Review: Bottled Passion (By Jules)

Bottled Passion <我的如意狼君>
Hong Kong TVB Drama, 2011
Producer: Lee Tim Shing
Genre: Pre-Modern Drama
Number of episodes: 21



Raymond Wong as “Tong Bun Sin”
Niki Chow as “Choy Sum/ Ngao Lai Tong”
Raymond Cho as “Choy Ping”
Vin Choi as “Choy Pun”
Claire Yiu as “Wan Yao”
Elaine Yiu as “Kou Yee Kiu”
Joel Chan as “Kou Yee Tai”
Eric Lee as “Lou Yat”
Jack Wu as “Yuen Yau Hin”
Rebecca Chan as “Tung Kwok Hing”


This story is about Raymond Wong and Niki Chow’s characters who met in the orphanage. They became the best of friends. However, after a while, Raymond was chosen by a couple to be adopted by them. Both of them were very sad, making a pact to meet at a place after 10 years.

Raymond was actually being used by an evil woman, Rebecca Chan, to bluff her husband that Raymond was his long-lost son with another woman. Rebecca hoped that Raymond will make her husband forget about the other woman.

However, Raymond was much smarter than her children. Rebecca decided to kick him out of the house. Before leaving, Raymond overheard her conversation with the maid and their failed plans to trick her husband. In order to stop Raymond from informing her husband that she had tricked him all this time, Rebecca pushed Raymond into the river to kill him.

After 20 years, Raymond came back to take revenge on the Ko family. At the same time, he vowed to find the whereabouts of his childhood friend.

To fulfill his revenge on the Ko family, Raymond used Elaine Yiu. At the same time, he met Niki but did not realize she was his long-lost childhood friend and used her to get close to Elaine too. 

What I like About This Drama:

Bottled Passion is one of the dramas that I will continue watching episode after episode to find out the ending. I love the story so much that I will be rushing home from work to continue watching it. I love the interaction between Raymond Wong and Niki very much. Jack Wu and Niki also makes a nice couple. I especially feel so touched during the part in which Niki took out the child clothes and told Raymond that he doesn’t have to look for Ngau Lai Tong anymore. 

Niki Chow and Raymond Wong

Although many people still criticized her acting in Bottled Passion, but I feel that her acting has improved since her Under the Canopy of Love days. The way she cried in Bottled Passion was one improvement. 

Raymond Wong played a very cool character here. He tried not to show much emotion as he was a cheater here. But I love the pairing of Niki and Raymond as it was a new and fresh pairing. 

Jack Wu

I never paid much attention to Jack Wu’s past dramas, but I really loved his character in Bottled Passion. He was such a nice guy.  Although he liked Niki and knew that she loved another man, he still helped Niki every time she asked for help. 

Elaine Yiu

She’s a smart girl but still controlled by her mother. However, I dislike her in this drama as I feel her acting is so-so only. Her hairstyle is not nice either. 

Raymond Cho and Claire Yiu

They played a pair of husband and wife. Raymond Cho portrayed Niki’s elder brother. I thought they will play the evil characters but Raymond Cho was a very loving brother towards Niki. Although he was the elder son, but he was not jealous that his mom let Niki be the head of the factory as she was the capable one.

Claire was always complaining in this drama but when there was conflict, she always sided with her family and never once betrayed them. I love this couple too. 


This review was written by Jules, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. BP is one of my fav series of 2011. Nicki n Raymond sure fresh pairing and i really enjoyed watching every eps of the series.

  2. review’s kinda short and didn’t really say much. a big chunk of the review is just purely listing the cast.

    1. Review is too short and too brief for us to learn anything about the drama series.

      1. Hi Fez and Sandcherry, thanks for your feedback. This is the first time i’m writing a review and i will keep in mind on your comments. I will try to write better when i write a drama review again

      2. Jules, it is a good try. Keep it going and you will get better and better.

  3. Character analysis… not a full review of this series.

    If I were you, look at Funn’s review as your guide for what ever next TVB series review.

  4. didn’t even understand why this review got through editorial and published.

    1. Fez,
      JayneStars welcomes different fan voices to express their perspectives. Jules had put in her time and effort to share her viewpoint with other fans. Her efforts should be appreciated.

  5. Jayne,
    I like your objective.
    Although the review is short and only focus on the casting, Jules’effort should be recognised.

  6. I enjoyed BP immensely and find Niki and Raymond pairing refreshing.
    I am really bored with the same faces that one can count with your fingers!
    I was also swept away when Tsui Sum shows Bun Sin the orphanage clothes.
    Niki manifested her crying skills adequately and not OVER like some fadans.
    And then she abruptly held BS shoulders and told him with such emotions that he should move on.
    Niki, again surprised me with her improvement in her acting.
    She had had tried to tell her viewers that her previous demure and contained attitude towards BS was because she didnt know her own Identity and therefor suppressed her innermost urge.NOW, she can be upfront and open! That explain why her acting was more forceful towards the end.

    1. Hi Swan,
      I agree 100% with what you said about Niki!!
      I hope she will act in more TVB dramas after this

      1. Go see “Sergeant tabloid”
        Niki took another leap in her acting!

    2. Niki looks goood in BP and even better and awesome in Sergeant Tabloid.
      Niki has had certainly ‘leaped” in her acting.
      I don’t get it when some branded her as “wooden” (tree can act, lol)

    1. Sad and “illogical” ending that makes one tick! Can’t decipher the ridiculously infamous part where BS crawls all over the place ,painting the town red with his blood, lol.

      1. Lol, this is called “Tong BUn Sin’s Miracle”

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