Newlyweds Barbie Hsu and DJ Koo Have Matching Tattoos

Merely three months after officially divorcing Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲), her husband of 10 years, Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) announced that she would get married to her old flame, South Korean musician DJ Koo Enjoying their blissful marriage, Barbie and DJ Koo are crazy for each other and got brand new tattoos to celebrate their love.

Recently, the couple shot a spread for  Vogue Taiwan where they displayed matching tattoos. Rather than traditional wedding rings, Barbie and DJ Koo have tattoos on their ring fingers to symbolize their love. DJ Koo even personally tattooed Barbie’s tattoo.

In addition, the couple also share another matching tattoo. The phrase “Remember Together Forever” is etched behind DJ Koo’s ear, and Barbie has hers across her collarbone. The phrase  is the lyrics from their favorite song, “Remember,” when they were first together 24 years ago. The couple explain that they hope to be together forever and not be separated anymore.

Source: HK01

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