Episodic Thoughts: Ghetto Justice (Episode 9)

Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>
TVB Series 2011

Cast: Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Sharon Chan, Sam Lee, Eddie Kwan, Mandy Wong, Jazz Lam, Joyce Tang, Shek Shau, and others.


Remarks : This is a watch-as-I-write-from-memory episodic thought (a combination of episode summaries, reviews & critical analysis episode per episode) and therefore please take note that this write-up will contain MAJOR SPOILERS for this particular episode and some creative license was used when recreating certain scenes or dialogue. Please refrain from revealing future SPOILERS in this episode.

The Prosecutor vs Ko Wing Leung

The case : The murder of Yam Yuen Yuen, stepsister of Ko Wing Leung 
Counsel for the state : The prosecutor, name probably unknown
Defense : Law Ba (Lead counsel), Kris Wong

A pity this series never show the defence interacting or even bargaining with the prosecutors because I really like to know if they ever have a name. This case’s prosecutor deserves a name because at long last, something resembling a good court fight.

Before I begin the recap for this exciting episode, I would like to comment about the sets. I never noticed, until this episode at how detailed Law Ba’s office is. The files looking old and messy piling on top of another on an unstable pool table, the chairs looking worn out, law books on one side, more files on the other, the walls stained and the floor dirty, even the Legal Advice Centre looks authentic with messy tables and dirty walls. Usually TVB’s version of offices is a bit sterile looking, and in many series we see they are too clean or… well… too… sterile is the only word I can think of. And too big. Like office space in HK is really cheap. Even the apartments for mere civil servants look like mansions inside apartments. But in here, the apartments are small, not TOO small but small enough to be convincing but the most impressive had to be Law Ba’s office. I had to pause to look at the finer details and I appreciate the attention to details. Not just attention to details but the desire for it to be more.. authentic and they are. The courtroom is a bit too clean or rather too few files. A few files stacking next to one another will be nice and since both teams keep mentioning the juries, a sweeping camera over the juries would be nice also.

Anyway… recap shall we?

Frankly I just remembered I enjoyed this episode mostly because of Kevin but I can’t remember much except Kevin eating that cake with a vengeance and Sam Lee’s toothy grin, more so when in the first few episodes he never ever ever smiled at all. Now he can’t stop smiling.

Everyone was confused about the complicated relationship of victim and the accused. George thought they were related by same father, different mother whilst Teng thought the other way around and finally Mrs Leung showed a hand drawn chart (Pretty cute!) with pictures pasted except for those she didn’t know, when she explains “Yam Yuen Yuen’s father, Yam Ho Tin was married to someone else and had Yam Yuen Yuen whilst Wong Mei Fun, Ko Wing Leung’s mother married someone else and had Ko Wing Leung. Then Yam Ho Tin married Wong Mei Fun. That means they’re step siblings, never blood related at all” and Law Ba said “See! That explains it!”. Teng said “But why would Mr Yam hire a lawyer for him if he is not his son?” and Mrs Leung said “When I was in court I can see Mr Yam is genuinely concerned about Ko so I believe he really treats Ko as his son” and Teng asked “If Mr Yam treats him as a son, why is he working as a mechanic?” and Law Ba said “Because he has integrity. He wants to earn his own money and he did not use Mr Yam’s money at all”. And then Law Ba said “Mrs Leung you will continue to be my assistant. George is busy with his own cases” and Mrs Leung now shocked couldn’t say anything as George said “Mrs Leung I have faith in you!” and Mrs Leung said her favourite phrase “Ahhhh I am just a housewife what do I know?!” and Teng said “Mrs Leung, at least you could gather and present the notes better than our George here!” and George stared at Teng and then George said to Law Ba “Cousin, even before you entered the courtroom you have already lost half the case. Look at the reports. The victim was young, apparently a bright student with a very bright future. That wouldn’t sit well with the jury. Cousin… good luck” and Law Ba did looked a bit annoyed by what George said. Or was that worry?

But Mrs Leung is very worried she can’t handle her new job; that is as Law Ba’s legal executive.

Pause here.

I suppose in Chinese it is si yeh. In English, direct translation is Legal Assistant but that would be wrong terms since generally Legal Assistant, (not sure in HK) in Malaysia means a junior lawyer. Mrs Leung isn’t a junior lawyer. She is a legal “assistant”, here if with a few more years she will be termed legal executive or similar. But in HK since Solicitor means junior lawyer and barrister means senior lawyer (senior meaning passed the higher bar exam to appear before higher courts), then I think I will just use legal assistant when I refer to Mrs Leung but just take not she is not legally qualified at all. Which means she can’t sit in front with Law Ba and not even at the back, she has to sit with the people at the gallery. I didn’t pay attention where Mrs Leung was sitting though. And come to think of it, is Silvia same like Mrs Leung or is she is a junior lawyer? Maybe it is different in HK.


Mrs Leung is very worried. But she wants to do her best and Law Ba found her ironing his robe and she said eagerly “I know how important first impression is and you must look your most impressive tomorrow in the court to win votes!” but Law Ba, whilst appreciating her effort, didn’t seem to concerned about it, in fact he seemed rather.. doubtful not at the impression thing but on the fact of his robe. Not sure how to explain that expression. Law Ba said “Mrs Leung you’re hired to be my assistant, not some cleaning lady and in all these mess you can still find the iron?” and she smiled and said “I didn’t. Auntie upstairs lent me! Moreover I am just a housewife, what do I know? By the way Barrister Law, have you figured out how to fight this case?” and Law Ba looked serious and said “No. I have been thinking, I have the strategy, possibilities, all in my head” and Mrs Leung said “No no! You must write them down!” and Law Ba said “You’re right! Can you jot down my dictations?” and Mrs Leung said “Sure I can!” and she eagerly rushed to the table, sat down and started to write as Law Ba said more to himself “Whether to PG or to PNG? What about those P1 and P2? But then must see if there is caument…” and Mrs Leung was stumped. She was like “PG? Caument? What are those” expressions but she wrote on, caument she wrote in chinese. Law Ba asked “You took down everything?” and Mrs Leung said “I did. Don’t worry! By tomorrow before the court I will have them typed for you!”

Later that night George offered to drive her home. She wants to go to Mongkok to take the train but she actually stays in Tin Tsui Wai (should be the right spelling). Don’t forget she is now at Shum Shui Po.


If you’re HK-er you would know the significance of Tin Shui Wai. If you don’t, let me explain. When I was in HK, I stayed at Kowloon. One day decided to travel to Yuen Long for those potted dish they’re famous for. I had to take the main train, changed to another train, take a smaller tram to reach my destination that is Yuen Long and was told the place I needed to go is one station before Yuen Long and that was Tin Shui Wai. I remember this because my sister reminded me where was Tin Shui Wai when we were watching this episode. I had great fun riding those trams; imagine stepping out of the station and you’re right in the middle of a huge bustling city that is Yuen Long. It may be far, but it is crowded and I fell immediately for the charm of Yuen Long. Anyway Tin Shui Wai is much quieter; you can say it is village like but not like China Village or Malaysian kampungs but still small, with mosquitoes and very very very quiet. It is quite charming really, with those small old houses and the people are super friendly and the food is great. If you have a chance to visit HK, you must stop by Yuen Long. And drop by Tin Tsui Wai, a station before Yuen Long. I told myself if I ever live in HK, and if it is a good place, Yuen Long will be the place. Maybe it reminded me a bit of home or maybe because of the bigger open space and the fact I could see the sky for once or maybe it is just the idea of a train station in open air above ground in the middle of a huge bustling place. My point is Tin Shui Wai is very very very very far from SSP. In fact when I was in Kowloon it was quite far from SSP. But Kowloon is near Mongkok, like next street. Actually in HK everywhere is quite near but somehow I find walking in HK very hard because the roads are never even.

Anyway Tin Shui Wai is very very very far.

So George offered to drive her back to her home and she can’t refuse though she didn’t want to. As they drove, Mrs Leung chatted with George and said “I am very happy to be given an opportunity to train as a legal assistant for Barrister Law. With my qualification and that I am just a mere housewife, I would never have had such a great opportunity so I am very grateful and will learn all that I can. But I am worried; I tried taking down Barrister Law’s dictation but I can’t understand most of the terms he used” and George offered to help and Mrs Leung took out her notes and asked “What is PG? PNG? P1 P2? Caument?” and George smiled and said “PG means (and she spoke English – decent English as per Kevin’s as well, Kevin slightly better) Plead guilty, PNG means Plead not guilty, P1 and P2 means the prosecutor’s adduced evidence, labeled as P1 P2, if it was defence, then D1, D2 and Caument means Cautioned Statement. All these are our profession’s special terms, you won’t find them in dictionaries anywhere” and Mrs Leung was very happy and said “I see! Sigh…. I have so much to learn” and George said “No worries Mrs Leung, you can handle it. You want me to help you to type them out?” and Mrs Leung said “Oh no no I can do it” and George kindly said “Next time if you don’t understand, just ask me, I will be happy to help” and Mrs Leung thanked George gratefully.

At Mrs Leung’s home, he took her up and mother in law (henceforth MIL) saw them, looked at George up and down and George introduced himself and revealed Mrs Leung working at the centre and immediately MIL said “Massage centre?!” and before George can explain, Mrs Leung steered MIL away and said she will do the explaining.

Pause here.

How awful that MIL is to think the worst of Mrs Leung. Said centre and the first thing she said was massage centre and in Asian countries, in HK, the implication is something illegal, sometimes prostitution is involved and decent people do not work in massage centres.


In the house Mrs Leung explained where she is working now and MIL said with venom in her spit “No wonder you dress so prettily these days. Working in office?” and Mrs Leung said gently “Mother I had to dress nicer since it is a law firm and I never thought I was too prettily dressed anyway” and MIL spitted “That guy, a lawyer? Are you sure? Which part is he a lawyer?” and Mrs Leung said “Mother he is a lawyer and he is very kind to me” and MIL said “I don’t understand why can’t you work in Tin Shui Wai area? Why so far away to SSP?” and she mentioned something about her son and Mrs Leung said gently “Mother, have you ever thought maybe Fung is not coming back?” and MIL said “Of course he is. He is just doing business in China, when he earns some money, he will be back. Why you wish he won’t be back? I see! I see! You want to abandon me isn’t it? Cast me aside?” and poor Mrs Leung had to deny and said “I will never cast you aside. Fung hasn’t been here for some years, have I cast you aside?” but MIL’s mind was set against liking the only person who is willing to take care of her and all Mrs Leung could do is sigh.

Morning. Mrs Leung holding a bunch of files and dressed in black and white when Law Ba dragging the black bag (standard for all criminal and serious civil trial lawyers) rushed to her, shaven a little and tie not yet done (no tie at all but darn it! Kevin looks good!) as he said “Let’s go! We are gonna be late!” and Mrs Leung said “Barrister Law, I saw those lawyers with assistants dragging the bags for them. Let me do it for you” and Law Ba smiled and said “I can do it myself, you look like you need help with the files yourself” and Mrs Leung said “Here take this one file” which he did and he opened it as she said it was his dictations and impressed he said :”Wow! You did very well! You even include the definitions” and Mrs Leung said modestly “Solicitor Mai (George) helped with the terms” but Law Ba smiled and said “But it was your effort. You did well. We better hurry, we are running late!” and they ran.

Pause here.

I really like Mrs Leung and Law Ba together. I like how encouraging and very modest Law Ba is and how eager Mrs Leung to do her job properly. The whole scene of her asking if she should take his bag and he offered to take her files would be my choice as my favourite scene in this episode. The simplicity of that scene shows many things about these 2 people; how one is helpful and the other modest, one determined and the other laid back, one eager and the other patient. I really like this simple scene.


They were late for the meeting with Mr Yam, Mrs Yam, Kris and Silvia and Kris looked annoyed when Law Ba said “Sorry I was late!! So Barrister Wong (he never called her Kris did he?), have you briefed them?” and she said “Indeed I have” and Law Ba said “Mr Yam, your testimony is very important to show your trust in your son” as Mr Yam said “I don’t think he killed my daughter” and so everyone was ready. In the court, suddenly the prosecution wanted to introduce an evidence; a CD recording and of course our heroes immediately objected.

Pause here.

This is one quite realistic courtroom scene and frankly I like it.


Mr Prosecutor Without A Name was insistent, argued his case eloquently so much so I wished he has a name. The objection was such a late introduction of an evidence and the rebuttal is “This tape was in the possession of the victim’s boyfriend. He didn’t realise he had it until he went through his items and found it and immediately forwarded it to me. At least my lord should listen and decide” and the judge agreed.

Pause here.

In criminal law, in HK I believe, doesn’t matter how late the evidence is as long as it is relevant. Is this CD relevant?

Judge played it and it was a love song sung very badly in my opinion.

Prosecutor explained “The song is a love song; of a person pining for another he can’t have. The singer was the accused. On the CD, it was written in his handwriting “To Yuen Yuen” and below it a sticker with the words “I Love You” and this CD shows a motive; the victim was dating *** (can’t remember his name) and the accused fell for his own step sister and decided to pursue her with this love song sung by himself with the words I Love You on the CD. She rejected him as shall be testified by *** and in rage he killed her” and immediately Kris stood up and said “Objection! Pure speculation!! and Law Ba stood up and objected and Law Ba said “I object to this evidence as I have noted earlier. We have no way in ascertaining the authencity of it!” but the judge allowed that CD and so Kris asked for adjournment so that they can study this new evidence. All the while Mr Yam looked in pure rage and Mrs Yam looked guilty.

Outside, Mr Yam flew into a rage. “THAT UNGRATEFUL SON! I loved him as my own and he dared to try and seduce my daughter and then kill her?!” and Mrs Yam said “No no he wouldn’t. He didn’t. Please trust him” but Mr Yam said “Trust him?!?!?” as Mrs Yam said “You have to help him” as Mr Yam said he will no longer testify for him and he said angrily “Why should I help him? HE… IS… NOT…EVEN…MY..SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. That shut Mrs Yam up and she cried bitterly and Mr Yam knew he hurt her when I think Kris or Law Ba said “Mr Yam your testimony is very important” but Mr Yam said “I have done all I could by engaging lawyer for him. He is on his own from now on!” and so he left.

Kris, Mrs Leung… you know what, EVERYBODY except you know who else visited Ko and so Kris and Law Ba asked Ko; “The CD, how did that come about? Was it a declaration of love?” and Ko was reluctant when Mrs Leung said “I saw Mr Yam in court, he was very angry that you dared to fall for your sister…” and so Ko said “No, it isn’t what you think it is….I was in a band and recorded the song” and Law Ba interrupted and said “Yes I was in a band too when I was a student. So much fun…” and Kris stared at him and said “When you have finished reminiscing of your past, maybe perhaps then he may continue with his story..” and so he did stop and Ko continued..

“It was just a song, without much meaning but Yuen Yuen liked it very much and asked me to give it to her and to write the message To Yuen Yuen which I did and one time I went to father’s house….”


Yuen Yuen pulled Ko to her room and showed her the CD and on it his written words and the I Love You sticker and she said “I use this sticker because I know you were trying to tell me this when you recorded this song… didn’t you?” and Ko looked serious and said “Yuen Yuen, I only see you as my sister and nothing else. I think you have made a mistake on my intentions..” and so he left.

“I swear I didn’t feel that way about her. I wouldn’t have acted on it even if I did” and someone asked “Why not?” and Ko explained “My mother worked very hard and single handedly raised me (Mrs Leung looked at him very hard at this point). She had suffered so much for me, so when she met and married father, I was very happy for her to have found happiness at last. But when Yuen Yuen confessed her love for me, I didn’t even think about it. I didn’t love her and never dared to because I wouldn’t want to screw up my mother’s happiness. What would others think? That my family is so messy? What would my father think? He loves my mother but he is also someone who places a lot of importance on how others perceive him. I would never do anything to harm my mother, ever” and so they finally understood. Yuen Yuen loved him, he didn’t love her, she chased after him, he avoided her and he said “So I see Yuen Yuen as my own sister and I vowed to treat her as such. She began to hurt me and herself by going out with that no good son of a bitch who knew only to use her money. It was her way of getting to me…”. Law Ba believed him,Kris doubted his story.

At Mr Yam’s house, Law Ba was busy munching on the piece of cake. Pause here.

Incredibly funny scene, the way Kris was so serious and Law Ba busy stuffing his mouth.

Law Ba with his mouthful asked “May we see your daughter’s room?” and so they went up, Law Ba holding the cup of tea and said “Love songs, romantic novels… she was quite a romantic was she? Don’t girls like her keep diaries?” and Kris said “If she did the police would have found it and taken it” but Law Ba looked in the drawers and said “Ah-ha!” and Kris thought he found the diary but it was the I Love You stickers and Law Ba declared “And so this proves Ko Wing Leung’s story. Yam Yuen Yuen was in love with Ko Wing Leung but not the other way around!” and Kris said “By just looking at the sticker?!” but Mr Yam rushed in and angrily said “No no! My daughter would never ever fall for him! Never!” but Mrs Yam was quiet.

Pause here.

I am wondering why was Mr Yam so emotional about the idea that his daughter would be in love with Ko?

At the club, Law Ba didn’t like the tea there and said so and Kris said “Why can’t you for once just be chivalrous and humour a lady?” and Law Ba said “Why must it always be a man to tolerate a woman? And a man pursue a lady? Why can’t it be the other way around? The woman chasing after the man?” and Kris asked “What do you mean? Like Ko and Yuen Yuen?” as she sipped her tea and Law Ba said “No I meant us!” and Kris nearly choked when Victor arrived and said “Barrister Law, I am very interested to see if you will win this case. After all the last case, with Mrs Ma, the tactic you used, pure luck when you won!” and Law Ba was furious at the insult and said loudly “So if I lose this case, then the Mrs Ma’s case was pure luck? You can doubt my abilities but you have just insulted Barrister Wong! She is my partner in this case, even if I lose, she is still capable of winning! See! He is doubting you Barrister Wong!!!” and Victor stuttered “No that wasn’t what I meant. Let me buy you dinner to apologise for my insensitive remark” but kris has has enough and so left with Law Ba and Victor left alone there looking like an idiot.

Outside Law Ba chased after Kris to apologise for “putting her on top of table” meaning using her to get to Victor because he was pissed by his arrogance. Kris said “I am not angry with you, I am angry with them. My peers. No matter what I do, whatever I achieve, in their eyes I am forever a pariah, can’t even be compared to you. I tell you! I will win this case, using my own strategy!!” but Law Ba wasn’t so sure her strategy will work.

Meanwhile a short recap on Jing and Teng. Jing encouraged Teng to reconcile with his father, which he went to see his father and offered to help with his father’s 60th birthday. Father relented. He left and his mom saw Teng with Jing, and told Teng’s father that he has a girlfriend and both were pleased. Yeah and I am sure the old man will have a heart attack when he finds out Jing’s profession, even if Jing is really a very nice girl if not for her background. His mom called Teng and told him to take Jing home to meet them which Teng told Jing who laughed it off.

Jing reached home and saw her place sprayed with the words “Slut, return my husband to me” and suddenly a person with face covered threw some liquid to Jing’s face, luckily it was chili oil. Jing in hospital with Teng and Chik and that police dude who asked her “Did you offend anyone who wants to harm you?” and Chik said “YOU!” and Jing immediately clarified “He and I are ok now. Moreover it was a woman” and so Teng worried for Jing said “You two give her protection! Jing better rest for a few days!” but Jing insisted on working since she needs the money.

At the centre, Teng was on the phone with Jing and told her to be careful. Law Ba eating banana and George both teased him and said “He hasn’t stop calling from the moment he woke up. Brushing teeth, he called her. Changing clothes he called her. On the way he called her. And now…” and Teng said “I was just being a concerned friend, she is in danger!” and to Law Ba “Maybe you can advise her to stop working for a few days to be safe” and Law Ba said “Why me? Why not you? And what can I say to her? I can ask her to stop working for a few days but she will have to since she needs to eat. So if I say “Jing stop working” what more can I say after that if she asks if I lost my income what will I do? and will I say I will support you for the rest of your life? No? Then whatever I say after asking her to stop working is just pointless!” and Teng frowned.

Pause here.

When in chinese you say I will support you for the rest of the life, it actually means marry me or be my girlfriend, I will take care of you for life which surely Teng wants to but will Jing accept? Which is why Law Ba said such an advice, to stop working without such a promise after that sentence is a waste of breath to say.

George teased “And I agree with cousin!”

Kris arrives at the centre and Law Ba was so surprised to see her he exclaimed “What are you doing here?!” and Kris explained “I was here to visit Jing so I thought of dropping by here to discuss the case with you” and again Law Ba exclaimed “Here? You really mean here? Not at YOUR office?!” and Kris was rather annoyed with him. Law Ba casually asked Kris “So how’s Jing?” and she said “She is ok” and Law Ba said “Did you ask her to stop for a few days?” and Kris said “I did but she insisted on working. She needs the income she says” and Law Ba winked to his friends and asked casually “What did you say after that?” and Kris said “What more can I say?” and Law Ba laughed and said more to Teng “Exactly my point!!” and I think he said in English and Kris looked at George who repeated the same thing and she looked at Mrs Leung who just shook her head and said “Don’t ask me. I don’t even understand what is going on”.

Pause here.

Exactly!! They do have a point.

In Law Ba’s office where finally I noticed the excellent authentic interior as I mentioned in the first paragraph, Law Ba has his legs on the pool table filled with files piled on top of one another, Mrs Leung by the side taking dictation and poor Kris wedged inside surrounding by the files looking like they would fall on her anytime. He was still shaking and the pool table shaking and the files was almost toppling onto Kris as Kris gritted her teeth and said “Can.you.please.stop.shaking.your.legs?!” and Law Ba said “I have to shake, to think” and Mrs Leung said “Yeah he is like that. Don’t worry! The files won’t fall, never did before!” and Kris resumed her discussion and along the way she and Law Ba agrees on one thing; whilst Mr Yam was looking very angry at the suggestion that victim was in love with accused, Mrs Yam looked way too calm and Kris concluded “She knew! She knew Yam Yuen Yuen was in love with Ko Wing Leung!!” and Law Ba said “Of course she knew, I observed that way way way before” which annoyed Kris but I think it was Kris who asked “Did the boyfriend had something to do with her death?” and Law Ba said “I checked. He has alibis during that time, moreover there wasn’t enough time” and Kris still wondered when Law Ba suddenly moved and the files looked like they would topple on her as she immediately grabbed the sides of the files left and right to her, panicking when Mrs Leung said “Why not tell the police and let them investigate?” and both shouted “NO!” as Law Ba explained “That will give that guy an unfair advantage that we are on to him. No we must keep secret, so we can use this as an arsenal in the court, our secret weapon” which Kris agreed and Mrs Leung said sadly “I still have so much to learn about court tactics” when I think Law Ba said “If only I can question him but I can’t, that would be tampering with prosecution witnesses” when Mrs Leung said enthusiastically “Why don’t I ask him? I mean I am not a lawyer. Moreover I am used to grilling the confession out of my two children. I will know when he is lying! Yeah let me do it!!” and both Kris and Law Ba looked at her, thinking if that would be a good idea.

It would be a terrible idea. I mean the boyfriend is some gangster! Anyway I love the scene where Kris wedged inside surrounding by files. Like “Sei min mai fook” or something like that; surrounded by danger in all 4 corners! It was very funny seeing how much danger she was in and for a moment I really wished the files did topple on her.

Next episode; Mrs Yam is the suspected killer and Ko refused to use his mother for his acquittal.

Love this episode. At least some real court room drama and the Mr Prosecutor Dude was rather convincing. If you’re thinking why they’re wearing wigs now didn’t wear for Mrs Ma’s case, I wonder too. I can’t remember if in Mrs Ma’s case there was wigs and robed worn. Yes yes there was wigs and robes. Robes definitely. This is because murder is in high court.

Good case and I think her death was an accident although I wondered why Mr Yam was so emotional in Yuen Yuen’s room. As for Jing, I predict a tragic end to her love with Teng. It was never meant to be although she is a very very nice girl. Why can’t Kris give her a job?

Performances wise, everybody was good. Special mention to Sharon Chan who was very earnest in her portrayal as the prostitute with a heart of gold although she is too loud in delivering her lines. Joyce Tang another special mention who played her role as the dedicated housewife cum legal assistant very well, her eyes very expressive although I wished she has a different line to deliver other than “I am just a housewife, what can I do?”. Sam Lee is smiling, a lot. Eddie Kwan is underused, severely. I want to see more of Chik. Jazz Lam is against type but he is convincing as the polite well mannered George. Savio Tsang looks much older, bigger sized but well I always liked him anyway. Myolie Wu was bearable in here as long as she doesn’t get too emotional and therefore overact. But I find her expressions of disgust against Kevin is a bit over the top. But I love her hair. Did I mention that before? I did?

Two extra special mentions.

Kevin Cheng looks very good in a suits and ties. And I find his portrayal as Law Ba getting more and more convincing as he got more and more into the role and more relaxed. Or maybe TVB brainwashed me. I love how he ate the cake. That scene was funny. And the whole banter with Sam Lee about Sharon was funny. Good writing over there.

Stephen Wong gained weight, and also gained a tan and he looks good. More mature, not like some little boy anymore and whilst understandable his acting must commensurate with his character’s misery aka looking miserable all the time, I still find his acting inadequate; just too darn suffering for my taste. Again appropriate but then he has always been rather good at being miserable.

And I just realised Katy Kung as Yuen Yuen is in Bottled Passion as the spoiled youngest brat of the villain’s family. No comment on her acting although her face is young, fresh but weird.

This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at Point2e.com.

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