Oscar Leung, Benjamin Yuen, and William Chak Shine in “Tiger Cubs”

TVB drama, Tiger Cubs <飛虎>, continues to deliver audiences with adrenaline action every week. With gun fights and explosive scenes, the drama portrays the physical power and the discipline of the elite tactical police force, Special Duties Unit (SDU). Although initial media attention was initially thrust upon Joe Ma (馬德鐘, Him Law (羅仲謙) and Vincent Wong (王浩信), many viewers have now turned their attention to the other Tiger Cubs members. Oscar Leung (梁烈唯), Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) and William Chak’s (翟威廉) performances were refreshing, attracting female audiences with their thrilling action scenes and masculine presence!

Tiger Cubs” is a Turning Point for Oscar Leung

After leading in his first film, Juvenile Delinquents <少年犯>, Oscar Leung’s acting career quickly faltered. He joined TVB in 2004, hoping that he could progress in the television circle. However, he was often cast in cameo roles which failed to leave any lasting impression to viewers.

Persevering through his own depression and faced with his brother and father’s bankruptcies, Oscar continued to treasure every filming opportunity that came along. His “Kwan Yi Gor” role in L’Escargot <缺宅男女> as a useless depressed brother of Michael Miu (苗僑偉) finally won praise from viewers. Recently, he was featured more prominently in Tiger Cubs, sharing many scenes with Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) and Joe Ma. Revealing his toned torso in the drama, this is also the first time in which viewers glimpsed a more masculine side of Oscar.

Oscar never thought that he can seek a breakthrough by acting as a hunky man. Acknowledging that this year was a special year in which his career received a boost, Oscar said, “In the past, such opportunities also appeared. Perhaps I missed them due to myself, in not grasping on properly.”

Oscar also revealed that he was grateful to TVB for giving him ample chances to shine. His workload has increased and even his paycheck increased too! This is indeed a fruitful and rewarding year for Oscar who had toiled quietly many years. He was delighted and said, “This is particularly a good year for me. My career finally takes off and my friends are all happy for me!”

Benjamin Yuen Will Strive Harder

Prior to winning the 2007 Mr. Hong Kong pageant, Benjamin Yuen had done modeling work and filmed several movies. Despite his dashing looks and well-built body, he did not manage to achieve any desirable career in the big screen. Benjamin shared that those days were the darkest point in his life. He was depressed and discouraged until he was given an opportunity to act in TVB dramas.

To achieve his acting aspiration, Benjamin was determined to start afresh. Although he had many years of acting experiences, he was willing to learn from scratch at TVB. Benjamin has taken increasingly more prominent roles in The Other Truth <真相>, Gloves Come off  <拳王>, The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時> and Tiger Cubs.

Benjamin expressed that after acting in Tiger Cubs, his confidence level has increased. He is more outspoken when giving opinions about his work. He is also overjoyed when people on the streets started to recognize him. He said, “I never thought that when I stepped out of the street, there will be so many people who know me! It’s such a surprise!”

However, Benjamin said that it is only a small step in his career and he would not even call it a success. He humbly said, “I will continue to strive hard and move forward.”

William Chak Puts in 100% Efforts in His Work

William Chak started his acting career at ATV. During his 4-year stay at ATV, he hosted variety programs and acted in several dramas, but unfortunately he failed to carve out a successful acting career. He then left ATV in 2009 and joined the Mr. Hong Kong Pageant in which he was declared the winner.

William was candid when he revealed that he did not have much acting aspiration while at ATV. He merely wanted a job only. He even requested to host a children’s variety program! He said, “It’s alright with me. After completing my studies in Korea, my career was not smooth and I only wanted to find a decent job. That was how it was at ATV.” When he joined TVB, William realized that the work culture was different than ATV, in which he can no longer treat it simply as a “job,” and had to grasp onto each opportunity and put in his best efforts.

Since joining TVB, William has endless chances to act in dramas, including Forensic Heroes 3  <法證先鋒III>, Gloves Come off  <拳王> and Tiger Cubs. He will also be acting in Season of Love <恋爱季节> and Triumph in the Skies 2  <衝上雲霄II>.  William spoke about his revived career, “Someone told me, I am very lucky. My work never stops and I also feel that I have been given many opportunities!” William also vowed to put in his best efforts in his work and will cherish every opportunity he is given.

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. oscar’s character is super likeable and my fave in the series. this is definitely his best role to date. vincent and him were given a lot of screen time in the first few episodes but then it kind of dropped off in the last two or three. william did well in the episode with the rich kids, but i haven’t really noticed anything going on with benjamin’s role yet. the only significant thing he did was fight with oscar when they thought he was “hooking his brother’s girl” and thwarting oscar’s chance of a promotion.

  2. I definitely feel like I have fallen in love with Oscar Leung in Tiger Cubs. Previously he had very forgettable roles in which I never took him seriously although his acting is convincing and natural. It certainly looks like Him Law might have a tough contender for Most Improved in Oscar!

    As for Benjamin, I really liked him in THC and I think if he continues to strive, we will see him in more prominent roles in the future. Good for him!

    William’s role as Delay Gor in Sergeant Tabloid was very memorable! He has since starred in quite a few dramas, although not as highly important characters, but definitely a good stepping stone.

  3. Tbh, I can’t figure out who’s William Chak and who’s Benjamin Yuen.

    1. lol, William is in the pic above. He also teams up with Him in episode 8.

  4. benjamin’s character hasn’t had much development…honestly don’t think he’s “shining” that much haha. william had his opportunity in the rich kids episode. the one that stands out the most is definitely oscar and his winks

  5. oscar has played a lot of roles… time hes given the spotlight.. love hm…

  6. In terms of acting, Oscar is in a different level than Benjamin and William.

    I’m really likin’ “Tiger Cubs.” The plot involves all the cast, and doesn’t focus on one person only. Each episode is about a SDU member thus far. So, I’m guessing Benjamin will get his chance next.

    1. I’m still waiting for Mandy to become a SDU member and get together with Him!

    2. Benjamin’s first movie was in 1998 and Oscar’s was in 1999…eh, Ben entered the entertainment industry 1 year earlier than Oscar. They filmed about the same amount of movies (not sure how big of the roles did Ben had, but most of Oscar’s roles were pretty small). However, Oscar filmed more TVB dramas than Ben. LOL. I don’t know, I think Oscar and Ben are somewhat in the same level. As for William, yea, he’s definitely not in the same level as Oscar.

  7. I’m really rooting for Oscar to get the Most Improved Award this year!

  8. I vote for Oscar first in Tiger Cubs. He acts very good shine together with Joe & Jessica. Three of them boot Tiger Cubs to be my favorite drama over THC. I like every episode as it has full of action and fast story. It likes US show 🙂 I second to Bejamin. He does good job in THC. Much improve. I third to Him Law.

  9. Oscar & Ben are both good actors, smooth, natural & believable. A lot of the current lead actors can learn a thing or two from these guys 🙂

  10. I love Ben! I was surprised that after THC, he got such minor background roles in GCF and TC. He’s a great actor, I hope there’s going to be an episode on Tiger Cubs that focuses a bit on Ben.

    1. I think Tiger Cubs was taped before THC, but not sure about GCO.

      William Chak did pretty well in Tiger Cubs since this is the first tvb series he’s ever been in. He was so cute as Delay Gor in ST.

  11. I love Oscar in Tiger Cubs. He’s definitely my favorite. I hope he wins an award this year. He is the main reason why I’m hooked onto this drama.

    1. Yes Oscar Leung all the way and like a few of us has said hope he wins an award. He’s my mum’s favorite…funny how people say Oscar cameo roles have failed to leave any lasting impression to viewers. Becuz my mum and i always notice those roles he’s in, especially alongside Bobby Au Yeung…especially in “Love Bond”.

      1. Not me! First noticed him in Shine On You and liked him ever since. But I guess his roles were too small, so it didn’t leave any deep impressions to the viewers.

  12. I love Oscar! His wink is awesome! I’m happy he’s getting more attention now 🙂

  13. Love tiger cubs!! They are all great! Oscar is exceptionally charming and i Hope to see more of Benjamin yuen! Love his acting in on call 36!!

  14. Love Tiger Cubs! Tiger, Hippocratic and Ghetto2 are best series so far! Love all the cast in Tiger except Christine, Jessica and Joe Ma 🙁

  15. Oscar FTW! his character is likeable and his look is just AWESOME! TOO HOT!

  16. I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t find anything cool about his hairstyle. ROFL. I guess I’m weird. But I love his character and I love him as an actor. Hope he wins something this year!!!

    Looking forward to his emperor role in The Confidant.

    1. love it or hate it, his hair makes him stand out from the rest because it’s so different haha

  17. I find that Oscar Leung is progressively
    improving his acting. He is a very hard-working & responsible man despite all the
    hardships he had encountered in his life.
    Cheers to Oscar Leung & pray hard for you
    to win an TVB award this year.

  18. I never post anything but I have to post something because OSCAR LEUNG is awesome. Looooove his character in Tiger Cubs! Probably my favorite character and the reason why I’m still watching the show still :]

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