Niki Chow Had a Nerve-Wrecking Pregnancy

Married in 2018, actress Niki Chow (周勵淇) and husband, actor Fu Yiming (傅浤鳴) welcomed son Morris in 2020. Recently, Niki shared about her experience of threatened miscarriage and bleeding symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy!

Mistook Vaginal Bleeding for Menstrual Period
Sharing about her motherhood experience on YouTube, the 43 year-old revealed that she only found out in the second month, and initially mistook light vaginal bleeding for her monthly menses. “The fetus was unstable, so there was light bleeding…It was only when I did a check-up back in Hong Kong that I knew I was pregnant,” Recalling the tough first few months, Niki was prescribed intramuscular injection by her doctor, encouraged to maintain a happy mood, and told to observe more bed rest as a precaution.

Calling it the most “anxious” two months of her life, Niki remembers feeling helpless as “there was nothing she could do besides hoping that the baby would grow”, besides giving herself the daily intramuscular injections as instructed.

Gave Up Abstaining from Beef to Boost Iron Intake

Only sharing the good news with her mother when she was 4 months along, the actress said her mom blurted that she “knew it from the start”, as the usually active Niki started lying down all day! Making changes to her diet, she also stopped abstaining from beef in order to increase her iron intake; and took cordyceps on a friend’s recommendation to help with her symptoms of frequent nighttime urination. As it was the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, she did not dare to head outdoors, and would take full protective measures from head to toe when going for prenatal checkups!

Admittedly feeling rather moody and “grey”, Niki made use of her time to read extensively on pregnancy-related information online, and shared a treasure trove of items she bought, such as an affordable but useful pregnancy pillow, and a popular model of prenatal audio headphones, which she used diligently right till before she popped!

Source: HK01

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  1. Must be slow news day to cover something that happened 3 years ago. But nevertheless, good thing she successfully had her baby. Some women unfortunately have a more difficult time. That is the true brave part about being a mother when you have to face all these challenges just to even have a baby. Hope her baby is healthy and she is enjoying motherhood now.

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