veteran artistes in the future.

Promote Up-and-Coming Artistes

Keen to promote new acting talents, Louis will also drive measures to introduce an official mobile app for the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild. He explained his rationale, “New artistes can introduce themselves through the app. Film companies or [casting agents] will be able to search for cast members too.”

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