Ronan Pak Denies Being a Sex Worker

Friendly Fire <法網狙擊> star, Ronan Pak (白健恩), has recently been accused by Hong Kong tabloids for offering sexual services to men for money, ranging between $35,000 HKD to $100,000 HKD per client.

Sexual Services Ad

Two weeks ago, a Hong Kong tabloid magazine received exclusive news from a reader that someone has been selling escort services in a gay online chat room with the title, “Starting Price $35,000 HKD and Play with Mr. Hong Kong.” A male reporter from the magazine successfully contacted the man in charge of the sex service and discovered that the Mr. Hong Kong in question was Ronan Pak, a participant from TVB’s 2010 Mr. Hong Kong contest.

The escort agent specified that the location of the service will be at Tin Shui Wai’s Harbor Plaza Resort Hotel on Saturday, March 16, 2013. The reporter in disguise met up with the agent that night, and when he requested to meet with Ronan Pak first before paying the money, the agent immediately refused, reasoning that he did not want Ronan to be seen. The agent finally agreed to allow the reporter to have a chat with Ronan through the phone. The man on the phone allegedly said to the reporter, “Don’t worry, I am Ronan Pak.” The reporter also claimed that he recognized Ronan’s soft voice.

Coincidentally, Ronan was also in Tin Shui Wai that night, looking uneasy and pacing nervously around the entrance of the Harbor Plaza Resort Hotel. When another group of reporters swarmed over to Ronan, he immediately tried to run away. Asked if Ronan was there to “receive customers,” Ronan nervously replied that he did not know what they were talking about. Ronan initially said that he did not know what agent the reporters were talking about, but then was swayed to reveal that the alleged escort agent was a friend he met on Facebook.

Ronan’s Response

On Tuesday, March 21, Ronan released a statement through his manager, Tiffany, saying that he was never involved in the aforementioned sex service for men. The statement also said that he was “very disappointed” with his friend for betraying him.

Ronan held a press conference to deny the gay escort allegations once again, and clarified that he had been used by his friend.

Ronan stated, “On Saturday night, my friend invited me to a late dinner at Tin Shui Wai. I waited for my friend for a long time, but he never showed up. He also did not pick up the phone when I called him several times. Soon afterwards, four reporters suddenly rushed towards me and cornered me. I got scared so I naturally tried to run away.

“I was there to meet up with a friend for dinner. I was not there to receive customers. I never saw [the friend] after that. He still would not reply to my calls. He deleted his Facebook too. It is like he vanished from thin air.”

In regards to the claim that he replied to his client through the phone, Ronan insisted that the conversation never took place. “[The reporter] could not prove that the person was me. Having a random person reply through the phone to say that he was Ronan Pak does not mean that he is really Ronan Pak.”

Ronan also denied that he is gay. “I’ve already clarified this a couple of years ago. I do like girls. Maybe it’s because I look genteel and have a soft voice, which can send off a feeling to others that I may be gay.”

Source:, East Week

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  1. His “friend” who didn’t pick up calls and deleted his Facebook?
    how convenient.

    1. Nicole,
      It would be too bold for a celebrity to go to online chat rooms to sell his body. He’s also on the radar since “Friendly Fire” and according to his resume, in acting for the long haul based on his training and interest in theater productions. Ronan just doesn’t fit the bill as doing this for quick money.

      His friend may have used Ronan’s name for the sex services, staged a trap to have reporters take photos of him for a hefty fee. Due to the insider info handed out to the HK paparazzi, informers must be paid well.

      1. He could be in need for money for some urgent matter. But, then, your analysis is also right. If he wants to sell his body, he could have done it in a more discreet way than through online chat rooms.

        I hope it isn’t true. This career has just started going up after Friendly Fire.

      2. Kidd,
        I’ll give Ronan the benefit of doubt on the situation, since he has not actually been caught with a “customer”.

        If HK paparazzi can say Sharon Luk was a “sex tour companion” when it was really her boyfriend that she traveled with, then Ronan’s story has its reason for doubt too. Although I would question his choice in friends.

      3. nothing surprises me, if i remember right, read once in this site that one of hongkong heavenly kings also sold himself to a wealthy woman from singapore for a week for 10 million dollars, forgot if he was paid in sing dollars or usd

  2. Hong Kong not easy to earn a living though every things are expensive.

    1. Actor which is not famous has to make a living…by doing this…sad..but those famous are living like a king…life is always not fair…

      1. Yea, the standard of living in HK is really high. My mom freaked when she heard that some of the supporting actors only got $10000 HK dollars a month. She was like “how do you live on that??” It is sad IF some artists have to resort to means like this to make money. However, at least he did not rob or do anything worse for money. It is not a wonder that some artists talk about money so much… Life in HK is just so hard…

    2. Other way around, cost of living is actually quite low. It’s just that if you don’t get a real education then life’s gonna get hard for you.

      1. Hong kong housing is arguably the highest in the world. How can you say cost of living is low? High cost housing = high cost rent/mortgage. Food prices have gone up 25% in the past 5 years. Transportation has gone up as well.

      2. Exactly, how can you say that the cost of living in HK is low??? HK has one of the highest standards of living in the world…

  3. to me, he actually does look gay and like a sex worker…

    1. did u see the article on hk8news from the magazine. hes a gigolo. just read it. he was meeting up with what he thought was a client who was actually the reporters. he was waiting in a park near the hotel or something and ran away but was caught up by the reporters and was begging them not to tell anyone haha

    2. You can’t always tell if a person is gay or is a sex worker by their appearance…

  4. To men?

    Anyway when did Gigolo became sex worker? Prostitute now is also sex worker?

    Is this some political correct term thingy?

    1. Yup, that’s what our crazy world has become. I guess it’s because in some countries this type of work has been legalized, so it’s more pc to them sex workers.

  5. facebook friend who deleted his facebook so cannot be contactable. yeh how convenient. obviously this person is not that close to him. why did even add this person? and how does he know its the friend? shouldn’t he call the cops or sue the guy for defamation? because its all fake and he made it all up just to coverup.

    Not surprised, a lot of good looking blokes in the industry who ain’t first line actors, do perform these services.

    Did everyone forget about that rich guy who had 1000 of nude shots of celebrities? If that can happen, this can too.

    Ronan Pak is still relatively unknown. He only stood out in FF but that was it. Don’t even see him at events. And plus, TVB don’t pay him that well. sometimes you gotta earn do stuff like this to earn some extra cash on the side.

  6. I suppose he will announce having a girlfriend soon.

  7. hey i think this issue been overated..these games has been practice by most ppl in entertainment is just abt his careless acts tht expose him..

  8. I give him the benefit of doubt, but his talk with the reporters is quite weird if he is 100% innocent. And the account number is still a mystery that Ronan Pak can’t answer.

  9. if he was really a sex worker, he’s a good deal…

  10. if he really wants to prove his innocence, let reporters see his mobile phone to see if he really did make some phones calls to that facebook friend.

  11. With what TVB pays, I wouldn’t blame him for trying to make money on the side if it were true. lol.
    It also sounds like it might have been a prank. In the US, it happens a lot and sometimes with a violent outcome. He should probably call the cops and have them investigate.

    1. Sex,drugs and other things are all a part of the e circle. But it is more covert in the asian circle while it is more overt in the US e circle.

  12. Unless your bf is RL, HK is an expensive place to live..specially if you want to good life.

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