Niki Chow Reflects on Her Pregnancy

Niki Chow (周勵淇) has always been low key about her relationships, and even her marriage to husband Fu Yiming (傅浤鸣) in 2018 was kept a secret. In January of this year, she gave birth to a baby boy and has been regularly sharing pregnancy tips recently on social media. Reflecting on her pregnancy, Niki said it was a “magical journey” which filled her with joy and anticipation.

Joining a trending female empowerment challenge circulating on Instagram, Niki spoke up about her pregnancy as a way to encourage other women in similar life stages. Uploading a black-and-white photo which shows her side profile in a tight-fitted, long-sleeved black dress that accentuated all of her curves and baby bump, Niki wrote, “Pregnancy is a magical journey, full of anticipation and hope. Knowing that a small life is growing bigger in your belly day by day, you will use your life to protect him and you will learn how to be strong and independent. Maybe this is a woman’s natural instinct. Everyone, let’s work hard together!”

Netizens praised Niki for her classy photo and exclaimed that indeed, women are the most beautiful while pregnant.


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Niki Chow Gives Birth to Baby Boy

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