Yang Mi Turns Into Crybaby for “Tiny Times”

Tiny Times <小時代>, the film adaptation of writer Guo Jingming’s (郭敬明) popular novel trilogy of the same name, is slated to open in theaters on June 27. Because the novel can be seen as a recollection of a generation of youth, the cast felt a great deal of pressure to live up to the expectations of fans. Mainland Chinese actress Yang Mi (楊冪), who plays the female lead Lin Xiao, faced similar pressure, but Guo, who is also the director, ultimately showed approval of her portrayal.

Tiny Times tells the story of four girls as they move from high school to college to society. Lin Xiao, the main character, is an ordinary and cute, but sometimes weak female. Her three bosom friends are Gu Li (Amber Kuo 郭採潔), Nan Xiang (Haden Kuo 郭碧婷), and Tang Wanru (Xie Yilin 謝依霖). As the four of them grow, they experience betrayal, passion, emotions, and desires. Lin Xiao eventually finds herself in a complicated storyline with Gong Ming (Rhydian Vaughan 鳳小岳), Chongguang (Chen Xuedong 陳學冬), and Jian Xi (Charell Li 李悅銘).

Although Yang Mi is an experienced actress, she shared that acting out Lin Xiao was a challenge because their personalities are so different. For instance, Lin Xiao is a fragile crybaby who often inconveniences those around her. In real life, however, Yang Mi is cool-headed and independent, and she dislikes having to depend on others.

Because of this discrepancy, in addition to the many expectations of fans, Yang Mi said she felt a lot of pressure to perform well. Since she is also a fan of the original novels, it is understandable that she would want to remain faithful to the characters who had such a big impact on her.

Despite her worries, the main production staff was full of praise for Yang Mi, saying that she is “actually very cute” and that “you simply wouldn’t be able to imagine that she can play so freely.” Director Guo Jingming approved of her portrayal, sharing that “a Lin Xiao resides in [Yang Mi’s] heart. All I did was fully unearth the part that was hiding deep in her heart.”

“Tiny Times” Trailer

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