Koni Lui Covers Up Chest to Avoid Public Complaints at 2011 Mr. Hong Kong Contest

The 2011 Mr. Hong Kong Contest was held last night. Prior to the competition, the female hosts and guests had a showdown on the red carpet. Twenty-eight-year-old Koni Lui (呂慧儀), who was the second runner-up in the 2006 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, stole the limelight by wearing a plunging gown that revealed her 34C figure.

At last year’s Mr. Hong Kong Contest, Koni wore a plunging red gown. The exposure level of her dress led to 39 public complaints filed at the Broadcasting Authority. Learning her lesson, at this year’s Mr. Hong Kong Contest, Koni wore a revealing beige gown off the stage. However, once on stage, she changed into a more demure flowered dress to host the Mr. Hong Kong Contest.

Since the other hosts, Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲), Sharon Chan (陳敏之), and Jacquelin Chong’s (莊思敏) limelight were stolen by Koni’s attire, Jacquelin admitted, “Koni has no friends by dressing this way! I’m her only friend!” (Although you received breast augmentation, her chest was superior to yours?) “I augmented my breasts for my figure to look better in clothes. She is more open-minded!”

Sharon Chan said, “I told her to showcase her upper body and I will reveal my legs, hoping to grab ratings.” Revealing a little bra in her dress, Carol Cheng said with a smile, “There is a little to see. However, there is no comparison if you compare with the others.”

Excerpt from Appledaily and Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: From a design standpoint, I found Koni’s flower-patterned dress to be prettier than her beige dress, which aside from the cleavage-revealing aspect, the dress is not that good looking.

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  1. This is all she is known for. Walking around showing her breasts!

    1. That Koni chick isn’t really that hot and those breasts look so fake on her. She’s just pure fugly so cover up the head instead………

      1. I swear her breasts wasn’t that big during the last Mr.HK, i was quite surprised. I remember her breast was kinda “pushed up” during last year’s where she wore that red dress. This year you can see there was no “push up bra”or as it seems so. Maybe it is fake…

      2. Star,
        I think Koni’s breasts are real. If you look at the thumbnail photo of her in the white dress, her boobs look like they have a natural shape.

        Koni’s dress was likely custom designed for her by designer friend, Alex Lam, who also designed her dress last year. Despite the plunging neckline, there are plenty of underwire and corset action built into her dress to achieve the severe push up effects. Not a comfortable dress to wear, as likely the interior corset cuts into the ribcage.

        Koni appears to have gained weight since last year, so maybe her boobs got bigger. I remember seeing her in a bikini at a function earlier and the skin in her tummy was sagging and not toned like her Miss HK days.

      3. Bro, it’s all the same if you turn off the lights…

        as for me – meh, too fake it’s like grabbing sandbags

      4. Hm… I really question if her boobs are real or not, but they can be real. I have seen fake ones a lot and there is a certain shape to them so we would know right away that they are fake. I wonder why guys are so attracted to big boobs??

  2. her boobs looks fake and her voice is the most annoying besides her personality. Sharon is so much prettier than her.

    1. I agreed that her voice is so annoying. But she is smart because she wore two different dresses. She can get the attention she seeks on the red carpet and yet she don’t have to get complain by audiences. They try to give her a chance by letting her wear a red gown last year but she was exposing too much. This year they let Sharon wear a red gown and she looks elegant and she did a really good job hosting the show as well.

      1. Summer,
        I think Koni plays up the “airhead” image too much, in both series and hosting programs. I watched some of her earlier hosting programs (travel special to Vietnam) and she would laugh in a silly manner under many situations.

        Allegedly Koni is quite smart. Didn’t she study engineering? I think she has created this “fun” image for herself, which may be more appealing for male than female audiences.

        Sharon received a lot of media coverage due to her role in “Ghetto Justice” and her injury during filming. IMO, I think wedding bells are near for Sharon and it may even be likely that she may fade out from industry if that is the case, due to very open declaration of her dating boyfriend in recent magazines.

      2. @Jayne:

        Yes, you are definitely right on the part that Koni is smart. I remember reading an article about her interviewing Anthony Wong and vice versa. In that article, Anthony Wong praised Koni and revealed that she is in fact smarter than what other people think in real life and (I forgot seemingly hinting or explicitly saying) that she is smart to manipulate the sexy image to her own advantage. In that article, it was also Anthony also asked her about her close friendship with Eric Tsang.

        Oh no, I hope Sharon doesn’t fade into obscurity after this, she gained quite alot of fame after “Ghetto Justice” plus I like Sharon cause she is a very direct and fun artiste who seems to be friends with everyone.

      3. @Jayne,
        Thanks for the reminders since I did hear about that all back then too. I am glad that Ada has moved on and has a happy family now. However, I did not think that it was right to date a married man just to have money to pay for her mother’s debts. But I can see what a filial daughter she is. With Michele Reis, I find her shameful.. I can’t believe that she would not even be considerate if the man was married or not. I guess if the needle has not poked her yet, she will not even know that it would hurt. Since she is now married, I don’t think she would like it if another women followed her husband. What goes around comes around….

        Thanks for clarifying your point since I was confused about what you meant before.

    2. Sharon is definitely prettier than her in term of looks. However Koni is heavily supported by TVB’s senior Host (Eric Chang) for some “unknown” reasons. If you notice, Koni is always in Eric’s gameshows always and she claimed she’s like his god daughter only… do you think Eric will treat her really like a god daughter only?

      1. Wasn’t there a rumor that there’s some hanky panky going on between them?

      2. Any time when a young entertainer claims to have a god-daughter rxnship with an older man, it is certainly not a pure rxnship. There has to be some kind of exchanges involved.

      3. Speaking about young entertainers who had relationships with rich medium age guys, lets list some here LOL.

        1) Michelle Reis (She’s one of the top artist who had been in relationships only with those rich fellas). In Cantonese, you called that as she got “bao” by some rich dude.

        2) Rosamund kwan (although she’s rich herself, she also dated some rich men and become their misteress when she was young).

        3) Koni (maybe she’s Eric’s mistress but Eric isn’t that rich compare to those hk tycoons).

        4) Michelle Ye (was once caught flirting with Wong Chau San before she got famous, I’m sure she has slept with him to gain popularity).

        many more..

        Those who still possessed healthy image are:-

        1) linda Chung
        2) Myolie wu (atleast you don’t see rumour of her with other man besides bosco).
        3)toby, miriam,kelly chen, sharon chan,etc

      4. @Veejay: You must forget that Linda is linked with LF who is a rich guy for 5 years lol lol. And she also has love rumour with Philip Ng and the recent new love rumour of her is a rich guy.

        Sharon Chan is said to date rich guy.

        Toby Leung (Assume that you are talking about Toby Leung, not Toby Chan)’s fiancee is a kinda wealthy guy.

        Myolie has several love rumours before she really in a “love-marathon” with Bosco.

        The others I dun know much about them.

        Then overall, every crows are black if you view them black.

      5. @Fox,

        I think you got my meaning wrongly there, Dating rich guys in hk is not consider as being “bao” aka (no need to work and live on the guy’s money).

        Linda dating various guys and she didn’t live on their money without working isn’t consider as being “bao”. Myolie dated few guys before bosco also not considered as being Boa. So is Sharon Chan who’s has dating with some “rich” guy as you mentioned and is planning to get wed soon isn’t considered as being “bao” instead.

        Toby leung is already rich from her family background so I don’t think she needs to be bao by any rich tycoon in hk.

        Michelle Reis, Rosamund Kwan, Koni, Ada Choy, Michelle Ye, etc are one of those famous artis who was known being bao by rich tycoons before they got settled down with their dream men.

      6. Sharon Chan is dating a rich man? Who is he?

        About a month ago, I read an article about Sharon’s view of life and how her illness made her stronger and that she realized that her boyfriend was the one. I don’t exactly remember, but I do not recall the article mentioning anything about Sharon’s bf’s financial status. Thus, I assumed he was a normal HK citizen.

      7. @Veejay: Upon it’s revealed, you can’t sure that these girls are “bao” or not.

        Michelle Reis, Rosamund Kwan, Koni, Ada Choy, Michelle Ye, etc, do you really know that they dun live on their own money but the bf’s money? And the others girls are you sure that they 100% live on their own money but not the money from any guy?

        Since the answer is “No”, then I view them all the same.

      8. @Chriselle: Sharon Chan is said to date a rich guy. Is said, not means she is actually that.

      9. BTW, I did notice that a lot of young entertainers now open mouth with “money money” most of the time. In their topic, money often go out. Might be a joke but more than 10 times then I blv that money is important to them. Material girls?

      10. @Fox,

        You can actually read from the magazines or some reliable news source where these artists like Michelle Reis, Ada, rosamund are one of those “famous” artist who got “boa” by rich tycoons. Needless to say, almost all hkers knew they were once got bao by rich tycoons. That’s just like some common news to them but not to TVB followers especially netizens who only rely on internet source.

        I can’t really show you any proof or link where to read them but I remember reading them being “bao” by rich tycoons and they don’t need to work for a long time yet they can live luxury lifes. For eg. Ada was once live on the money of the famous rich guy when she was 18 for years. And if i’m not mistaken, the guy is known as Lau Luanxiong (刘銮雄) who has dated Michelle and Rosamund kwan. This guy is famous for dating famous and pretty artist by supporting their lifestyle, needs etc without the artist needs to work.

        Linda, Myolie, Kate, Miriam, etc are not up that stage yet. Atleast they didnt get photographed hanging out with really rich tycoon like Lau yet and all those guys that they’re dating now are still bachelors and available. You can still see their faces almost in all tvb series, advertisments earing their hard earn money therefore, it’s unlikely they’re “bao” by rich tycoons. Rosamund hasn’t been working yet she can shop and live luxury…so you can imagine who might be supporting her life w/o her working?

      11. Michelle Reis, I also see her do endorsement work. Ada, I see her worked in many series. As for Rosamund, I dunno her so no comment. So what make Michelle Reis and Ada so different to the above mentioned girls in TVB?

        And you don’t get me. I want to say that only when they are caught, you can’t ensure they are this type of girls or not.

      12. @ Veejay

        Did Ada admit to being a mistress after she became a Christian and turn over a new leaf? I remember reading somewhere that she admitted. But, I could be wrong.

      13. When did Ada become Christian? I thought she became Christian a long time ago?? I think it is a bit sad if she was a mistress but goes on and on about religion and all… But then again, who sad that religion can help and change everyone??

      14. @Fox,

        “Michelle Reis, I also see her do endorsement work. Ada, I see her worked in many series. As for Rosamund, I dunno her so no comment. So what make Michelle Reis and Ada so different to the above mentioned girls in TVB?”.

        Maybe these girls live on the moneys of their bfs but so far there were no news of that appearing on the internet or magazines so I pressume they’re still pretty much working for their own needs. And yes, you can make assumptions that these girls have not got “boa” yet.

        The news of Michelle, Ada and Rosamund of they being bao before are kinda like an old news to most hkers except for those younger generations. Therefore, if you’re to argue with facts then sorry, I don’t think you will be able get any proof from here since these girls themselves also denied that they got bao by this rich Lau but people just knows (is like a common sense)…

        I don’t think Michelle got many endorsements during her prime, she was only in a few movies. She only endorsed Loreal Paris only recently. Ada only appeared much in the series after she was in her early 20s. The news of Ada got bao was before her 20yrs old.

      15. I give them the right to be doubted. Same on the “healthy image” girls that you are mentioned. It’s wat I want to say. I don’t argue that Rosamund, Ada, Michelle are not free-loaders or “bao” girls because they might be, they might not be. My point is you can’t ensure the above mentioned “healthy image” girls are any better or not free-loaders. They might be, they might not be.

      16. Was it due to a lack of money at the time that these women allowed themselves to be men’s mistresses?

        It always appeared to me that Ada was quite popular since the early days of her career. She was actually the second TVB actress to win Best Actress. But I knew at the time, she needed money to help pay off her mother’s debts, which came about from her horrible gambling habits. Despite Ada’s fadan status, her TVB salary was probably not enough to pay off her debts and I heard that she had one of her boyfriends pay them off for her.

        As for Michelle Reis, I don’t know and am curious. So she’s an actress-turned-model? Modeling seems easier and less strenuous than filming long hours. With her beauty, she probably knew that she could do less work and still make a lot of money.

        So do you guys think that HK celebrities allow men to “bao” them because they want to live off of men and are lazy to work? I can’t come up with another reason for women wanting men to “bao” them if they weren’t in a financial dilemma. Any answers will be much appreciated! 🙂

      17. @Chriselle,

        I’m sure many of them become these rich tycoons’ mistress was because they’re either facing financial dilemmas or simply seek for fast and luxury life without working much. All I can say is inorder to meet their desire lifestyle, i don’t think they mind being “bao” by these rich men. Maybe Ada’s situation is different.

      18. @Kidd @Fox @Veejay @HeTieShou

        Both Ada Choi and Michelle Reis admitted to being involved with the same married man, Big Lau (who also dated Rosamund Kwan btw).

        I think Ada’s admission came first. At the time, Ada held a press conference announcing that she would severe her ties with her mother, who had incurred massive gambling debts over the years. Ada said she gave enough sacrifices, including being with Mr. Lau to repay her mother’s debts. Ada’s public announcement was more for her mother to tell her she’s tired of being her mother’s money tree. At the time, Ada was dating Nicky Wu, who was very supportive of her. This happened around ten years ago.

        Mr. Lau apparently was dating Michelle Reis and Ada around the same time. A few years ago, a sound clip circulated online between a woman and man. The woman was rumored to be Michelle (voice sounded like her) cursing Mr. Lau angrily for being interested in Ada. Mr Lau sounded apologetic.

        On Stephen Chan’s “Be My Guest,” I belive Michelle admitted to being involved with Mr. Lau. Their relationship was somewhat public knowledge, thus she had no problems speaking about it. She said that if she loved someone, it did not matter whether he was married or not. One night, when the electricity went out in Michelle’s apt building, she told Mr. Lau she was very scared. Since the elevator did not work, Mr. Lau ran up dozens of stairs to see Michelle, a story which has been recounted widely and cited as one of the reasons why she loved him because he did things that showed he cared.

        Allegedly, Mr. Lau was very generous with his money with his women and may have even bought a house for Michelle (?) Allegedly they broke up because Mr. Lau loved too many women at once.

      19. @ HTS

        What I mean is she admitted to having been someone’s mistress after she turn over a new left i.e. she admitted to something she has did wrong in the past. I did not mean to say that she become someone’s mitress after she became Christian. Hope you understand me now.

  3. trying to get news about her efect showing her body.

  4. She look trashy on both clothes probably because of her face and the way she act. Never like eric , look very ham sap.

  5. yes, her boobs look weird. the big GAP is not very attractive.

  6. She will do anything to grab people’s attention… even for the wrong reasons.

  7. sharon wasn’t really showing off her legs ,thought she should have put something short on (eventhough it’s a night thing)

    koni looks kinda fat at the waist level.

    dodo… no comments… stop trying to compete against the younger gals, and pls don’t try to show some sexiness by showing the bra. it’s a bit disgusting to be in 50’s and trying to show ur bra..

    1. “sharon wasn’t really showing off her legs ,thought she should have put something short on (eventhough it’s a night thing)”

      I think Sharon would have looked cuter if she had something shorter to show off her legs too. 😀 I think Ella Koon had on a short dress when she was hosting for the Mr. HK show last year too. Nothing wrong with a short dress even though long dresses are more appropriate for the show.

      Sharon’s dress seemed to be just a blob of red. Not very attractive, IMO.

  8. Urgh.. bad dress sense.

    Showing too much doesn’t equate to being sexy!

  9. I don’t find her gown attractive at all where her boobs are falling out of them. I think her floral gown was more elegant.

  10. What the heck?? How come the article said that she covers up her chest, but then the picture tells otherwise?? Sorry, but her boobs look like they are about to burst from her dress…

  11. She looks nice in the floral dress. I wonder why she even bothered with the beige dress, it just makes her boobs look too fake.

    Hasn’t she heard that less is more? She doesn’t leave much to the imagination 🙁

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