Rhydian Vaughan Welcomes Birth of Son

Taiwanese actor Rhydian Vaughan (鳳小岳) and his girlfriend, Jessie Hong (洪喆君) welcomed the birth of their son.


Since Rhydian’s girlfriend is not in the entertainment industry, he has kept his life fairly private. However, last year, the 27-year-old actor surprised many with the wonderful news that Jessie was pregnant and will be due early 2016.

Overwhelmed by happiness, Rhydian had a hard time containing his excitement. Although ready to become a father, Rhydian joked about refusing to acknowledge that he is now getting older.

With a packed schedule, Rhydian revealed he has to work overseas in early February and currently does not have plans for a wedding anytime soon.

Heartfelt and Deep Blog Message

Shortly after the birth of his son, Rhydian delivered the good news to his fans via his blog.

“The baby has arrived – it’s a healthy boy. Women are truly great; they possess such positive energy and intelligence in them. Life has been simple and routine during the 10 months [my girlfriend] was pregnant, and we waited patiently for the little one to appear. After the miracle arrived, I finally realized something. I once met someone who told me that a person’s heart becomes old once a child is born. After I thought about it – it’s not true at all, we still have time to do a lot of fun things. With him becoming a big part of my life, I have no negative feelings at all. Let me be a regular person!

“Of course, not everyone can calmly accept a newborn into his or her life. That’s why I’m praying for those who are lost in their own thoughts and hope the lost ones will find their way and help themselves as well as people around them.”

Source: Yahoo.com.hk

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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